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Chapter 10: A HAPPY ENDING

Hikaru and Lantis sat next to each other on a park bench later that afternoon, a comfortable silence hanging in the air.

The redhead had her eyes closed, savoring the gentle caress of the winter air. Beside her, Lantis watched with fascination the calmness that he could see in Hikaru's face.

Finally, after ten minutes of silence, Hikaru turned to Lantis and smiled up at him.

"How are you feeling today?" she asked brightly.

Lantis smiled, and gave Hikaru a quick hug before answering. "I'm fine. Why do you ask?"

"Nandemo nai, Lantis-chan." she answered quickly. "Yokatta," she added.

Another silence. Lantis wanted to ask Hikaru how her talk with Rei turned up, but he wanted to come the initiative from her.

And he didn't have to wait to long.

Without looking at him, Hikaru sighed and smiled again, "We talked this afternoon. He was already going back to the Philippines again, at Batangas to be exact, to study about those herbal plants again. And I guess this time, it's for good. He already knows about my amnesia, and he's setting me free," she related.

He turned to her and grabbed her hand, "Is that true?"

Hikaru nodded. Lantis pulled her to him and they shared another hug. "Hontou ni? Did he have any hard feelings?"

"I guess not. Rei's not the type of guy who holds a grudge. After all, he already had me for four years and was even an accomplice to a lie. I guess this is his way of saying he loves me, by setting me free. And I guess I should be thankful that he's prepared, and going to a new country to start all over again," she said.

Lantis tightened his hug, and she returned the intensity just the same, "I'm glad. I'm very glad," was all he could manage to say.

Hikaru nodded. When they pulled from each other they stared at the orange-tinged horizon; the blue firmament; the flock of birds; the groups of white cloud, everything that made the twilight sky seem alive. And their locked hands made the sunset even more beautiful and enchanting.

Hikaru smiled as she settled deeper into the bench, her shoulders touching Lantis'. She stole a quick look at him and her smile deepened even more. She sighed a contented sigh and looked back at the sky. Am I one lucky girl or what? She mused.

She got her memories back, and best of all Lantis was still here, waiting for her, loving her.

What more could she ask for?

"So, when are the wedding bells?" Umi asked teasingly.

She, Hikaru and Fuu were in the redhead's apartment, having a sort of a 'Welcome-back-home' party for the redhead, just the three of them, to catch up on the lost time. Umi and Fuu were preparing foods, while Hikaru hovered near the refrigerator, unable to help her friends in the cooking department.

Hikaru visibly blushed, and she gave the cerulean-eyed beauty a death glare. "For your information, Umi-chan, you are in no position at all in asking me on when Lantis and I would marry. For Kami's sake we are only 25 years old! That's still too early to settle down! And besides," she added, "I'm still having too much fun on our relationship as of now that marriage would seem out of…sync, you know what I mean?"

Fuu nodded as Umi stirred her vegetable salad. "I know what you mean. Even if I love Ferio and all, I still would like to keep in this 'boyfriend-girlfriend' relationship, mainly because I'm still not yet ready to become 'Mrs. Fujuiwara'. And the thought of marriage scares me a little!" Fuu confessed.

Umi nodded too, "Yeah, same here. I'm still having so much fun in being a single, but committed, and I would not appreciate it if Ascot would suddenly ask me to marry him right now!" Umi agreed. Then she turned curious eyes to the redhead and raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow.

"But what if Lantis ask you to marry him now?" she inquired.

Hikaru shrugged. "I guess I'll say no," she answered. She was about to add more when the doorbell rang. She glanced at her best friends who suddenly stopped at what they were doing.

"Does anybody among you expect a visitor?" she asked.

Umi and Fuu let out a scandalized chuckle, "Hikaru-chan, whose house is this?" Fuu asked incredulously.

Hikaru scowled. "I was just asking, because I'm not expecting someone too!" she muttered under her breath. But she was already out of the kitchen so Umi and Fuu did not hear what she said. Instead, she marched up to the door and opened it, only to see her handsome boyfriend standing at the doorsteps of her apartment, roses in his hands.

Lantis smiled at her and gave her a kiss at the cheek. "Konnichiwa Hikaru," he greeted, handing the roses to her.

She accepted it without further words, kissed him back on his cheeks before letting him in, and made him follow her to the kitchen, where her best friends already finished preparing their food.

"Konnichiwa girls," Lantis greeted.

Umi and Fuu replied by looking mischievously at the flowers in Hikaru's hands, on Hikaru's face, then on Lantis'.

"Looks like you're proposing to her, huh," Umi smirked.

Hikaru's face colored again, and she shot Umi the blue-haired's second death glare for the day. However, Lantis only smiled enigmatically.

"Umi-chan! I could really kill you!" Hikaru growled, but Umi just grinned and winked at Fuu and Lantis. She shook her head then smiled, and looked for a vase where she can put the flowers in. However, Lantis' hand stopped her, and he forced her into looking at him.

When she turned to him, he quickly knelt down in front of her, and pulled a red velvet box from his back pocket. Her heart immediately thundered inside her chest, and she felt that she couldn't breathe properly.

He's going to propose to me now! Her mind screamed.

Lantis cleared his throat, and then spoke in his most solemn voice that Hikaru only heard today.

"This may appeal that I'm hurrying you, but I can't wait any longer into making you mine and mine alone. Shidou Hikaru, will you make me very happy into accepting my humble marriage proposal to you? Right now? Right at this very kitchen, in front of your best friends?"

Hikaru's mind swirled. She couldn't find her voice. With emotions building up inside her, all she could do was nod, and then kneel down and place her arms around Lantis' neck for a deep kiss. Lantis stood up a little, and he hugged Hikaru tight before they broke apart from their kiss.

Umi and Fuu stayed behind, and when the two women saw that the couple was already back to Earth, Umi cleared her throat.

"You were saying, Hikaru? That you'd not marry Lantis because you two were still too young?" she smirked.

Hikaru only smiled at her friend and took Lantis' hands into her own, "You'll never know what hit you once Ascot asks you to marry him, Umi-chan, you'll never know. And once he pop the question, you'll have nothing else in your mind but to accept his proposal and be his wife the soonest time possible," then she looked at the grinning Fuu, "The same goes for you too, my brunette friend, the same goes for you…"


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