Title:Hope for Tomorrow
Author: Shadows of Chaos61
Rating: R
Pairing: Seto X Yami
Warnings: language (Yami has a dirty mouth), sexual content, violence, and yaoi. Don't like then press the back button without reading on.
Disclaimer: Yugioh does not belong to me
Summary: Yami is an 18 year old that has lived on the streets most of his life taking care of his brother, Yugi. Seto is a rookie cop that soon finds himself drawn into Yami's world

Dragon: Everyone in this story will be OOC, but not in a bad way. I made the characters the way they were needed and I don't think you will be disappointed. Yami will go through loads of difficult times so I'm warning you now. It will not be easy for him at all.

This story is dedicated to Desidera. Just a little thank you for allowing me to bounce countless plot bunnies off of you, putting up with my endless ranting, and willing to co-write a story with me. Hope you enjoy it and Merry Christmas!

Chapter 1

"What the hell do you think your doing!? Damnit let go of me!"

Everyone in the station heard the commotion as the officers led the aggravated youth down the narrow hallway.

"Shut up kid and make this easier on you."

The youth turned his cold blood colored eyes towards the burly officer, all but snarling at him. He never went in easy and he sure as hell wasn't about to start today. "Fuck you!" he spat.

One of the two policemen grabbed a hold of the youth's handcuffed hands and twisted them even more, while the other one took a hold of his chin and yanked his face around. "Listen punk, I'd suggest you curve that mouth of yours or I'll shut it for you."

"I'd like to see you try bastard." The tri-colored youth said as he fearlessly stared the taller man down.

The officer in front of him went for his tazer. He was tired of this boy, he was a regular around here and some how each time he seemed to get away with whatever he had done. He had a foul mouth and an even worse temper. Someone needed to put him in his place.

"Officer Chan! What the hell do you think your doing?!"

The youth smirked as he realized who was yelling from down the hall of the Domino Police Station, and from the look on Chan's face he knew who it was too.

"Captain Bakura, I-this boy is getting out of control."

The captain walked closer to the two officers that were holding the crimson colored eyed youth glaring each one down. Even though he knew how this boy acted, it didn't justify them treating him like this. After all they didn't know everything behind the boy like he did. "I'll take him, you two are off this boy's case."


"No buts, now do as I say."

Reluctantly they handed the boy over and walked away from the scene. Bakura sighed and beckoned the younger one to follow him. He felt no need to manhandle him like the others did.

Soon they were seated in the stale interrogation room. Bakura had removed the handcuffs from his hands and he was now rubbing his wrists where they had rubbed his skin raw.

"Alright Atemu what did you do this time?" he said as he took a seat across from him.

The youth growled, "I told you not to call me that. Atemu is dead."

"Fine then. Why are you here Yami?"

Shrugging his shoulders he glanced at the one-way mirror, wondering who was watching them this time. Every time he was brought in here there were at least two others that looked in to make sure he didn't try to kill the white haired officer. Little did they know that he had no intention of ever killing this man, that is unless he did his brother wrong. Speaking of which…

"How's my brother?"

"He's fine, although he misses you. Why haven't you come to visit him?"

"You know that answer as well as I do. He has a better life now, no need in me bringing him down again."

Bakura studied Yami. It had been along time since someone had brought him in for some crime or another and he was hoping that he had changed his ways. But looking at him now he could see that everything was the same.

"You're smarter than that Yami, you never brought him down as you say. If it wasn't for you he'd probably be dead or assaulted by now."

The Captain's eyes widened slightly when he saw Yami flinch at his words. Even though his face was as emotionless as ever something about those words caused him to slip from his normal stoic self briefly. But he would ignore it for now.

"Are you still living on the streets?"

"Of course."

"And when's the last time you ate?"

"Who the hell knows?" Yami said as he glared at the man in front of him. He respected the Captain; after all he was the one that gave his younger brother a home when he could not. But that didn't mean he was going to doing anything else other than be himself.

Bakura slid back his chair as he stood up. "I'll be back in a minute."

"Go talk to the onlookers. I'm sure they're itching to see that you're alive and well."

With a slight chuckle he walked out the door to see his newest partner standing at the window.

"He's a tough one. What's his story?"

Captain Bakura turned away from the brown haired officer and watched as Yami laid his head down on the metal table. It was probably the first chance he had to relax all day.

"His name is Atemu Mouto, goes by Yami though. His mother was Japanese and his father was Egyptian, both dead. He has a younger brother named Yugi."

"The one that lives with you?" the blue-eyed rookie asked and Bakura responded with a nod.

"When Yami was twelve and Yugi was eight, their father murdered their mother in front of them, and some how they wound up living on the streets. Remind me to show you Yami's file one day, you'd be amazed what the boy did to keep them both alive.

About a year ago, I went to Yami about them both living with me. Yami refused but told Yugi to go with me. Since he, the older one, was eighteen I couldn't force him. Poor kid is still living out there. He refuses help from anybody."

"So what's he in for now?"

"There's no telling and right now I don't care. Our shift is over, how about you and me take him to get something to eat?"

Seto nodded his head and followed his partner into the integration room. He stood silently by the door as Bakura approached Yami with caution. It was clear the youth had fallen asleep in that short amount of time. And if his earlier actions were any indication, then any false movements on Bakura's part would not be good for either one of them.

Bakura stood next to the homeless youth and gently spoke his name, "Yami? Get up boy."

Yami groaned as he heard his name. Just when he was actually getting some sleep he had to come and wake him up, "WHAT!?"

"Get your ass up and come with us, I'll take you by the house and let you get cleaned up then take you to get something to eat."

Raising his head he glared at the Captain, "You just want me to see my brother."

Bakura sighed, "Yes, but I also want you to get at least one good meal in you before you go back to where ever your holed up at."

