Digimon: Cybermon #1: It's time to cybersize part 1.

Digimon is the property of someone.

20 years ago both the digital world and the real world were threatened by evil from a negative realm. It took everything they got but the digidestined were able to stop the evil dark undersea master and reseal away the rip between the negative realm and our realm. Ever since that time peace has reigned in the digital world and the digidestined were needed no more.

5 years ago a breakthrough was discovered when nanite technology was perfected and began to be used in everyday life. Nanites were found to be useful for everything. For body regeneration.

A man with no limbs is lying on a table. A doctor injects something into his arm. Suddenly something comes out of his shoulder and his arm reforms to his delight.

For saving lives.

A man is laying on the table bleeding to death. The doctor injects something into his chest and quickly the wound closes up and heals.

And more. But no one would know what price we would pay. The nanites became too intelligent. They started to take over all the computers in the world. They almost succeeded. The only people that could stop them were one very smart young man that found a way to stop them.

An older Izzy furiously works on computer code and drives the nanites out.

The nanites were dealt with but the central brain disappeared and was never found again.

In the digital world on the main island it seems peaceful. But the peace is broken by the sounds of running. Augumon appears running from something. He keeps looking back every few seconds but the thing he is running from seems to be not visible. Suddenly Augumon trips and falls. Out of thin air a huge mechanical beast appears and stands over Augumon.

"What do you want with me?"

"You are obsolete and must be deleted." The beast growls.

A wire snakes towards Augumon and he screams. The wire connects.

"Scans show that this is a special one. He may survive being upgraded. Upgrading commencing."


Until now

Place: USA, Oregon.

A young man about 17 with brown hair runs up the steps to school like he's in a hurry. He bursts through the doors and keeps on running.

"Mr. Riley. I know that you must have figured out after being here for 2 years that school starts at 830."

The young man stops and droops his head as he turns around. An older man with a balding gray head is standing nearby with a frown on his face.

"Yes sir. I'm sorry that I'm late again."

"What did I tell you about if you were late again?"

"Oh please don't give me detention again. I promise I won't be late tomorrow." Joshua blurts out.

"Funny. I remember you saying that yesterday."

The young boy laughs quietly.

"You know when and where."

After school and detention the young boy rushes home and runs inside.

"O boy it's holoweb time."

"Joshua!" A stern voice chimes out.

Joshua stops in mid stride and winces.

"Yes mom?"

"I got a call from your principle today. He says you were late again." Joshua's mother stands with a stern look on her face.

"Yes mom."

"You were going to go and use that holoweb thing again. Is that why you are late?"

"No mom."

"Well whatever the reason you are grounded from that for the rest of today."

"Yes mom."

Joshua walks up the stairs slumped. He opens his room and reveals a terrible mess. Clothes all over the floor. The only place that isn't a mess is his computer. But the desk is cluttered with disks and empty pop cans.

"She didn't say anything about the regular web."

Joshua sits down at the computer and logs onto his account. Almost instantly a message appears.

"Why aren't you in holo mode?" The message asks.

"My mom grounded me from it. Thinks it's the cause of me being late to school."

"That sucks man. You are going to miss out on something big today."

"Like what."

"They are having a major Digimon role-playing game going on later."

"Oh man I love playing in that. Are they planning on repeating it soon?"

"Heck no. Unfortunately this may be the last one for awhile. I hear they are having legal problems."

Joshua sighs. Suddenly he gets a mischievous look on his face. He gets up and locks his door.

"I'm coming in. I will probably get grounded for life but it will be worth it."

Joshua puts on a special suit and suddenly finds himself transported to an immersive world. A slim attractive blond girl appears among with a few others.

"It's about time you showed up bud."

The blond girl knocks knuckles with Joshua.

"So what's the address on the Digimon RPG?"

"Follow me."

The blond girl punches some numbers and a portal opens up. They both step in and disappear. When the view reestablishes itself they find themselves in what is the representation of Tai's room. When he was a kid that is. Joshua looks around and sees at least 20 kids already there.

"Oh man. There are too many people here. There are only 12 heroes."

"Hey there are villains too." The blond girl winks.

"Cool maybe I can be Myotismon."

"Taken." A kid yells.

The blond girl accesses a panel and brings up a cast list. She laughs.

"Sorry but the only one left is Etemon."

"Oh he sucks. Who would want to play an ape that thinks he's elvis?"

"Well it's either that or go home."

"I wish I could play Tai."

"Yo dude the only way you can do that is to be the first person to register." An older boy yells out.

Joshua sighs.

"Okay fine. I'll be Etemon."

The blond girl opens up a menu interface. Joshua walks over and punches in his name and information. Suddenly a disk pops out.

"What is this?" Joshua looks confused.

"I don't know. It's never happened. Maybe it's a message for you. Anyway we don't have time to check. Game starts in 5 4 3."

Suddenly another portal opens up next to Joshua and sucks him in before anyone can notice.

"2 1 0. Joshua?" The blond girl looks everywhere.

But unknown to her that Joshua is somewhere else. A portal opens and Joshua goes tumbling out on his face. He gets up gingerly and looks around.

"Ouch that hurt. Where am I?"

But all he can see is vegetation and a tall mountain in the distance.

"Hello. Sarah? Anybody?"

Joshua puts his hand down and finds a strange laptop computer sitting next to him.

"Cool. I've always wanted a laptop. But where did this come from?"

Joshua looks around again.

"Hey someone forgot their laptop."

But nobody answers. Meanwhile deep inside the mountain lies an immense base with a huge computer.

"I am detecting an intruder to my domain." The computer comes to life.

A large mechanical beast appears.

"What do you want me to do with this one?"

"Scan this one to see if there is any potential. If not that delete it."

The beast disappears. Meanwhile Joshua has picked up the laptop and is walking around to get his bearings.

"This is unlike any place i have ever been too."

Joshua looks at the mountain again.

"But that mountain. Something seems familiar about it. As if i have seen it before somewhere."

Joshua yells when the mechanical beast appears out of nowhere.

"What the heck are you?"

"Intruders are not allowed in the master's domain. You are organic and therefore obsolete."

Joshua screams as wires come out and connect with his skin.

"Scanning complete. Subject cannot be updated and therefore must be deleted."

To be continued...
What new threat is in the digital world and what role does this new person play in all of this?