Spectra entered the middle of the Battle Arena, her golden spear in hand, standing opposite to Goku. "Very well," she announced, "The next round of the Atalanta Games shall begin." She dropped into a battle stance, pointing her spear upwards, "And just to let you know... I won't be holding back."

Goku dropped into his own stance, "Same here."

"That's what I like to hear..." Spectra sneered, and immediately shot off towards the saiya-jin, her spear aimed at his chest. Just as she thought she had struck him, Goku had suddenly disappeared and reappeared behind her, striking her back with his fist. The atalanta-jin staggered forward, but regained her posture and turned around, barely blocking the knee drive that Goku had delivered. She struck her fist forward, but Goku tilted his head, the fist missing him by an inch. He threw his own punch at the female warrior while she tried to duck, but he had managed to knock her crown off. She quickly snatched it back up and jumped away as Goku attempted to chop her from above and he continued going after her with his attacks while she did everything in her power to block. She threw her own attacks, but was hardly able to land a direct hit on the powerful warrior.

"I wish I could tell you what was going on," said Liw, "I am Spectra-sama's only witness to the games, but I've been ordered to watch over you."

Chi-chi didn't respond. She only continued staring at the ground, hoping that for once, Goku would have met his match, but knowing her husband, it wouldn't seem likely...

Liw bowed her head. Although she never truly agreed with the Atalantan way of marriage, she never once spoke against it, knowing that Lady Spectra was only following tradition.

But tradition never said anything about forcing somebody to compete... nor kidnapping.

As a matter of fact... Lady Spectra only said to keep an eye on Chi-chi... nothing else!

For the first time in a long time, Liw smiled. She then walked over to Chi-chi, pulled a bobby-pin form her neatly tied up hair, and picked the locks of her chains.

Chi-chi glanced up, surprised. "Wh... what are you doing??"

"Spectra-sama told me to keep an eye on you... but she didn't say in this room only. And the Atalanta Games need at least one witness..." The small woman smirked, "Would you like to be one?"

Chi-chi gleamed, "Hai!!"

Meanwhile, Goku and Spectra continued exchanging attacks. Spectra spent more time dodging than striking. Nobody had ever been this challenging before. Goku had very little trouble with the alien woman, beating her around as if she were nothing while receiving blows that barely even lowered his stamina.

Spectra swiped her spear from side to side hoping to at the very least knick the saiya-jin, but he was too quick for her, being able to sway from one side to another, steadily approaching her. Once he got too close, she jabbed the spear into his stomach... or so she thought as Goku that latched onto the tip which teetered an inch away from his skin. He then hoisted the spear out of her hands and jabbed the other end hard into her stomach. Spectra lost her breath and hobbled back, clutching to her injured belly, leaving herself wide open for Goku to sock her in the face and then upper cut her in the stomach again, sending the atalanta-jin flying across the room. She skidded across the floor a few feet, and once she finally stopped, staggered back to her feet.

Goku twitched his nose and tossed the spear back at Spectra. He then stood up firmly, dropping his battle stance. "It's over, Spectra."

Spectra, while regaining whatever strength she could, cocked an eyebrow, "Nani...?"

"You heard me. It's over. You never even stood a chance. I'm too strong for you. You don't stand a chance in beating me."

The female warrior smirked, "How very sweet of you. But there's no need to be modest, my dear. The match isn't over until you've officially beaten me, no matter how strong you are. I must admit I haven't had a battle this intense since... ever! So I do wish to finish no matter what the outcome."

Goku knitted his eyebrows, "If I go any level higher, you'll be killed for sure..."

Spectra blinked, "You mean...?"

"Yup... this is only half on my strength."

Spectra gritted her teeth, "How dare you mock me! Coming to battle and practically using only one finger to push me around! I'm the strongest atalanta-jin to ever live! And I demand a TRUE battle! Come at me with FULL STRENGTH!!!"

Goku's expression didn't change, "Why? You have a better chance at winning if I stay like this."

Spectra grunted, then smirked, "Let's just say... well, I'm a good sport..."

