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Mixed Feelings: Epilogue

"Athrun? Athrun It's almost time! Let's go!"

"I'm moving as fast as I can!"

Athrun's voice floated down to Lacus who was jumping around impatiently by the door. Lacus glared as Athrun came down hauling two suitcases and a duffel bag along with him.

"Lacus… we're only going to be gone for 3 days. Why do you need to pack so much stuff?"


"Fine! Fine! I won't ask anymore."

Lacus hurriedly slammed the door closed and locked it behind Athrun and climbed into the passenger seat of Athrun's car as he loaded their luggage.

"Do you think they'll be surprised?" she asked when Athrun had finally got in the car and onto the road.


"About us!"

"They must have knew it was coming Lacus."

"Mmm… still."

"They know us too well to be surprised."

"I guess so…" she sighed then and looked out the window her lips forming a small pout. Athrun glanced at her and couldn't help but smile at her cute expression.

"What's wrong?"

"It's just that… don't you think it would be all the more wonderful if we could make it a double wedding?"


"I know what you're going to say… but I just want them to be happy… don't you?"

"Lacus, they are happy as it is. You know that."

"Well they'd be even happier if they were married, besides, it's every girls dream to get married and have a family. Imagine how Cagalli must feel."

"Kira and Cagalli came to the decision together. I'm sure she's fine with it."

"Cagalli when did they say they'll be here?"

"By about 8 tonight." She said not looking up from the stove. Kira was seated at the small round table behind her watching her cook.

Flashback 1 year

Kira pulled away from her slightly; just enough to look into her eyes. "We should go… we still have to talk to Murrue."

She held me closer, tighter. "No… let's stay."

"Our clothes are soaked through Cagalli… you could catch Pneumonia."

"Let's stay." She whispered again catching my eyes with hers.

"They'll be waiting for us…" I tried again, however my resolve was fading as I looked at her. As I felt the heat rising between us… the way her clothing clung to her every curve.

"Prove it won't matter Kira… please… I need you to show me it won't matter."

I knew what she was asking. I knew I should wait until we knew for sure, but I saw the desperation in her eyes and I couldn't say no. She needed me. And I promised myself right then that I would never hurt her like this again.

He ran his eyes over her shivering body before his hands followed suit. He let his hands fall to the hem of her top before pulling it up over her head. His eyes landed on her breasts encased in a white lace bra. Her skin was pale yet when he brought his eyes up to look at her face her cheeks were flush with color. Her warm eyes were narrowed and her breath came in little pants. Not being able to take it he pulled her forward into his arms and kissed her. He parted her lips with his and slowly caressed and stroked her tongue with his. His hands slid to her back and undid her bra before coming forward again to cup her soft breasts.

He broke away from her then and gazed at her body his own breaths coming in pants too now. He undid the button to the jeans she was wearing then and pulled them off her. He leaned in again and kissed his way down her cheeks her throat and collarbone, down until he reached her breasts.

Slowly Kira lapped at her nipples and nibbled on her skin until she couldn't take the torture anymore.

"Ki-ra" she panted out with a moan. She was lying against the ground of the small cave now wriggling. His hands slid down her body and his lips followed past her belly button and pulled her legs apart. His fingers grazed over the lace covering her and caressed her there his fingers moving slow and first then faster. Her moans deepened and she bucked as his lips came in contact with her and sucked over the lace.


He pulled off the lace panties then and kissed her there once more before moving away to pull off his own clothes. He then returned to her whispering softly and caressing her with his hands. He kissed her again and heard her words. "Ki-ra… come inside."

Without taking his eyes off her he pushed into her and stopped when she cried out. "Are you ok! Do you want me to-"

"Keep going!" she cried, "please don't stop Kira… please." And with that he moved again gently at first then faster and her pain slowly changed into moans of pleasure. Their voices mingled together and they cried out together as they came.

They had laid there entwined together long afterward until they decided that it was time to find out what they both wanted to believe wouldn't effect then but what they both knew deep inside would. And it had.

