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A/N: this is a series of poems from Yami's point of view , many of which are either about Yugi or Tea, (no Yaoi!!!!) and I do not acceptFLAMES from anybody!

Pharaoh to Friend

I stand alone looking back on my past

A past I remember so very little of

And wonder what I ever did to deserve such a friend

He asks me to be nothing more or less than

His friend.

I feel I need to give him so much more because he has given

Me so much

A way to be... a new friend and a second chance

Anyone else wouldn't have given me

A second chance

After I did the things that I had done...

He was different

He has always believed that everyone deserves a chance or two

That everyone makes mistakes

And if they are willing to say that they were

Wrong they deserve the chance to make it right.

He taught me a little saying about mistakes

"A error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it" and

I believe that to be true.

Even now I guess that I don't feel that I am worthy of his

forgiveness and friendship

But if I were given the choice between

Being the pharaoh and

Being a friend

I'd choose being a friend...

Not to say that being pharaoh is not a good thing it's just that friendship seems to have a lot more rewards,

For everyone involved!

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