Super Saiyan Destiny Chapter 6: Girl Trouble
Story by Eric Lentz aka Aero Tendo

(Outside the room)

Maxine and Caroline walked alongside each other until Maxine sighs dreamily, "Ohhhh, wasn't Racer just wonderful?"

Caroline looks at Maxine, feeling the green-eyed monster stirring within her as she said, "I thought you'd be rooting for your brother." To which Maxine waves a hand as if dismissing something and says, "Oh, he's my brother but I don't love him like I do Racer. Besides it was wonderful the way Racer fought to win in my honor."

Caroline's monster turned up things a notch and says, "Oh! Like Racer would ever really do anything like that for a girl like you. I think he was doing it to save his skin against your crazy brother!"

Maxine laughs and says, "Oh Ho! Don't delude yourself honey, Racer fought to win my heart and trust me he has it and more! Besides do you really think Max has a chance in beating Racer? As if! Racer is one of the best and most dreamy guys in the school!"

Caroline's eyes would have been bright green with the way her feelings were at that point, and she says, "Oh right! I don't think Racer even LIKES you! He is just too nice a guy to even tell you to go buzz off in the way it would take you to get a clue!"

Maxine says, "You're dreaming girl! That boy is ALL mine and there isn't a THING you can do to change that!" Then she pauses and smiles in a wicked way and says, "You like-like him don't you?" before she laughs, "Ho! Ho! Ho! This is rich! The little girl likes her friend and is jealous of the girlfriend!"

Caroline's energy spiked visibly on her suit and she says, "Maybe it is because I think he deserves someone better than a uncaring, devious witch like you!"

Maxine looks insulted and she says, "At least I'm not a wimpy, loser-time, best friend who can't even admit her feelings about Racer! Anyway, it is your loss because he is MY boyfriend now and there is not a thing you can do about it!"

Caroline's energy spiked again as she growled at Maxine, "We'll see who deserves Racer in the sparring room! I challenge you Maxine! The winner gets to be Racer's girlfriend!"

Maxine laughs and says, "You're on girlfriend! I'll take that challenge and add this. The loser girl has to leave them alone whenever they're together, no interruptions no matter what they may be doing!"

Caroline looks at Maxine with sparks flying between them, "You're on! And may the most deserving girl win!"

Maxine laughs again, "She will Caroline… She will…" and then they part to head to their respective doors.

(Inside the room)

Maxine walks into the room with Caroline on the opposite side and they stare at each other with the full intensity. You could feel the energy between the two and it wasn't the friendly kind of energy.

The energy in the sparring room was very high and even the students who had gathered to watch this one could sense that both Maxine and Caroline were very charged but they didn't know why.

The teachers hoped that they weren't going to see a repeat of what Racer and Max did while many of the students were hoping for something totally different. The boys that were there were hoping for a catfight where some clothes were lost or muddied while the girls could sense the impending fight and though they didn't know why, there were already rumors spreading about the two at the speed of light.

The teachers tell the girls that they are under no circumstances to go Super and that if the time runs out, or when the other is knocked out or surrenders the fight is over. They also state that they have the right to end the fight if it looks like anyone is about to go Super.

The teachers push the button to choose a world randomly and after a few moments, the room disappears for the two girls and what reappears around them is a dark and dreary world with an active volcano in the distance spewing out lava down its side while overhead for the girls there are dark storm clouds threatening to unleash the rain barely held in check.

For both girls, it felt like the planet was perfectly suited to match their moods and they stood there at both ends with their suits lighting up even more as they knew the moment would come any moment now when the teachers would tell them to fight. The clouds thundered overhead and a few drops of rain started to fall around the girls but not actually touching them yet as if not daring to touch them quite yet.

The timing of when the teacher told the girls to go was almost in sync with a bright flash of lightning and a thunderous boom, which followed almost instantly. Even still when the teachers had told them to go, neither girl moved until the rain started to pour down heavily in a sudden outburst onto both girls.

With the sudden downpour of rain, the two girls started to walk towards each other and it seemed to many viewers that they could see the electric spark coming from both of their eyes even over the vast distance between the two.

It isn't until the volcano in the distance erupts hard, shooting more stuff into the sky that the two girls suddenly bolt into action and they move fast. They both use their super speed to cover the distance between each other in mere moments.

With the distance cut to a few feet of each other so quickly, the girls both slowed down and they stared at each other as if daring the other to make the first move first. The start to circle each other before Maxine says, "You can't win this fight, Racer is going to be stay as my boyfriend and you know it!"

Caroline opened her right hand and a energy ball could be seen forming within her hand as she says, "There is no way I'm going to let Racer have a witch for a girlfriend like you!" and then she threw her hand forward to fire the energy ball which connected with Maxine and threw her back a yard.

