The Return of Drake

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It was a mid-summers eve with the sun slowly sinking beyond the horizon. In just a few minutes time all sorts of creatures would come out at night to enjoy hunting, feasting, and killing without any worries...except one, Blade aka the Daywalker, the last line of defense against one of the most destructive races of all time, the vampires.

"Ready to kick some vamp ass" said Whistler looking rather thrilled seeing as how he himself had gotten in some of the action when Blade's base was attacked by vampires that following day. "I always am", responded Blade seeming kind of worried. This was one of those nights where something bad was going to happen, he just knew it. It was the same feeling that he got when he found out that a whole other species of vampires, the reapers, were out on the streets terrorizing not only the humans but vampires as well.

Before the sun was completly hidden Blade was already out heading to the biggest vampire club that he knew of to get in some old fashion ass-kicking, he needed to release some stress. Once he arrived at the club Del A Tores he decided that he didn't want to do things the regular way, he wanted to try something different. So instead of just getting out of the car he just ran the car straight through the front doors running over some guards and stopping right in the middle of the dance floor. Screams of the daywalker could be heard as mass hysteria broke out as the vamps began to run off in different directions towards the newly opened hole in the wall. But what they didn't know was that while coming in through the doors Blade had thrown out some UV grenades... they were running to their doom. Suddenly UV lights burst out of nowhere as the hundreds of vamps fried and burned to dust. Blade got out of the car and several of the remaining vampires that had came downstairs to see what was happening rushed him but Blade easily dispatched them with a couple of bursts from his custom made gun and quickly sliced threw a vamp that had tried to sneak upon Blade while he was busy finishing the other vamps. Just after Blade had finshed off the appetizers the main course began to arrive in the form of 20 vampires all surrounded him with bats and guns. The obvious newbie in the pack wanting to prove himself quickly leaped up and right before he connected with his bat Blade spun around behind him and quickly pulled out his silver string and wrapped it around the man throat killing him, once he was finished Blade looked directly at the leader and brushed some dirt off of his shoulders. The others charged him as Blade jumped over the top of his car and while he was in mid-air he pulled out his sub-machine guns and fired huge amounts of silver at the vamps spinning and turning while still in the air. When he landed there were only two beings left alive, himself and the leader. The leader looked at Blade like a little kid who had just seen the boogieman but instead of begging for his life like so many others he simply said "I'll see you in hell", and with the last words the vampire ever heard in his life as Blade brought his hand up to shoot him Blade responded, "Yeah, but you're going first", and with that the vampire was reduced to dust in a matter of seconds. Since there was nothing else to do Blade thought he might liven things up so as he looked around at what was left and decided to completely destroy the place since he had nothing better to do. With that thought in mind he took out several grenades and tossed them over at the liquor bar while spreading gasoline over the dance floor.

Several minutes later a woman walking home from work saw a black Charger come out of a building that looked like it had been hit by a train. She paid no attention to it until the building exploded and she was thrown back by the sheer force of the explosion. The lady quickly got up and called the police to report what had happened.

Elsewhere Nyssa the new leader of the vampire nation was ordering her meal to be brought to her and her guest...Drake. He was newly revived and needed to be replenished with large amounts of blood, which was why he was currently sitting in the blood pool that once belonged to Damanskinos. Drake sat there sipping on the blood of some innocent young lady as if it were champagne. While Nyssa had been a big help in bringing him up to speed on the current events of what was happening in the vampire world and the newly extinguished threat of the reapers, she would have to be destroyed, for if what she had told him about the daywalker had been true then she was much too close to him. He would have to destroy her later when he had achieved his goals.

As the new girl was brought in to be drained of her blood, Drake sat there contemplating on the best ways on how to take over the all of the vampires in the world and then eventually the entire world itself. He would be rather thrilled when he came face to face with the one the vampires most feared, the daywalker.

It made his blood boil when he thought of the vampires fearing the daywalker instead of him. Yes he would take pleasure in destroying the daywalker, bit by bit. Once Drake was fully energized he would begin his plans.

He would soon make the world remember him as The Lord of All Vampires.

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