Her dad slapped again, for what seemed like the hundredth time that night. She got up and ran to her room, slamming the door behind her. She felt blood trickling down her face and knew she had had enough. She had gotten more beatings that night, than more kids get in a lifetime. She knew she had to leave; she didn't want to deal with the pain anymore. She locked her bedroom door and grabbed the phone that was in her room. She dialed the familiar number and waited for her brother to pick up. "Hello," a groggy familiar voice spoke on the other end.

"Leon?" she whispered into the phone. She hoped her dad who was now banging on her door wouldn't hear.

"Keturah?" Leon asked sounding a little more alert. "It's one in the morning what's wrong?"

"I know you were sleeping and I'm sorry. Dad really beat me this time. I can't stay. I don't want to stay anymore." Keturah cried to her older brother.

"OK, I'm leaving now. I can't get there for a half an hour. So pack your bags and lock yourself in your room. When I get there climb out the window to my car," Leon told her already frantically getting dressed. Keturah threw some clothes in a bag. Not many, but she didn't own a lot. She waited for her brother to come.

Leon pulled up exactly twenty-five minutes later. Keturah pulled a see-thru pink long sleeve top over her white tank top, grabbed her bag and climbed out her window. "What happened?" Leon asked as Keturah climbed into his car.

"I don't want to talk about it," she put on her seat belt and they drove to Leon's home. Truth of the matter was that part of Keturah was mad at her brother. He had left her all alone to live with that goddamn drunk. The other part of her understood, if she was 21 and the older sibling she probably would have left him too, if it meant getting away from dear old dad. The day Leon left was the hardest day for her. She wanted him to know how much it hurt, but it wasn't something she wanted to talk, just like she didn't want to talk about every time her dad beat her. They pulled up in front of a white two story house. Keturah followed Leon to his room which was in the basement. She automatically climbed into his bed turned on her side and faced the wall. She wanted to avoid any unwanted conversations.

"Tor," Leon started, lying down next to her.

"I don't want to talk about it," Keturah interrupted, "I love you, go to sleep." Keturah fell asleep almost right away. It was the first time she felt safe in a long time.

Keturah woke up the next morning to an empty bed. She rolled over and groaned, knowing it was time to start the day. She looked at the alarm clock that was sitting on Leon's dresser and it read 9:30. She stumbled up the stairs only to hear her brother talking about her when she got to the top. Keturah stopped to listen. "So what would the cops think of this?" she heard Leon ask.

"Honestly, they would most likely not believe her. If she stays here, its Dom's ass on the

line," an unfamiliar voice said.

"Well I can't expect you to do that for her," Leon said. 'They're going to send me back

to live with that bastard' Keturah thought 'I got to get out of here'. She pushed open the

basement door to see three people starring at her.

"Turah, come here," Leon motioned for her to go over to him. Keturah walked over to him and he introduced his friends. "This is Brian and Dom. This is Dom's house that I'm staying in and I guess you could say he's my boss." Keturah just smiled acting slightly shy.

"You going to send my back to live with dad?" Keturah blurted out after a minute of silence.

"What, no," Leon was shocked that she would think that. "Why?"

"I heard you guys talking. I'll runaway before I go back there," Keturah mumbled, "If you don't want me here, say the word and I'll leave." She looked up at Dom.

"No, come on. Let me show you your room," Dom put his arm around her and led her upstairs.

"So, what are the chances of your dad looking for her?" Brian asked.

"He won't look for her. He's to fucking lazy. He'll have somebody do it for him. He'll have some one watching her all the time." Leon answered.

Upstairs Dom had showed Keturah where she would be staying. "Look I don't have to stay. I only called Leon last night because I don't know anybody else who get me at 2 in the morning," Keturah told him. "Just because I called him doesn't mean I want to be around him." They were interrupted when Jesse flew into the room tackling Keturah to the ground. Jesse had grown up next door to Leon and Keturah. He had spent most of his time at there house. He considered Keturah his sister to.

"God, I missed you girl," Jesse stood up.

"Well you better have. I'm sure you missed me more than my dearest older brother," Keturah laughed. Dom just laughed at the sight of Jesse tackling this girl to the ground. Inside he was wondering why Keturah held such a grudge over her older brother.

"Come Keturah, let me introduce you to everybody else," Dom led her out of the room; "You can unpack later."

"More people live here?" Keturah asked surprised because it didn't look like that big of a house. They walked downstairs to see five people sitting around in the living room.

"That's my girlfriend Letty, my sister Mia, her boyfriend Brian, and that's Vince," Dom introduced, "Guys this is Leon's little sister Keturah, she's going to stay with us a while." Keturah smiled and everybody smiled back except for Letty who just gave her a dirty look. Keturah didn't understand what she did, she just got here, how could she of pissed someone off already.

"Don't we have to go to work?" Letty asked Dom standing up from where she was sitting on the couch.

"Yeah, you guys go open the garage. I'm going to wait for Keturah to get ready and I'll meet you there," Dom told everyone. Letty tried to fight him, but he threw her a look saying it wasn't open for discussion.

"I got to get to school," Mia kissed Brian and rushed out the door.

"You going to be ok, sis?" Leon asked standing up, getting ready to leave the house.

"You never worried about me before, so don't start now," She snapped, "I'll be fine." Keturah answered after Leon shot her a nasty look. Brian, Vince, Letty, and Jesse all left leaving Dom and Keturah in the living room by themselves.

"Are you hungry?" Dom asked and took her into the kitchen.

"Yeah," she told him.

"You like eggs," Dom asked hoping she did because it was the only thing he new how to cook.

"Whatever is fine," Keturah told him. She wondered why he was being so nice to her. She was just this lost 17 year old girl who just wanted to make it to be 18. "Why are you being so nice to me?" Dom looked at her surprised she had asked that.

"I have a sister too. I have to think what I'd want for her if she was in your shoe. I'd want somebody to be there for and help her out a bit," Dom answered. "I just want you to stay. I know there's tension between Leon and you, but stay we'll help you." Dom wondered why he was being so nice to her. It wasn't like him to be soft.

Keturah ate her breakfast, took a shower, and got dressed. She threw on a pair of pink adidas sweat pants with white strips down the sides and a white tank top. She walked downstairs to see Dom sitting on the couch watching TV. "Ready?" he asked. Keturah nodded and they walked out to his car.

"Damn, do you all have nice cars?" she asked and Dom couldn't help but laugh. "How do you have the money for this? What you do rob a bank or something?"

"Something," Dom answered sounding slightly annoyed that this girl was asking information that was none of her business.

"Well whatever you did, you did something right. How about you get my brother to get one of these," Keturah laughed. Dom couldn't help but laugh at her. She was cute and small and he really felt as if this girl was innocent and had no clue how bad the world out there really was.

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