Goku blinked, unsure why she wanted to be beaten so badly when it meant he gets to take Chi-chi back, but then dismissed it as atalanta-jin pride, much like Vegeta and his saiya-jin pride. "Okay... whatever you want..."

He pulled back, clenched his fists, prepared his body, and let out a huge scream as his ki shot through the roof. The floor around him cracked and crumbled, as he grew taller, bulkier, and stronger. Spectra gazed in amazement as the saiya-jin unleashed his full power in front of her. Her last strongest opponent was nothing compared to this guy.

She had finally met her match... About time!

The ship rocked violently around Liw and Chi-chi as they made their way towards the Battle Arena. "My goodness!" Liw cried, "What on Earth is going on??"

"It's Goku-sa," Chi-chi murmured, "I think... he's about to beat Spectra!!"

Spectra blinked in surprise as the warrior in front of her. His black hair was now gold and hanging down to his kneecaps, and his face had more of an ape-like feature to it.

"Don't say I didn't warn you..."

"Don't worry about it...Let's go!" Spectra jumped at the saiya-jin, his fist extended, but Goku had simply batted her away without much effort. The atalanta-jin flipped in the air, landed on the wall, and used it to jump at the golden warrior again. Goku watched her every move and was ready to dismiss her attack, but she was suddenly gone, and had suddenly reappeared at his other side. He turned to face her, but she had jumped past him suddenly and hopped on the wall again, jumping behind the saiya-jin. He turned around but again she was gone.

Then, he stuck his fist in the air as it struck Spectra in the gut. Apparently she had been able to pull a sneak attack that quickly and attempted to spike Goku in the head with her spear, but apparently as well, he knew exactly where she was. With his fist still lodged inside her, he brought the female warrior down, grabbed her neck with his other hand, and tossed her across the arena.

Spectra was down for a moment, but quickly regained herself as she shot towards the saiya-jin once more, while gazing into his eyes. "TAIYO-ME!"

Goku shut his eyes quickly, but the attack had still gotten him. However with his other senses well in tact, he could hear Spectra approach him with another attack. He rose his hands to his forehead. Let's see if she can handle the same strategy!


Spectra stopped cold in her tracks as she too was blinded by a bright light coming from the man. "Kuso!!" she cried, rubbing her eyes. Whether atalanta-jins had a distinct smell or Spectra was wearing some weird perfume, Goku was able to smell exactly where she was, as well as feel her ki lower after losing her eyesight. He couldn't see, but still was able to land a tremendous blow to where she was standing, knocking her into the wall, leaving an imprint.

High above the arena, two women entered the scene on one of the balconies. "What happened?? What's going on??" Chi-chi cried, looking around.

Liw peered over, and saw the Atalantan warrior literally in the wall as she slowly tried to peel herself out. "It looks as if... the saiya-jin has beaten Spectra-sama...."

Chi-chi turned her head in shock. "Nani?!"

Spectra finally detached herself from the wall and fell straight to the floor. She placed her hands on the ground and tried to force herself back to her feet, but a foot had lightly stepped on her head and forced her back down.

"It's over," spoke Goku, who was now back to normal, his hair short and black, "You've lost."

Spectra glared up at the saiya-jin in defeat... but then smirked triumphantly. "Indeed... now you're mine!"

Goku stepped back, surprised, "Eh?!"

Chi-chi looked over to Liw, who had hung her head once more. She knew what it meant... and she fell to her knees and cried in her hands.

"That wasn't part of our deal!!" Goku shouted.

Spectra stood back on her feet, brushing her clothes off, "You're right, it wasn't..." she gave an evil grin, "I was lying."

Ticked off, Goku shot at the alien girl with his fist out, but Spectra ducked and leapt away. She turned and taunted her finger. "That's right. You just go ahead and beat me up more. Continue showing off that you have indeed won and now marry me!"

Goku turned around, looking as if to pummel the woman, but then dropped his stance, scowling. "No... What's the point of fighting you? You've already lost... in more ways than one."

Spectra quirked an eyebrow, "Nani...?"

"I might not know how your people do this marriage thing, but I do know this.... Deception, cheating, lying... That's no way to fall in love! And you can't force anyone to marry you if they don't want to do it!"

