Title: Hope for Tomorrow
Author: Crimson Eyed Dragon
Rating: R
Pairing: Seto X Yami
Warnings: language (Yami has a dirty mouth), sexual content, violence, and yaoi. Don't like then press the back button without reading on.
Disclaimer: Yugioh does not belong to me
Summary: Yami is an 18 year old that has lived on the streets most of his life taking care of his brother, Yugi. Seto is a rookie cop that soon finds himself drawn into Yami's world

Dragon: Well…seems everyone was upset about the guilty verdict, but it should have come as no surprise really. Also, when Atemu/Yami is writing, the grammar will be messed up, some spelling too. Reason? Well, if you remember, he was just beginning to learn how to read and write when all hell broke loose, so you can't expect him to be an expert by now can you?

Info on Japanese Prisons: A convict under the age of twenty is still considered a juvenile and therefore sent to "juvenile training schools" which are more lenient and provide correctional education and regular schooling. Once they hit the age twenty, most are released back into society no matter what they did. Also, Japan has capital punishments for seventeen offences but it does not offer any criteria to help the judge decide a punishment. For example: The penalty for homicide could be execution, life sentencing, or a term of no less than three years, which could even be suspended.

Chapter 18

May 30, 2005


Well its been a weak now and I guess its not as bad as I thought it would be. Have a roommate who has been here for over two years now named Malik. Hes been nice nough to show me the ropes. Crazy bastard, but harmless enough. Getting skooling which is good, I want to get better at righting and reading.

Do me a favor? Make sure that box gets to Yugi. He will probably try to give it back, so if that happens give it to Bakura and make sure he saves it.

I will right more when I get better at this.


June 22, 2005


I won't start off with that usual crap of 'how are you' since we all know how you are anyway. So, I'll just get right to the point.

I did as you requested and just as you said, Yugi tried to give it back to me. He told me to keep it and give it to you when you got out. Said you didn't need to do that and while he appreciates it, he does want it. So, again per request, I sat Bakura down and told him about it and he did agree to put it in a bank for your brother. So that should make you feel better.

On another bright note, I have a new job now. Well, I have a business now. Couldn't exactly go back into law enforcement with my involvement with you. And don't you dare feel guilty about that. I chose to stay with you and quit my job because you are more important to me.

Anyway, got a bank loan and started 'K and B Bounty Hunters'. And yes, the 'B' stands for Bakura, took him on as a partner since he decided to leave the job. This way, he can help me and still take care of Yugi. And by the way, I'm saving a spot for you also. So you better make sure to get your education so you can help me fill out those damn reports and stuff.

And here's the bad stuff…

I don't know if you've heard or not, but some of Taro's men got off. Don't ask me how or why, but they did. But don't worry about Yugi (I know that's the first thing that popped in your mind) he's safe, healthy and happy – except he misses you of course – but now he doesn't have to go home alone, or have someone watch over him if Bakura needs to leave in the middle of night. Another advantage of us having our own business, Yugi can come to work at any time.

I must say, I enjoy having him around though. He reminds me of my brother and what he would have been like if he had lived. But I didn't get a chance to really tell you about him did I? We'll save that for when you get home. Some things are better talked about face to face. Anyway, we're getting along good. He's a little imp though when he wants to be – I think Bakura might be a bad influence on him.

The other day, he told me he could 'pin a glass of water to the wall' and stupid me said 'show me' and so he positioned the glass, then dropped the straight pin, asked me to pick it up and when I did, I of course got a glass full of water on my head.

Damn snot.

Stop laughing!

Yeah, so, you need to hurry up and come home…to our home.

I miss you.

Love, Seto

September 17, 2005


Well I finaly did it today. I actually looked at my back for the first time. Malik had to help me with the mirrors but I did it. And, it wasn't as bad as I thoght it would be. Sure it's a massive scar that covers basically my entire back, but…the look of it doesn't bother me. Just the meaning and the reason. Its going to be a reminder for the rest of my life of what I did, people will stare, they will whisper and they will wonder. But I will know. And not only me but you and Yugi to. And that upsets me more than any thing.

But I'm starting over right? That has to count for something does it not? I'm sorry for everything I did, but I'm not sorry for doing everything in my power to make Yugi safe. I made wrong choises…but I made them for the right reason. Didn't I?

Too much time to think in here. I don't know what to make of any thing. It seems right to me, but then again, I did the wrong thing to begin with. So, are my thinkings wrong?

I just don't know anymore.


September 30, 2005

Dear Atemu,

Sorry it took me so long in getting back to you but the last case had me wandering around in another country looking for the criminal, just got back yesterday after successfully catching him at a whore house.

Don't think for a moment that any of us fault you for the things you did. Yes, you could have done things differently, but you were young, scared and alone with a younger brother to look after. You played father as well as you could given the circumstances and I'm not sure any of us would have done any better than you did.

Yugi is healthy and happy and wasn't that your goal? He's alive and normal. You did well. And in the end, you made the choice not to kill Taro because it was wrong and you realized that. You're changing because you want to and that in my opinion makes you a better person.

And I love you even more for it and I'm proud of you. You're a strong person to overcome all of this and want to make a difference now in your life. I'm glad I'll be there to help you if you need or want it. I didn't turn my back then and I won't now or ever.

Love, Seto

December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas Rookie!

Sorry I can't be there this year and get you anything… but maybe next year?

I did get myself a present though. Malik knows how to do tattoos (amazingly enough with some of the weirdest shit you have ever seen put together to make the gun) and so I asked him to give me one. So next time you see me I'll have the 'yew' rune on the back of my neck right above the other rune. I think it's appropriate given the meaning. I'm sure with all the info you had on us 'rune killers' that you know it but I'll give it to you anyways. The 'yew' signifies many things but the one that I used it for was 'the ability to put one's inner self into stronger and safer territory'.

I've been thinking (too much time on my hands when sitting in the same small cell day after day) and I realize that when I get out, I'm going to have a family again….and a new life. I was so used to being alone, living in the 'dark' so to speak. I only had myself to rely on. But now, I can be just a brother to Yugi, just a friend to Bakura, and just a boyfriend to you.

No more secrets, no more hiding, no more running. My 'territory' will move from the streets to a home… an actual home. From the dark to the light, from empty to being filled.

They say what doesn't kill us just makes us stronger. I must be the damn strongest motherfucker around. Some of the stupid shit I did….

Don't tell Yugi this, don't want him to worry about me anymore than he already is…but Taro still haunts me. That night in his 'punishment room' still follows me in my dreams…or nightmares rather. I can almost still feel the knife as it sliced into my skin, his taunting words, the way he would look at me… And even though he's locked away too, he's still here, in my mind and in my soul.

And, I think I am going to need your help…


January 15, 2006


You will always have my help, love and support. And I didn't think it would be easy for you to forget or move on. For years that was all you knew and everything has changed now.

The road will be hard, filled with crater-sized holes that you will stumble in and I'll be there to throw a rope down to you….

And that was the fucking corniest line I have ever seen.

How about I just skip the crap and say, that I'll always be here.

Yeah, that was better.

On another note, Mai moved out. Finally found herself a nice guy named Valon. Met him several times and he seems decent enough and he must be something special for Mai to give up her independence. He looks like a cross between you and me though, with his spiky hair and blue eyes….not sure if I want to think on that one though.

Looks like we're going to have the place to ourselves now. What should we break in first? The office needs a good christening too…

Love you,


March 13, 2006


Happy Birthday to me! I'm coming home….