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Sirius Black sat in the backseat of a car trying to ignore the rest of his family. His father was driving the car to Kings Cross Station in rigid silence, and Sirius could see the muscles in has back working as he gripped the steering wheel. His mother, Aurora Black, was glaring at him through the rearview mirror. She ignored him, however, and turned around in her seat to address his younger brother, Regulus.

"Regulus, darling," she said in a falsely sweet voice. Sirius snorted in cynical amusement, which earned him yet another chilling glare from her. It was normal for other mothers to show their children affection, but in Sirius' opinion, when coming from his mother, it was downright disgusting. Sirius turned his head to stare blankly out the window as she continued.

"Remember, Regulus," she said, a threat lacing its way through her voice. "Your father and I are putting our trust in you to uphold the family name. You have done well so far. We have faith that you will continue succeeding in your classes and consorting with the right sort of people. Do not get distracted by mudbloods and…" She slid her eyes to the side to look at Sirius as she finished, "blood traitors."

Sirius glared back at his mother, chin held up defiantly. His blue eyes were cold as ice as he said frostily, "Don't worry, mother. I'll stay away from dear Regulus."

She brought her chin up as well, holding her head regally. The family resemblance was strikingly noticeable as the two glared piercingly at each other. "Are you mocking me?" she asked him in a deadly quiet voice as she twisted even more in her seat in order to look at him properly.

"No, mother dearest, I wouldn't dream of it." He replied sarcastically, not taking his eyes off hers.

Quick as lightning Aurora's hand shot out and hit him painfully across his face, her nails and expensive rings biting into his skin. "You would do well to remember to respect your elders, Sirius" she said darkly.

She turned back around and whispered into her husband's ear, and he acknowledged her with a curt nod. Sirius clenched his teeth together out of both anger and pain. He turned to look out the window again, his face not betraying a single emotion. That was one of the first lessons Sirius had learned in life—do not, under any circumstances, display emotion. And try as he might he could not break out of it.

One memory from when he was four years old stuck out vividly in his mind. His Aunt Elladora had come to Black Manor to visit, bringing with her Andromeda, Narcissa, and Bellatrix- her three daughters. Bellatrix had been standing with him at the top of the stairs, and she had 'accidentally' pushed him, laughing as he fell down the ornate staircase. He had landed in a jumbled heap, right next to the feet of his mother and his aunt.

When he looked up at them, a few tears were trickling down his face and he reached up to his mother, wanting to be picked up. His aunt, however, looked down at him in disappointment and scowled as she said, "Oh, Aurora. Look at him, he's crying. How pitiful."

His mother bent down and grabbed his arm, yanking him to his feet. "Sirius! I am ashamed of you" she spat out. "What did I teach you about showing emotion?"

Sirius sniffled as he repeated what his mother had told him. "Blacks are strong. They show no emotion. They have an impene…. unpeni…unipeme…"

"Impenetrable, Sirius! They have an impenetrable mask up at all times!" She said to him exasperatedly, her voice rising.

"Right." He replied. "That's what I said." He looked up at her and grinned sheepishly. His mother had responded by slapping him and sending him to his room.

Although Sirius was now 16, he still found himself following that rule whenever he was uncomfortable or scared, and it annoyed the hell out of the other Mauraders.

At this thought, Sirius smiled slightly to himself. Within an hour he would be on the train to Hogwarts with his best friends James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew, far away from his horrible family.

Meanwhile, James Potter opened one eye and rolled over in bed, sniffing the air in delight. He sat up, suddenly fully awake as he envisioned the breakfast whose delicious smell was now wafting through his room. He threw off the covers and bounded down the stairs, walking soundlessly into the beautiful kitchen of Potter mansion.

His mother was standing in front of the stove, cooking a huge array of food while humming happily to herself. He grinned as he snuck up behind her, put his face right next to her ear, and yelled, "BOO!"

Isabella Potter squeaked and whipped around, holding her spatula out in front of her for protection. James laughed merrily as his mother pouted good naturedly at him as she realized who her assailant was. He shook his head affectionately and wrapped his arms around her, picking her up off the floor and whirling her around. She let out a bubbly laugh and said, "James Potter! You put me down this instant, you silly boy!" He grinned as he put her down and kissed her cheek. "'Morning Mum."

She whacked his arm playfully and said "Good Morning, love. Have a seat at the table, breakfast is nearly ready."

