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The Clash of the Titans

As the hunter and prey circled each other there was nothing but one thing on their minds destruction. Complete and utter anihilation of the opponent. The first move was made when Blade kicked a chair into the air and launched it as a distraction towards Drake who cleanly cut it in half and skillfully dodged Blade's following attack that would have pierced his heart if it would have connected. Drake brought his sword around on Blade hoping to cut him in half but Blade pivoted around and stopped the sword with his own then doing a roundhouse kick connecting with Drake's jaw. As Drake was falling he threw his sword at Blade and it pierced his stomach making Blade drop down to one knee giving Drake the chance to recover. Drake got up and calmly walked over to Blade and pulled the sword out of Blades stomach causing blood to wash over Drake. Drake then kicked him in the face sending him crashing into a wall with such force that it left an imprint of Blade on it.As Drake stood watching the daywalker die and he felt a deep hatred towards the daywalker for not being an adequete challenge for him. For all this talk about the daywalker being invincible and undefeatable and killing thousands of his kind he had been nothing compared to Drake; nothing. To Drake this was pathetic, this meant that the vampire nation was weak if they could not defeat but one foe like Blade. Back in Drake's day Blade would have been anihilated and all of his relatives would have been killed erasing his entire family from excistence.But then again he was the only person who ever laid a blow to him while he was a vampire, but despite of that fact he would still be killed. No, actually Drake had better idea, he had been informed that Blade took a serum to quench his thirst for blood. No, he wouldn't kill the daywalker he would send him to the dungeons and force him to watch his mentor be tortured and the only way he would be able to save him would be to drink human blood from a live host, giving him a taste for blood and thus turning him into the monster that Blade worked so hard to destroy every day. And as an added bonus maybe Blade would finally join the vampire nation and stop hunting vampires.

The leaders watched in complete awe of what was happening, their most hated and feared enemy the Daywalker was reduced to a quivering heap of flesh in just a matter of seconds by their new leader Drake. There was now no doubt in anyones mind that he wasn't the most powerful being on the planet, and on that matter that he shouldn't lead the nation.

"Why don't you kill him", said one of the leaders clearly excited that Blade was finally defeated and was going to die, but the next words out of Drake's mouth completely shot down his cheerful mood. "I'm not going to kill him", the leaders jaw dropped. "What are you talking about you're not going to kill him", said another leader. "Just what, I'm not going to kill him means, he may be valuable to us later on. "But, but you can't just let him go", sputtered one of the leader who first spoke up. "Who said I was going to let him go, and anyways this matter is not up for discussion". "But", the leader said and before he could get another word out of his mouth Drake roared "I am the leader of this nation and what I say STANDS". Immediately everyone was quiet and the one's who spoke out were glad that Drake had spared them.

"Alyssa", Drake said to one of his servants "tell the guards to come and take Blade to the dungeons and to go to his base and capture Whistler and bring him to the dungeons until further notice. Oh and tell them to make sure that he is alive". "Yes my lord, as you wish". "Nyssa I want you to lead the hunt for Whistler and to make sure that no one messes this up I have big plans for those two. And once you have him I want you to meet me in my chambers, is that understood". "Yes my lord".

"This meeting is now officially over, you will be escorted out of the building and also I want you to spread the word that Blade is no longer a problem and soon no other vampire hunters will be a problem either. And I want you here tomorrow night for the second part of this meeting that we weren't able to get to because of this little interruption." "Do you understand." "We understand my lord."

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