Mixed Feelings

By, Sid

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Seed nor it's characters.

The war was over. They had fought long and hard to achieve this peace and it had come only with a great many sacrifices but it was finally over. It would be three days now since they had prevented what would have been the worst war in history. No… not war... massacre.

It was three days now since they're lives had been changed forever. Flay was dead. Fraga was dead. Captain Murrue Ramius though heartbroken was holding up rather well.

Kira shifted in his seat and winced at the pain the slight movement still brought. A very worried looking Cagalli awoke from her nap and looked to the boy sitting next to her. Her hand found his shoulder and she gently pressed him back into his seat. "Don't move so much… you'll injure yourself even more at this rate." Kira's lips turned upward in a slight smile as he turned his head to look at her. Her eyes were wide yet filled with so many things, worry, grief, drowsiness… "You worry too much." He whispered. Her eyes filled with tears at that moment and she blinked them away with a huff, "Baka, of course I worry," she leaned her head into his shoulder with the beginnings of a smile curving on her lips, "you're my younger brother after all." He frowned then as he looked at her, "I could be older then you." Cagalli glared at him then replied, "You're not."

"Ne… Kira… did Athrun and Lacus tell you what they were going to do now that… that we don't have to fight anymore?" Kira looked at her with a smile. "They'll join us in Osaka in a few weeks… for now they're helping with the wounded as much as they can."

"I see." Cagalli's eyes turned downward as she played with Kira's shirttail which seemed suddenly to have captured her interest. Kira brought his lips so close to her ear he could feel the heat of his breath on her. "You like him don't you?" Cagalli's eyes widened at the bold statement.

"NO! No…" She turned her head away not daring to look at him then.

"Cagalli?" Kira said once again. She turned reluctantly to look at the brother she had come to love so dearly in so short a time. "Athrun and Lacus are engaged."

Biting her lower lip she murmured quietly, "I know that… I know it… but what about you Kira? Don't act like I'm the only one with a secret." She glared at him angered at the accusations.

"So tell me sister dearest, what secret do I hold?" She looked uncomfortable for a moment then and suddenly remarked "Don't do that."

"Do What?" Kira asked confused beyond words now.

"Call me that… 'sister dearest.'"

He stared at her for what seemed like forever his intense gaze making her fidget. "You are my sister Cagalli. You know that."

"You're right, I know that but we weren't raised as siblings, we had no way of knowing… it wouldn't be our fault if…"


"Never mind… the point is I don't like it."

"You've never seemed to have a problem with it before," Kira looked frustrated now as he pulled his hand through his hair, "not a moment ago you were saying that I was the younger twin and now you're contradicting yourself… what's wrong with you Cagalli?"

Before she could speak again the voice of the flight attendant descended throughout the aircraft, "We are now landing in Osaka, please keep your seatbelts on until the light above your seat goes off. We hope you've enjoyed your flights and please come fly with us again, Thank You." Both quietly fastened their seatbelts to await the landing not speaking for the remainder of the trip.