Futari no Merry

Futari no Merry-go-round: Chapter 7 - Together

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Fuuko turned back to Kurei when she caught Mikagami's eyes. *How dare him taking Joker's date like that.* Fuuko thought furiously.

"Fuuko-han! Will you come with me so that I can take Neon back?" Joker pleaded.

Fuuko saw Kurei nodded and said, "Fine. Joker, let's go."

They moved through the crowd and got closed to Neon and Mikagami. "Mikagami, would you mind me switching partner with you?" Joker flashed his fanged grin and took Neon's hands before Mikagami could mutter a word.

"Well done, Neon-han." Joker murmured in Neon's ears. His eyes could be spotted twinkling mischievously behind the blue-tinted sunglasses.

"You are not bad yourself." Neon laughed. "So are the other two ready to complete the plan?" She smiled as Joker nodded and twirled her around to the music.

"Mi-chan! What do you think you are doing? Dancing with Neon like that." Fuuko pulled Mikagami towards the bar and quietly yelled at him.

"Why, are you jealous?" Mikagami answered teasingly.

"Why would I be jealous?" Fuuko quickly asked.

*Why did I say that?* Mikagami pondered. He looked at Fuuko's face, which was now flushed with frustration, and silently thought that she looked pretty with that healthy glow on her face. *Why now would I think the monkey is pretty?* He snickered.

"Stop grinning so evilly! Gee… you are hopeless." Fuuko shook her head and turned to walk away.

"She was trying to make Joker jealous." Mikagami called out the minute she turned, unconsciously reaching out for her hand. Mikagami was surprised at the begging tone in his voice. *Why would I be begging? I wanted her to stay a little longer… no. Why would I want her to be around?*

"That's it?" Fuuko turned back to face Mikagami. Unaware of Mikagami's grip on her, she gave a smile of relief.

*She looks so…relieved. Maybe she WAS jealous?* Mikagami stared at Fuuko's smile and suddenly remembered that he was still holding her hand. He let go immediately as his face turned scarlet.

"You… err… you…" He diverted his gaze from the dazzling girl in front of him to floor, trying hard his blush. "You look good tonight."

Fuuko blushed. "Thanks." She hesitated before continued. "You look great also. Better than most of the people, as usual." She giggled while looking around her.

"You think I look better than Quatre Winner over there?" He smiled. Why did he feel slightly jealous upon his words?

"Hmm…" Fuuko looked Mikagami up and down playfully, "No. Quatre is cuter." Fuuko laughed as Mikagami snorted. *Actually Mi-chan is cuter, but there is no way I would tell him that!* Fuuko grinned at her thought.

"Mikagami senpai! Fuuko-san!" They turned towards the voice. "Can you give me a hand here? I think Recca-kun has a little too much to drink…" Yanagi asked in a worried voice as she dragged a red faced Recca towards them.

"What have you done now?" Mikagami picked Recca up from the floor.

"Can you take him to the washroom? Maybe a cold splash on the face would sober him up." Yanagi started her puppy eyes attack. Mikagami just nodded and dragged Recca towards the door.

"Fuuko-san, why don't we drink a little before they come back?" Yanagi pulled Fuuko to the bar stool and stood behind the bar herself. "You have to try the Yanagi's Special!" She grinned at her friend.


Recca walked stumbled into the washroom as Mikagami stood outside the door. Recca looked into the mirror, *Thank god the corridor was kind of dark, or else he would certainly notice that I am not drunk at all.* He grinned at himself. Holding his breath for 2 minutes was good enough to make his face as red as a tomato.

He turned on the tap. "Say, Mikagami, what do you think of Fuuko?" Recca smiled again. "Somehow I think you two look pretty darn well together." He splashed the water with his hand.

"What are you talking about?" Mikagami grunted. *Fuuko and I look good together? Maybe...* He unconsciously smiled.

Splash. Splash. "Yeah, I don't think niichan stand a chance if you decide to go for her." Recca yelled again. *Oh, endurance, Recca, endurance. You cannot laugh at such crucial moments.* Recca's face was red with laughter now.

*Heck, he is drunk anyway.* Mikagami thought to himself and yelled back. "You really think so?"

"Oh yeahhhhh." Recca put his face into the water and let out a laugh. He shook his wet bangs and yelled back, "I think you two would make a really cute couple." He paused and continued. "So what do you think of Fuuko?"

Mikagami was silent. Recca splashed the water some more and thought he should probably check if Mikagami was still there when he heard Mikagami quietly said, "She is a nice girl. Beautiful. Intelligent."

