The Way I am Now

I look at her and

I feel like my heart is reaching to

Embrace her

To hold her tight and

Never let go.

She has given me so much more than I

Could have ever wanted, than I thought

I needed before I met her

She showed me what I was missing and

Offered it to me

No charge and no hidden catches

Her friendship was one thing

Her love has been another

I broke her heart but then

She took me back saying

"Everyone makes mistakes..."

She has never thought of me

As a king or a pharaoh

She just thought of me as

Another person that you'd

Met on the street

She never asked me to be anyone but myself

Here and now the person I am

Today, not who I was

I wanted to be the person I used to be for her

but she just laughed

And said "Don't try to be the person you were then for me

Because then it wouldn't be the same I didn't fall in love with

You as a king... I fell in love with you as you are right now"

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