Chi-chi lifted her head at those words. They seemed familiar... Of course. Back when they were twelve, she asked Goku if he could promise to come back for her hand in marriage. The guy didn't even know what a girl was, let alone what marriage was... And it was because she had him promise is why he felt he had to marry her. She lowered her head in shame, 'No wonder Goku-sa doesn't love me...'

"Marriage is when two people care for each other, putting them in front of themselves," Goku continued, "Taking care of them, protecting them, feeling special.... That's why I'm with Chi-chi!"

At this, Chi-chi glanced up in surprise.

"I'll admit, I had no idea what she meant when she first suggested 'marriage'. I only agreed because I thought it had something to do with food! But over the years, she taught me what it was like to be in love, to have a family, to be a good father, to have a special life... I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't met her, but I do know one thing... I'm glad I did meet her, and there's no better wife for me than Chi-chi!"

Chi-chi had heard this as well, and became overwhelmed with joy as tears streamed down her cheeks. Goku did love her! "GOKU-SAA!!!" she suddenly cried out.

Both warriors glanced up in surprise. Goku smiled brightly at the site above him. "Chi-chi!!"

Spectra wasn't as happy as the saiyan however. "What?? No! What's she doing here?! I'M Goku's wife now!!"

No one seemed to hear her as the couple happily stared at each other, happy to be reunited. Spectra gritted her teeth. She had finally been beaten... she was NOT going to let this guy go! "ABAZUREON'NA!!!" she screamed as she shot a powerful ki blast towards the Earth woman.
"Dame da!!!" Goku cried as he brought two fingers to his forehead and suddenly vanished. Chi-chi barely had time to react as the sudden attack came near her.

However, the attack never hit. Chi-chi gazed up in horror as her husband held her close, pain engulfed in his face as smoke sizzled form his back where the ki blast had struck him.

Goku staggered for a moment, then fell forward onto Chi-chi as she tried holding him up, falling to her knees in the process. "Goku-sa!!" she cried, "Are you okay?? Goku-sa, please don't die again!!"

Spectra only stared in disbelief at what happened. "Wh... what...? Why did you just do that...?"

Goku painfully looked over his shoulder down at the atalanta-jin, "Because... I'd do anything for Chi-chi..." he murmured, "...I love her."

"The opponent has been defeated by Spectra-sama," Liw announced, "I'm sorry, Goku-san, but apparently, you've lost." Goku only smiled in response.

"I, iie! IIE!!" Spectra cried, "Didn't you see it Liw?? Goku beat me first!! HE'S the winner! He's MINE!" The slightly deranged alien shot forward towards the couple, "Do you hear me?? YOU'RE MINE, GOKU!!!"

Once she reached the balcony, however, Spectra was socked in the face and was sent tumbling towards Liw. Chi-chi rubbed her aching fist, smiling contentedly. "Get your own man!"

Spectra growled, got up, and started for Chi-chi, but Liw held up her arm to prevent her from doing anything else.

The weakened Goku managed to crawl up to his hands and knees, and looked over at Spectra. "I'll save you the trouble of killing me..." he said, "That blast you shot took alot out of me... And it's not like I'm going to come back and try this again. Spectra... I hope you find a husband soon.... but not here! Leave this planet and don't ever come back. If you do, then I'll beat you... for good, this time."

He wrapped an arm around Chi-chi's waist and used whatever energy left in him to teleport out of the ship. Before leaving, Chi-chi smiled warmly over to Liw, as if to say "Thank you."

Spectra only stared in shock and disbelief at what happened. "No.... it can't be..."

"We best to be leaving, Spectra-sama," said Liw, "Perhaps this wasn't a very good match. We'll try again."

Spectra scowled, turned to Liw, and grabbed her by the collar, shaking her wildly. "LIW, BAKA-NO!!!" she screamed, "I thought I told you to watch over that whiny runt!! How could you let her escape?! Because of you, I lost my husband!!!"

"Gomen, but what you were doing was wrong...."

"WRONG?!" Spectra sneered, "May I remind you that I'm an ATALANTA-JIN?! We're suppose to battle males in order to find our proper mate!"

