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Futari no Merry-go-round: Prologue

Don't you all know who writes/draws Flame of Recca? Gee… so there you go, I don't own any of the character in this fic even though it would be nice to own Joker or Mikagami… Anyway, read on and feel free to send me any love mail, hate mail, etc. Email me !

Love Love Aishiteru,

Pink Yuki


For the last two weeks of summer, Fuuko has changed. No more "Recca, let's go to the ice cream shop!" or "Domon! Get your hands off me!" She has become distant to the Hokage team, maybe except for Yanagi, who has become her best friend since the Ura Buto Satsujin.

"Mou, Fuuko-san. You don't even return my phone calls these days! What has happened to you?" Yanagi sat on Fuuko's bed. She was spending the night with Fuuko, who reluctantly said yes after Yanagi's puppy eyes attack.

"Gomen." Fuuko smiled back while brushing her hair. "I am just a little busy these days." She looked at Yanagi's suspicious glance, suddenly feeling guilty not to telling the healer everything. "Well… you see, I will be going abroad for a semester, so I have got to pack and stuff…"

"You what?" Yanagi gave a small squeal. "Semester abroad? Why? When? Where?"

"America, Boston to be precise." Fuuko weakly smiled at her friend, who was currently fuming. "Ano… Yanagi-chan, I don't mean to cover it up… it's just that everything happened so fast so I wasn't able to tell everyone." She bit her lip a little. "I only got the letter of acceptance a week ago."

"When are you leaving?"

Silence. Fuuko diverted her gaze before muttering towards the floor. "Thursday morning."

"Thursday? That's the day after tomorrow!" Yanagi screamed out loud. *Never have anyone heard Yanagi raised her voice before, heck, aren't I the lucky one?* Fuuko smiled at her thought.

"You have to meet up with everyone tomorrow." Yanagi said in a threatening tone.

*Another thing that Yanagi never does…* Fuuko thought. "I can't, I have to go get my transcript from the school and pick up my visa from the embassy and stuff." Fuuko said apologetically. "Gomen."

"Did you at least tell Raiha?" Yanagi calmed down a little, and asked in a concerning voice. Raiha and Fuuko became a pair during the Tendou Jigoku battle, breaking Domon's heart (but didn't dampen his advances on Fuuko to the least bit, as he said he would take Fuuko back from the evil hands of the Pokemon look alike ninja). However, everyone could see that they are made for each other; Fuuko and Raiha had become an inseparable pair within everyone's mind. And the Hokage/Uruha romance even made the two teams friends.

Fuuko was silent for a moment before she could mutter an answer. "There is no need to tell him." Yanagi was about the yelled when the wind wielder continued, "We broke up."

Yanagi was speechless. The perfect pair broke up? Was she joking? "Fuuko?" Yanagi whispered when suddenly she saw a glint of tears at her dear friend's eyes.

"He said it was a mistake, that it was only the Fuujin and Raijin that brought us together in the first place. I wouldn't say the madougus have nothing to do with it, I mean, I would have never met him if I don't come across the Fuujin…but I love him!" Tears were falling from Fuuko's eyes. "I have to get away. A new place. A place where I could think clearly and not letting the past haunts me. Do you understand? Yanagi? I am so confused right now I can't look at you guys in the eyes!" Fuuko looked up and Yanagi could do nothing but to give her friend a firm embrace in attempt to calm her down.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier? Taking it out would make things easier you know."

"Well, you are definitely going to tell Recca, who would in turn tells Domon, and together they are probably going to burn down the Uruha mansion and kill Raiha." Fuuko managed a small smile, "You can imagine that happening, can't you?"

Indeed she could, knowing her ninja and the hot-blooded Fuuko admirer far too well herself. "I will keep this a secret until you left." Yanagi finally reached her conclusion.

"No, do me a favor and keep it secret until I come back." Fuuko looked into Yanagi's eyes. "I will be back by Christmas." She gave a reassuring smile to the healer, who just nodded.

With that, Fuuko was gone for three months, leaving behind a group of very surprised Hokage ninjas and Uruha assassins. Well, Mikagami wasn't really reacting, as he was too busy preparing his University entrance exams, nor was Yanagi as she was the secret bearer.