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Chapter 1: A NASTY CURSE

"Bring in the IV Tubes, the respirator and the ECG!" the resident doctor barked orders to the nurses, and two scampered to get the needed equipments. The other two attended to the patient who lay on the operating table, with a face indistinguishable due to the blood that covered her face and her whole body. The only noticeable feature on the patient was her long, braided red hair.

A man with brown hair paced along the corridors of the hospital, his face contorted with great worry. "What have I done? What have I done?" he muttered all over again to himself. A woman, her long black hair in disarray, sat at one of the hospital benches, her legs bouncing up and down, her eyes looking nervously at the man.

"Saeki, onegai, stop pacing around. You're making me more nervous!" she exclaimed. The man, Saeki, sat beside the woman, and buried his face on his hands.

"I'm worried for the girl, Reka, she might not make it. This was my entire fault! If I had my eyes on the road, I wouldn't have run into her!" he answered.

"If I hadn't been arguing with you, you would have kept your attention on the road! So don't blame your self! Because I have my share of fault too!" she snapped. Saeki turned tired eyes to his girlfriend, cupping her hands to his,

"I promise to Kami-sama, that once that girl I hit survive, I'll marry you, Reka," he said with tears in his eyes.

Reka nodded, and then she squeezed her boyfriend's hand for reassurance, "Everything will be all right, you'll see. She'll be all right," she said.

A nurse came to them. "Uhm, Kijiwara-san, we already found identification cards on her bag, and we saw a number on her ID, and we thought that it is her phone number. But we thought that maybe you want to talk to the family on the phone, to explain to them what happened," the nurse said, bowing at them.

Saeki stood and nodded, "Onegai. Arigatou gozaimasou, Nurse-san," he said, and then strolled over to the Information Counter. He got the lady's wallet and opened it. Her picture instantly caught his eye, and he felt heaviness in his heart.

Even on the picture, this young lady showed liveliness, contrary to the limp body that he and his girlfriend rushed here at Kôfu General Hospital. Taking a deep breath, he turned the ID around and found a contact number at the back. He got the phone from the nurse and dialed the number. After a few seconds, somebody answered

"Moshi moshi!" a man answered. Saeki drew his breath and asked in a trembling voice,

Moshi moshi? Is this…" he looked down at the ID," Shidou Hikaru's brother?" he asked.

Hai, this is her older brother, Satoru. What can I do for you?" the man answered on the other end of the line. Saeki closed his eyes to keep the tears from escaping.

"This is Kijiwara Saeki, and I'm calling from Kôfu General hospital--and I hate to say this but just this afternoon, I ran into her--in my car, and she's…being treated here at this hospital," he said, mustering all the strength in his body to break a news like this to the family.

The other end of the line went silent, and he thought that the brother already hung up, but then he heard a raspy voice.

"Whe-where is she again?" he asked shakily.

"Kôfu General Hospital," Saeki answered.

"All right. We will be there…in less than an hour. Please, wait for us," Satoru decided, finally able to control his voice, "Oh, by the way, what is your name again?" Satoru asked.

"Saeki. Kijiwara Saeki. We'll be at the Emergency Room, and will probably be staying here until Hikaru's condition is finally out of danger," Saeki answered.

"Arigatou gozaimasou, Saeki-san, and don't worry about Hikaru, my sister's a fighter. We'll be there in an hour, so please wait for us," Satoru thanked him, and the line went dead.

"Please tell us where Shidou Hikaru is," Kakeru demanded, rushing to the Information Counter of the Kôfu General Hospital with a panicked expression. His eyes were sunken, showing the tension he felt upon learning of Hikaru's condition from his oldest brother.

"She's still at the ICU Sir," the nurse politely answered, smiling sympathetically at him.

He smiled back, and then rushed to the ICU. Behind him, his family rushed as well, anxious to know what happened to their little girl.

They saw a brown-haired man standing outside the ICU, with a dark-haired, pretty woman standing beside him. Satoru immediately approached the couple and looked inside the ICU.

"Saeki-san?" he asked.

Saeki turned around, and saw the family behind him. Tears appeared again in his eyes, and he bowed down at the Shidou family, immediately recognizing them.

"Shidou family, pleased to meet you. I'm Kijiwara Saeki, the one who-" he cut off.

Shidou Haido bowed down as well; his sons and wife following suit. "There's no need to apologize, Saeki-san. It is an accident; it cannot be prevented," he answered, offering the distraught man a little smile despite the fact that his one and only daughter is in danger.

"I'm Haido, and this is my wife Hajime," he continued, and pointed at his wife, then at his sons, "The tallest is Satoru, the one that you talked on the phone, the one on blue shirt is Masaru, and the one on gray is Kakeru, all older than Hikaru, my daughter," he finished.

"Saeki-san, did the doctor finally told you about Hikaru's condition? Is she going to be all right? And why is she in the ICU and not in a room?" Masaru asked even before his mother or brothers can.

Saeki shook his head. "No. The doctor wished to talk to you, her family, about it and not me. He only assured me that she's out of danger by now and the reason she's in the ICU is that she will be examined until she wakes up," he answered.

Haido was about to ask another question, but a footstep stopped him.

"I believe that you are the Shidou family?" a kind voice called out from behind. They all turned around and saw a middle-aged man in white coat, a stethoscope on his neck.

"Hai," Haido answered, approaching the doctor and bowing down at him. The doctor did the same and opened the door of the ICU, and the family followed, with Saeki and Reka behind.

"My name is Dr. Nakayumi Hirohito, and I'm happy to tell you that Hikaru's condition has finally stabilized and she's finally out of danger," he started.

"But…" Satoru interjected, his face grim.

Dr. Nakayumi turned to them and sighed, "But she received a fairly strong blow on her head, and an internal hemorrhage almost took her life. But we were able to stop it and as I said earlier, she's already out of trouble. However, she might have a case of amnesia due to the blow, and that clearly shows on the CT Scan on her brain we did a few minutes ago," he continued, sighing.

"Amnesia?" Hajime repeated, clutching her husband's arm. Haido patted her hand, but the erratic beating of her heart didn't slowed down.

"Yes. Amnesia. We are yet to establish if this is mild or what, and that will be determined once she has woken up," Dr. Nakayumi answered.

"Amnesia…my baby girl will have an amnesia?!" Kakeru silently wept, and he and Masaru looked at Hikaru's sleeping figure with tears in their eyes.

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