End Flashback

Kira watched Cagalli now as she cooked. They were all happy now and he was thankful for it. Murrue had returned as the Captain of Archangel a few months before with hopes that eventually they would join her. She had sent news a few weeks ago however that had shocked them greatly. She had sent word that Mu La Flaga was alive and well however he suffered from amnesia. Although he had forgotten about all that had happened up until then Murrue still sounded happy and determined to help Mu remember the past.

Athrun and Lacus had moved out a couple of months after the truth about his and Cagalli's relationship had been uncovered not out of awkwardness or any such thing. They were still all the best of friends it was just out of a need for privacy and the need to rebuild their relationships.

The doorbell rang suddenly and Cagalli's head swiveled her eyes focusing on the door then the clock. Kira walked out into the living room and opened the door to Athrun and Lacus.

"Hey you guys are early!" Before he could say more though Lacus jumped into his arms and held on for dear life.

"I missed you guys so much! Is Cagalli in the kitchen?" And with that she pushed Kira to the side and ran in. Kira looked after her slightly surprised while Athrun let out an embarrassed laugh.

"I'm sorry about that Kira… you know Lacus." Kira laughed at that.

"Don't worry about it. You guys used to live here after all." And with that they grinned and hugged each other. They walked into the kitchen a little afterward to spot an excited Lacus and Cagalli laughing and hugging and hugging again.

They spent the next hour catching up and preparing dinner.

Around 8:30 they all sat at the dining room table chatting away as if they hadn't been apart for a year.

Lacus put down the wine glass she was holding suddenly and took Athrun's hand in hers before turning to look at Kira and Cagalli.

"Athrun and I have news which is one of the reasons we decided to come in person instead of just talk on the phone."

They turned to each other with a knowing look before turning back to Lacus and Athrun quietly.

"We're getting married!" She said. Both Cagalli and Kira smiled gently.

"Congratulations!" said Cagalli with a big smile before leaning over the table to wrap Lacus in what must have been the millionth hug that evening.

"It's about time." Kira said grinning at Athrun. Athrun grinned back at him with a blush across his face while Lacus pouted.

"You guys don't look surprised!"

Athrun turned to her then. "I told you before Lacus… they knew it was coming."

"Mouuuuu…" They all laughed then and talked about the coming wedding.

Around 11 pm the excitement had worn down a little and the four were seated in the living room playing cards when Lacus brought up they question that had been on her mind for a while.

"Why don't you two get married? Before you guys start spouting excuses hear me out! Your not related! We found out a year ago that Kira's mom had adopted Cagalli after her best friend had died so it's all clear! I don't understand why you won't get married! We could have a double wedding!"

"Lacus…" Athrun started but Cagalli cut him off.

"You're right."

"I mean Kira's mom cared for you as her daughter since you were her best friends daughter the same as I would for your children in the future or as I know you would for mine but-"

Kira and Cagalli sat smiling in the silence as what Cagalli had said sank in.


"She said your right." It was Kira this time. The grin on his face seemed to confuse Lacus even more. Even Athrun was a bit confused now.

Cagalli moved over to Lacus and held her hands in hers. "I know it was confusing last year when we told you guys we wouldn't get married but that was because we thought it was best in case something happened in the future or we found out it was a mistake again… but it's been a year now like you said and we've had time for things to sink in."

"We realized it didn't matter if something happens after we get married or we find out it's a mistake again and Cagalli really is my sister because we'll stay together no matter what. So…"

Athrun's mouth turned into a grin then when he figured out what they were saying. "So you guys will do the double wedding with us?"

Lacus' eyes widened and her shoulders tensed as if she was too afraid to hope.

Cagalli laughed. "Yes that's exactly what we're saying."

"YA-TAA!" The scream floated through the house and Cagalli sat there watching an excited Lacus jumping up and down while Athrun's and Kira's laughter mingled in the background. She couldn't control the joy in her heart anymore it seemed. This is how things were supposed to be. How things would be no matter what happened in the future. Her eyes met Kira's warm ones and she knew their thoughts were the same.

As long as they had their friends supporting them and their feelings for each other they would always stay happy.

The End.

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