Intro Chapter: A Future for everyone

Story by Eric Lentz aka Aero Tendo

(Earth Guardian)

It is the far future from when Goku and the other Z Fighters once existed. The aliens once known as Saiyans have ceased to exist as we know them.

Their children continued to have children, and so a very long time later in the future when the original Goku and Vegeta are nothing more than ancestors in the original family lines that have continued up to this day.

Their Saiyan DNA has spread over practically the entire population of Earth now, so today exists very few pure humans on the Earth. This has given just about everyone increased abilities and powers that their normal human ancestors never had before. So, with this out of the way… let's go check on how this has affected everyone.

(New Mexico)

Racer stood in the middle of a large desert with only the cactus and a few tumbleweeds rolling about in a scarred area that had seen better days, as he glared at his rival Max. Their clothes were glowing softly, indicating the wearers were nearly out of power.

Racer shouted at Max, "I told you Max! It was your sister Maxine who kissed me first!" Max snarled and shouted, "Liar! There's no way my twin sister could EVER be interested in you!" And shot a quick energy ball at Racer who leapt to the right and dodged it.

Max was powering up to shoot another blast as a column of light appeared behind him and Racer. Max gasped as he saw who was behind Racer and the ball that had been forming in his hand disappeared just as he sensed who was behind him and felt a hand grab at his left ear roughly. Max heard "THAT IS ENOUGH MAX!" and stumbled as he went "ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!" following the way he was tugged away from Racer.

Max said, "Aw Ma! I was just about to get Racer for kissing my sis!" The tugging stopped and straightened up to look at his mother, who was giving him her most angry look which told him he was in a lot of trouble. "Don't you sass me young man! You KNOW you don't have your fighting license yet! Are you trying to make it so you never get one?" His mother said angrily as she was crossing her arms under her chest since she was a bit top heavy, she glared at him and said, "Honestly! I don't know what I'm going to do with you! I know all about her kissing Racer! She was the one who came to me and told me all about it!"

Max looked at his mother in shock and said, "What? Why did she do that!?" His mother seemed to take a deep breath as if to calm herself down before speaking again, "Because she was afraid the two of you would hurt each other and get into trouble!"

Max pouted and turned a little saying, "She didn't have to do that, I could have handled Racer myself." Max's mother looked down at her son and said, "Whether you could or could not have is NOT the point! You two shouldn't be fighting! It is against the rules that have been around for centuries!" Max simply makes a hmph sound and says softly, "They shouldn't have been kissing then."

Max's mother sighs and says, "Come along now, we have to go home now and then you can tell your father about this mess." Max looks at his mother and says, "Aw Ma! Do I have to? You know he's going to do!" Her face softens and says, "You broke the no fighting rule, so you have to accept the consequences."

Max's shoulders slumped as she put her on his shoulder and they faded in a column of light just as Racer's did as well, leaving the desert once again alone to the cactus and tumbleweeds.

AN: Well folks, this is just a intro chapter... tell me what you think! I plan to have action, romance, bad guys, danger, surprises, twists and lots of cool explosions! But only if people want it! Do you?