James grabbed a glass of orange juice and chugged it down as he sat at the table, letting out a contented sigh when he was done. His father, Garrett Potter, walked in just as Isabella placed a wonderful variety of food onto the table. James grinned and immediately started to pile up his plate. As Isabella moved to go back to the stove, Garrett wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her to him, kissing her softly. They pulled apart and Isabella smiled up at him. "Good Morning, Garrett. Sleep well?"

"Very." He replied pleasantly. He turned his head and saw his son at the table, his face barely visible behind the small mountain of food sitting on his plate.

"Good Morning, James!" he said happily. "Ready to go back to school?"

"Gof Mornin', Dad. Yergf, M can't waid to see eferyone agin." James replied, his mouth full.

Garrett laughed at his son's antics and sat down at the table as Isabella sighed and said, "Honestly, James. Chew, swallow, THEN talk. The way you eat, people will think I starve you."

James swallowed and grinned sheepishly. "Sorry Mum" he said quickly before delving into his breakfast again.

She rolled her eyes in mock defeat and said, "Why do I even bother? Is your stuff all ready? Got everything you need? You haven't forgotten anything, have you?"

James sat back behind his now empty plate and thrust one arm over the back of the chair and used his other hand to check off his answers with his fingers, raising a digit with each response. "Because you love me, yes, yes, and no."

She nodded her head and said, "Good. Take your plate to the sink please, dear. Garrett, how do you think we should get to Kings Cross? Should we drive?"

"No, that's boring." He said with a dramatic sigh. "Takes too long. Let's take a portkey."

Isabella gave him a scrutinizing look. "Are you allowed to make a portkey?"

Garrett gave her an innocent look. "Course I am." He said matter-of-factly. "I'm an auror, I'm allowed to make portkeys."

"To get your son to school?" She asked suspiciously.

"Aww, c'mon Mum, live a little. What they don't know can't hurt 'em." James piped up.

"That's the spirit, Jamsie my boy!" Garrett said enthusiastically, springing up from his seat at the table. He wrapped an arm around his son's shoulders and said. "C'mon, Bella. Whaddya say?"

Garrett and James simultaneously put on their most endearing puppy eyes, and Isabella looked at them and said, "Oooh, you two." She then pointed at them and said with mock severity, "You're lucky I love you both so much."

They both grinned in triumph and James said, "Course you do, Mum." He then kissed her on the cheek and ran up the stairs to get his trunk.

Garrett sauntered up to her and said, "And we love you too, Mrs. Potter." He then mimicked his son's actions and kissed her on the cheek before running upstairs to find an old something to make into a portkey.

When the two came back downstairs, Isabella was ready for them both and was waiting in the Entrance Hall of the mansion. She smiled at them. "All ready, you two?"

"Yep." James replied.

"Allright then." Garrett held out a sock with a hole in the bottom of it and said, "Okay everyone, hold on tight. We leave in 3—2—1—"

They landed on Platform 9 and ¾ with a thud, and James promptly tripped over his trunk, went crashing to the ground, and then rolled over and stood up all within the space of three seconds. While brushing off his cloak, he looked around discreetly, trying to make sure no one had seen him. No such luck though.

"Smooth, James, very smooth" said a warm, amused voice from behind him. James turned around.

"Moony! How are you, mate?" James asked grinning, giving his friend a manly hug.

"I'm good, thanks, and you?" Remus responded with a smile.

"Never better" James said.

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Potter. How are you?" Remus asked politely.

"Oh, please, Remus, it's Isabella and Garrett—"

"Mr. Potter makes me feel old." Garrett cut in cheekily. Remus grinned as Isabella slapped his shoulder lightly.

"Don't mind him, dear. He's no more grown up then the two of you" Isabella said affectionately. At her remark, a chorus of "Hear, hear!" and "Cheers, Dad", and "Thank God for that" broke out. Isabella shook her head and grinned. "How was you summer, Remus?"

"It was very nice, thanks. My family and I went to visit my aunt in France. What about you?"

"Oh it was splendid, we went to visit James' grandmother on her villa in Italy." Isabella replied.

James leaned over to Remus and whispered in his ear, "I swear, that woman's older then Italy itself."

"James!" Isabella scolded. Garrett, however, only winked at them.

James craned his head, looking over the sea of students. "Oi, Remus, have you seen Sirius causing any mayhem around here?"

"No, I was actually beginning to worry. He'll miss the train if he's not here soon." Remus replied.

James looked at his feet, becoming worried as well, but not about Sirius missing the train. Sirius didn't talk much about his family, not wanting to reveal much about his home life. But James was Sirius' best friend, and he knew things about the Black family that no one else did. And it was for this reason that for every second Sirius didn't appear on the platform, James became infinitely more worried.