*Bingo!* Recca grinned widely to himself and splashed the water one last time. "So do you like her? You know, romantically speaking?" Upon saying that he held his breathe. *I have to keep my face RED. Hold it Recca, hold it.*

"I...I..." Mikagami pondered at Recca's question. "I think I am." Mikagami said in a barely audible voice, but Recca still heard it.

Recca looked into the mirror and decided that his face was red enough. He walked out of the door and began his journey back to the party with Mikagami.

"Hime!" Recca giggled and threw himself at Yanagi, "He admitted it." He whispered into Yanagi's ears. Yanagi gave him a knowing grin and settled him on a stool.

"This is not Yanagi's special is it?" Mikagami pointed at the orange cocktail in front of Fuuko.

"Kurei, let's dance." Fuuko jumped up from her seat and walked over to the flame master nearby.

"Is she okay? Her face is all red." Mikagami asked Yanagi worriedly.

"Oh yeah." Yanagi smiled sweetly at Mikagami. Fuuko was red not because of the drink, but by Yanagi's comments on how cute Mikagami and she would look together. "So Mikagami senpai, shall I make you a Yanagi's Special also?"


Kurei and Fuuko were dancing in the middle of the crowd. "Since you are among the few girls here without a date, who do you like best here? I can introduce you to all the cute guys around." Kurei looked at Fuuko with a grin.

"It's ok." Fuuko simply smiled back.

Kurei smiled as he spotted Mikagami staring at them intently. *Ok, mission 4: Rubbing it in. Mission accomplished.* He thought as he hugged Fuuko a little tighter, only to notice Mikagami turned away with an annoyed expression.

*Everything is going as I planned.* Kurei smiled to himself. How fun it is to manipulate their feelings like this! Kurei waited for another two songs to end and looked over to see Recca nodding at him. Finally, the last part of the plan was in action.

"Why don't we go back for a drink or two? It's getting a little crowded here." Kurei shifted his gaze to the purple haired girl. Without waiting for a reply, Kurei dragged Fuuko back to the bar.

"Mi-chan! Did you drink a lot?" Fuuko looked at the red faced Mikagami. Little did she know what Yanagi and Recca said to him for the past twenty minutes! "Don't you think she looks good in that dress?" "Why don't you go take her out of Kurei's hands?" "Tokiya and Fuuko, sitting on a tree. K-I-S-S-…" No matter how much he protested the assault did not dampen a least bit.

"Yeah, Mikagami is the big drinker here!" Recca threw an arm on Mikagami's shoulders, which the latter frowned at the gesture.

"Well, judging from the redness he has on his face. I guess he is rather drunk." Fuuko looked over at Mikagami.

"Get OFF me." Mikagami hissed irritably at Recca. *What the hell is he talking about? I didn't even get to finish the first drink since sea monkey here keeps bugging me every second!*

"Yanagi, why don't you help me take Recca to the washroom again? Maybe he would sober up if we push him into a cold shower." Kurei read from his mental script.

"Sure." Yanagi quickly appeared from behind the bar and grabbed Recca's arm. Together the three of them fled the room as quickly as they could.

"So… you want to dance?" Mikagami felt like his courage was drained by the simple sentence, but he covered it well with his usual icy tone. *If you dare decline, Kirisawa, if you dare decline…* He thought nervously.

"I'd love to." Fuuko smiled warmly at the ensui wielder. *I thought he would never ask…* Her heart was pounding harder by the second and her smile widened.





"Mi-chan, what are you trying to say?" Fuuko was dancing to a slow tune with Mikagami in silence.

"So…say…" Mikagami said in a low voice as he held Fuuko a little closer, smelling the fragrance of her hair. "So…Say if Kurei ask you out, what would you do?" He moved his arms to encircle her completely.

"Mi-chan?" Fuuko was startled by the sudden closeness, yet she adjusted to it within seconds. "Kurei? Well, I guess I would have to say Gomen." She rested her head on Mikagami's shoulder.

Mikagami let out a soft sigh of relief. His hands trailed over her bare back, feeling the soft skin underneath his touch. He let one of his hands twirled around with Fuuko's soft hair and brought a strand to lightly kiss it.

Fuuko was enjoying the feeling of being in Mikagami's embrace. After all, she has dreamt of him holding her like this for the past few nights. She could hear Mikagami's heart beat clearly and felt oddly comfortable holding him.

Once again they danced silently to the music. A few minutes passed before Fuuko heard Mikagami whispering in her ears. "So… what if I ask you out?"

Fuuko felt like she was going to have a heart attack. The boy of her dreams, asking her out. *He is drunk. He IS drunk. Or else why would he say something like that?* Fuuko shifted herself inside Mikagami's embrace and reached her conclusion. *Since he won't remember a thing in the morning anyways…" She looked up to meet the ice blue eyes and moved forward to cover his lips with hers.