"Fine, but who's the tightwad over there?" he said as he pointed at Seto.

The rookie raised an eyebrow at the youth. "Seto Kaiba, Bakura's new partner."

He chuckled, "Ah, fresh meat then. Oh well Bakura will get you straightened out." He turned and looked at the white haired man, "He's a looker though, too bad he has a stick up his ass. Course I'd rather stick my…"

"That's enough Atemu." Ignoring the pale look of his rookie and the growl from Yami, he walked towards the door, "Now lets get out of here."

Yami stood outside the burgundy wooden door looking at it as if it was his worse enemy. His heart wanted to see his brother but his mind kept telling him to run. Yugi finally had a normal life and if he were to step back into it… well he would just screw it up. "I think maybe I should just go now. Yugi doesn't need me."

Bakura placed a hand on his shoulder, "That's where your wrong, you're the only family he has left. I know for a fact he wants to see you."

Seto stood back away from the two. He felt slightly uncomfortable with this whole situation. This troubled youth was a hellcat back in the station but now he seemed like a lost child. Just how did he survive all these years and what was his story?

Bakura took his keys out of his pocket and placed them in the lock. With a quick turn he opened the door and stepped inside, holding the door open for the other two. As soon as they were both in, he closed and locked the door. "YUGI! Come here please, there's someone here I'm sure you'll want to see."


Yami watched the stairs as he saw familiar tri-colored hair come bounding down them. His skilled eyes quickly glanced over his younger brother making sure he was well fed and healthy.


The older brother visibly flinched at the name but said nothing as Yugi ran to him and threw his arms around his waist in a fierce hug.

"You're really here!"

Sighing, Yami placed his arms around his brother and hugged him back. "Hai, for now."

Pulling his head back to look up at his brother he whispered, "You're not staying? "

"You know I can't do that. I don't belong here but you on the other hand do. Bakura is giving you a chance at a normal life."

"But you can have one too!" he cried. Yugi wanted more than anything for his brother to come off the streets. His brother deserved that.

Yami cast Bakura a pleading look.

"Yugi, why don't you go get something for Seto and me to drink and let Yami take a shower. Then we can all go out to eat, ok?"

Reluctantly Yugi let his brother go and walked towards the kitchen. After he made sure he was out of sight, Yami gave Bakura a look that said thank you before he took off towards the bathroom.

Once they were both gone, Seto turned to his partner, "OK, you need to really tell me the story now."

Bakura sighed. His partner deserved to know what was going on, after all he figured that they would be dealing with Yami a lot in the near future. But now was not the time. "Like I said, remind me to show you his file when we go in tomorrow."

Yami glanced down at the filled plate in front of him. This was the first decent meal he'd had in gods knows when, but he couldn't bring himself to eat it. His stomach felt twisted at the sight of it. Picking his fork up he pushed the food around, willing the butterflies to calm down.

Another thing that was bothering him was the fact that after the nice hot shower he took, his body was screaming to sleep. Summers weren't that bad, but winters were horrible. Since the weather had turned from slightly chilly to down right freezing, it had gotten difficult to get a decent night's rest, well days rest for sleeping at night was dangerous.

But for now he was warm and clean. Bakura gave him a new coat and a change of clothes, saying that he had bought them for him but hadn't had the chance to give it to him. Which was probably the truth seeing as how he never stayed in one spot too long.

"Yami?" Yugi's childlike voice pulled him out of his musing.

"Yes hikari?"

The younger brother couldn't help but smile at his old nickname. It had been along time since he had heard it. "Are you feeling ok? You haven't touched your food."

Yami gave a weak smile then glanced at Bakura who was staring at him with slight concern in his eyes. "I guess I'm just to tired to eat." He then shifted his eyes to look at Seto. He expected to see pity in those blue eyes, for that's what all the strangers did when they found about him and his brother, but instead he saw curiosity in them. That was strange. But still he didn't like being stared at. "You have a problem?"

Clearing his throat, Seto replied. "No, not at all." Last thing he wanted to do was ruin this little get together for the younger one. He knew this would probably be the last time he saw his brother for a while.



Yami turned to his brother and felt guilty as he looked at him. "Sorry, hikari."

"It's ok!" With a smile, Yugi turned back to his food, completely forgetting the little incident.

Bakura studied Yami as he went back to playing with his food. His concern for the crimson eyed teen increasing. He had grown fond of both boys over the years and was truly amazed that Yugi had come out as innocent as he had. Course he knew that was all his brothers doing.

He knew that thick file like the back of his hand and what he did would have broke most people. He hardly knew a single human around that would have given everything to keep a family member alive and untouched as Yami had done for Yugi.

He also knew the scars that boy held in his heart were worse than the ones you could visibly see.

Yugi hero worshiped Yami and saw him as more than a brother. In Yugi's eyes Yami was a god that nothing or no one could touch. Bakura frowned at this. He had a feeling that Yami knew this too and that is why he stayed away from his brother as much as possible. He didn't want to diminish that feeling Yugi had for him. It was as if he thought that if he found out it would take Yugi's love away from him.

Innocent little Yugi had no idea of the horrors Yami faced for him, but Bakura knew and soon Seto would know too.

He knew that if Yami got wind of Seto reading that file it would make him angry. OK so it would make him furious. Yami's life and deeds were private to him. They were his demons to face alone.

Bakura glanced once more around the table and noticed that Yami was about to fall asleep in his plate and the others were watching him. It was time to go before Yami became upset at his show of helplessness.

"Lets go home. Yami you stay with us tonight. Then you can leave tomorrow, ok?"

Tired crimson eyes gazed into brown ones before he nodded his head. It would be nice to sleep in a warm safe environment, even if it was just for one night.

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