"And may I remind you that the Atalanta-jins never force people to compete? That they only accept challenges and go on from there?? I know very well the Atalantan Ways of life. I don't agree with it, but I would never speak against it, out of respect for your race! But you, Spectra-sam... no, Spectra... are a poor pathetic excuse for an atalanta-jin."

Spectra growled. "Insolent bitch," she sneered, "How dare you talk to me like that! Without me you'd be nothing!!"

Liw knitted her eyebrows, "You're wrong... I've been serving Atalantan warriors my whole life.... if anything, you'd be nothing without me!"

Spectra gripped Liw's collar tighter while she formed a giant ki ball from her other hand. "Is that so? We'll see if that's true... unless you stop with the sudden attitude."

"Go ahead," Liw growled, "I'd rather die than work for someone like you...."

The ki ball grew bigger as Spectra scowled deeper.... but momentarily it died down, and Liw was thrown to the other side of the balcony. She got up slowly, and made her way out the door. Halfway out, she stopped, turned around and announced, "I resign from being your lady in waiting, Spectra-sama. When we return to our home universe, I will leave once and for all." She turned back and continued on.

Spectra only stood there, keeping to herself. Not only had she lost her husband... but she had lost her good friend.


The Son boys jumped in surprise as their parents appeared out of nowhere.

"MAMA!!" Goten cheered as he wrapped his arms around her waist, "You're back!! I missed you!!"

Chi-chi hugged her youngest son back, "I missed you too, Goten-chan."

"Tousaa, daijoubuka?!" Gohan cried, kneeling down to a nearly passed-out Goku lying on the ground.

Chi-chi looked over, shocked. "Oh yeah! He got injured! We have to help him!"

"Don't worry," said Gohan as he reached into his pocket, "Luckily we brought some extra senzu with us while we were training." He placed a bean into his father's mouth and rubbed his neck to help him swallow. Once he did, Goku was immediately back to his feet.

"WAHOOO!" he chimed, "That was good! I feel so much better now!"

"Where's that alien lady to who Mama?" asked Goten.

Goku looked into the sky. He couldn't see the ship, but wasn't sure if it was still cloaked or if they had really left. "Daijoubu," he assured, "I'm sure Spectra knew she had lost... she won't come back to take Mama away." He cracked his knuckles, "She knows what'll happen if she does."

"You have to tell us what happened!" said Gohan as he led the way into the house, "C'mon, we'll talk over dinner! It should be ready by now!"

"You guys finished making dinner?" Chi-chi asked, feeling touched.

"Well, of course. We figured you'd already been through enough."

"Let's go eat!!" Goten cheered as he raced inside with his brother following. Goku went to follow, but Chi-chi called for him.


Goku turned to face his wife, "Eh?"

Chi-chi blushed, "Thank you for saving me."

Goku smiled that Son smile of his. "Of course."

"I'm glad you met me too..."

"Same here."

"And.... I love you."

"Why wouldn't you?" Goku laughed. Chi-chi snorted a bit, but then smiled warmly as she hugged Goku tightly. She then leaned close to him, surprising him, and brought her lips closer to his....


Chi-chi quickly jumped away in embarrassment as Kuririn floated above them in the sky, "Goku, you won't believe it! That moron Satan tried to put on some publicity stunt with this 'killer' robot, but it's malfunctioned and holding half of Satan City hostage! C'mon, let's go fight it before Vegeta destroys it himself!!"

"WAHOOOO!" Goku chimed once more, "I'm there!! See ya, Chi-chi!" The saiya-jin bolted into the air as the two headed off towards Satan City, leaving a bewildered Chi-chi behind.

She stood there for a moment, then finally sighed and shrugged, "Oh well, I am married to Son Goku. What else can I expect?" She turned to walk back into the house, but then felt a hand touch her shoulder. She looked over, surprised to see Goku standing behind her, smiling.

"Oh yeah, one more thing..." He took her face into his hands and kissed her on the forehead, "I love you too." He then turned back and took to the sky in hopes of defeating the grand enemy.

Chi-chi watched as he disappeared over the horizon, this time with a smile on her face. Then, she shouted, "GOKU-SAA!!! You better get home before dinner's over, y'hear?!"

The End

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