Mikagami was not expecting a kiss from the purple haired girl in his arms. He was a little shocked by Fuuko's forwardness but nonetheless kissed back by instinct. He has muttered all the courage he could find in his body to ask her that and the answer was satisfying.

Fuuko was lost in the fiery kiss Mikagami returned. He was stroking her back slowly as he deepened the kiss. His hands on her back felt like burning iron as they left behind a tingling sensation everywhere they touched. Fuuko faintly heard people around them started the count down, but she was too far gone with the passion Mikagami fed her to pull away.

Mikagami felt like his body was on fire. It was not like he has never kissed a girl before in his life, but this burning sensation was a new experience for him. His mind seemed to be in space, stars were dancing in front of his eyes. It was not before she pulled away for air that he stopped.

"Happy New Year, Mi-chan." Fuuko smiled at the boy in front of her

"Happy New Year." He smiled. "Say, do you want to go to the movies or something tomorrow?"


Fuuko woke up in the morning as Ganko jumped onto her bed. "Happy New Year, Fuuko!" The little girl shouted.

"Ganko! What time is it?" Fuuko asked lazily as she was still deep in the dream she had. Mikagami Tokiya, asking her to go out with him. How she wished he wasn't drunk when he said that! "Happy New Year." She turned her head and opened her eyes.

"Ten o'clock in the morning. Come on, rise and shine!" Ganko started tickling the wind master and soon she jumped out of bed begging Ganko to stop.

Fuuko freshened up and walked down stairs to the dinning room. She heard her father talking to someone. *Weird, who would come so early in the morning* She paused her steps when she heard her name.

"Fuuko is a little tomboyish, but she is a nice girl!" Her father sounded like he was in tears.

"I know." A deep baritone spoke in a cheery voice. *Who could that be? Uncle Masahiro? Uncle Tsuyoshi?* Fuuko tiptoed towards the dinning room hoping to steal a glance of the visitor.

"Please take good care of her. I feel comfortable if Fuuko is going out with someone like you, Mikagami-san." Fuuko's father was sobbing when he said that.

"Mikagami?" Fuuko rushed into the room. Her eyes were about to pop out as she saw the silver haired bishounen in HER dinning room. "What are you doing here?"

"Ohayo." Mikagami turned to the bewildered girl in front of him. "Eggs?"

"Oh yes please… NANI?" Fuuko looked around her. This is her house, her dinning room; Ganko's teddy bear can be spotted at the corner of the room. This HAD to be her house. Her dad has already slipped out of the room giving the two teenagers their privacy. "Mi-chan? What are you doing here? Why are you cooking me breakfast?" Fuuko asked in a confused voice.

"Don't you remember we have a date today?" Mikagami took out two plateful of food and settled himself into the seat opposite Fuuko.

"Date?" Fuuko was dumbstruck.

"You promised you would go to the movies with me today." Mikagami calmly buttered his toast, the smile never leaving his face. "Remember?"

"YOU remember?" Fuuko asked in awe. "You weren't drunk?"

"No, in fact I wasn't able to get more than three drinks last night." Mikagami looked up at Fuuko with a questioning gaze, "Does it matter?"

"Err… no." Fuuko was now blushing furiously. *He remembers. He REMEMBERS!* She hid her face behind the pile of food in front of her.

"Let's get going when you are finished." Mikagami looked lovingly at the purple haired girl in front of him. "Is the food ok?"

"It's great." Fuuko looked up from her plate. "Ano ne… you know I am going to go abroad after high school. So…" She voice trailed off as she resumed her concentration to the food in front of her.

"I have decided where to go for college." Mikagami chuckled as he watched Fuuko's scarlet face. "Harvard."

"Huh?" Fuuko quickly glanced up as Mikagami rose from his seat and walked over to Fuuko's side.

Mikagami took Fuuko's hand and gently pulled her up. "Yes, Harvard. The renowned university a river across from Boston U." He brushed his lips lightly against hers. "There is no way you can get out of my hands now." He faked an evil laugh as Fuuko hugged him tightly.


As soon as Mikagami and Fuuko walked out of the door, the teddy bear stood up and walked up the stairs.

"Thank you, teddy-chan." Ganko smiled as she took the video camera from the teddy. The Kata Kugutsu was tied discreetly behind the teddy's tail.

A figure came in from the window. "So you got it on tape?"

"Koganei! How many times do I have to tell you? GET IN FROM THE FRONT DOOR!" Ganko turned around to see the familiar fanged grin.

"Whatever." The anki wielder shrugged. "Let's go back to the Uruha mansion for our New Year's Special video now. Everyone is waiting." He smiled.

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