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- I never managed to properly explain this in BD. Something Hiei says in ep. 8, plus the sheer impossibility of a detail from the Tournament, equals...



It is a full week before Hiei finds himself outside a human's window, all three eyes focused on the figure within. A full week, much to his chagrin, before he'd realized there was a question that must be answered...

Hiei ties the cloth over his Jagan, automatically checking that it's fully covered, before he leaps to the windowsill and taps on the glass. The person within jumps, dropping their pencil onto their homework. Then, after a long moment, the window slides open, and Hiei gazes flatly down onto the occupant.


"Yukimura," he responds.

The girl stares at him, bewildered; Hiei hadn't bothered to do more than glance at her during the Tournament. He'd certainly never greeted her or introduced himself. She probably only knows his name from the match-up board.

"Please, come in," she finally says, stepping out of the way.

Hiei shakes his head. "During the Tournament," he begins. He brushes a thumb over his headband. "Did you see this?"

Keiko tilts her head in honest confusion. "Of course. It wasn't exactly difficult to miss..."

That's not what he meant. "Did you look into it? Straight on?"

"... like I said," she responds, "It wasn't hard to miss. I mean, it glows... and it was all purple and red..."

Huh. Hiei considers this for a moment, crouching to bring himself to eye level with her. He frowns, searching her eyes for... what? "What did I do to you...?" he murmurs.

"Do to...?"

Hiei glowers her into silence. "The Jagan," he says, "this third eye. A normal human looking into it will be driven mad... or die." He pauses to let that sink in. "You're not dead."

"I..." Keiko wavers, then rallies herself. "I'm not mad, either."

"Aren't you."

"I'll tell you if I see any pink bunnies, shall I?" Keiko tells him dryly, before clapping a hand over her mouth. "Sorry. I'm sorry! I didn't mean..."

Hiei smirks. "Perhaps you're more suited to Yuusuke than I'd thought." He straightens once more. "If you plan to keep associating with him, expect whatever I did to grow stronger."