Maxine gets up from where she was knocked back and the look in her eyes seemed to say, "How dare she call me a witch!" before Maxine charges up an energy orb in each of her hands. She shouts at Caroline, "How could ever be interested in a friend he's known forever! He probably doesn't even see you as a girl!" and shoots two powerful blasts at Caroline, which she dodges, but the words from Maxine hit their mark just as effectively as any energy blast.

Neither the teachers nor the students could hear Maxine or Caroline as they fought but they could tell that whatever was being said was upsetting the other since the attacks were upped after each time.

Caroline flies to the side and fires a couple of quick energy blasts while she shouts, "You are nothing but a dirty whore! A tramp that doesn't care about Racer's real feelings!" before Maxine fires a powerful blast at Caroline which makes her stop her quick energy blasts and dodge.

Maxine growls and shouts, "What do YOU know about Racer? I love him!" as she fires over a dozen energy balls at Caroline, which miss her and fly past her. She grins wickedly as she shouts, "I'll love him in ways you never could as a woman or his girlfriend!" and the underlining meaning of what she says makes Caroline pause in the air, not noticing the energy balls that are making a U-turn to come right back at her from behind.

Caroline shakes visibly as she thinks to herself, "OH NO SHE WOULDN'T!" and yells as she flies straight up just moments before all the energy balls would have hit her from behind and a couple explode at her feet while a few change their plans to fly up after her.

Caroline shouts a couple of energy balls at Maxine which connect on her shoulder along her left arm even as she tries to dodge and falls downward while some of Maxine's energy balls hit too.

Both of the girls get knocked down to the ground but with their tempers, they don't stay down and Caroline shouts at Maxine, "Oh? You think he's cute now? You should see him at night. Standing there in the moonlight without a shirt! It still gives me chills whenever I think about it!"

Maxine looks shocked and then very jealous at Caroline as she imagines just that scene in her head and Caroline being able to gawk at her Racer like that! She shouts as she powers up with her suit's light glowing brighter even though it was unnecessary because she was radiating light and electric sparks over her body.

Caroline grins, as she is happy to get under the skin of that skank Maxine. She powers herself up in the same way and gets ready to face whatever Maxine has to throw at her.

Maxine seethes as she stares at Maxine before she shouts, "Well I've seen him without his pants on!" which gets a shocked reaction out of Caroline and she shouts, "You LIE! He'd never be without pants around you!"

Maxine powers an energy attack as she says, "Girl! I've not only seen him without pants, but I've seen EVERYTHING!" which makes Caroline go just nuts!

Caroline charges at Maxine with her hands firing very rapid and very powerful energy blasts which hit Maxine before she then shouts "Ka-me-ha-me-ha!" and a powerful torrent of energy rushes right at Caroline!

Caroline only has enough time plant her feet and throw up her arms before the blast hits her HARD! She is thrown back with her feet still on the ground and she tries to stay standing under the powerful blast, which pushes her all the way up to some huge rocks and slams her hard into them!

Maxine stops blasting once Caroline disappears from sight among the dust created by the slamming of Caroline into the rocks. She gets haughty and shouts, "Now you know why Racer is going to be MINE forever, bitch! There is no way that Racer could EVER want a girl who couldn't match up to his strength!"

The dust starts to settle and just then the volcano in the distance seems to explode once more, erupting more fire, rocks and ash into the sky. Some of the rocks even make it as far as where the girls are and Maxine actually has to jump back and blast a few that come too close to where she is standing.

Caroline heard every word of Maxine's and she knew in her heart that Maxine was WRONG but she remembered their agreement and could not let Maxine become the boyfriend of such a wicked and twisted mind! She would NOT allow it! She powered up high, just shy of actually going Super and shouted, "Never! I'll never allow you to treat Racer like a piece of property! He is so much more! He is special!" before she sends a huge blast of energy right at Maxine!

Maxine had been distracted by the rocks and barely got out of the way of the powerful energy blast by using her super speed. The blast from Caroline had been so powerful that when it struck a mountain some distance behind Maxine, it went right through the mountain and struck some lava that had been existing within the mountain which would have become a volcano under due time.

The lava came exploding out of the newly created hole in the side once the blast was done and rushing as if it were alive and angry at the two girls for releasing it before its time.

Caroline and Maxine both took to the air to avoid the huge, angry and red river of lava that flowed under them. The lava's fiery anger was nothing compared to how the two girls were feeling as they stared at each other in the sky.

Both of the girls were highly charged, very angry and fierce in their determination that the other girl would not have Racer! The lava flow continued to flow like the hot blood that flowed through the girls above and more rocks from the distance volcano continued to fall all around them but neither girl would give an inch nor be distracted by such things as rocks the size of a large car falling their way.

Neither girl wanted to say anything more to the other girl so they flew at each other and started to punch, grab, claw and kick the other mindlessly for a few minutes before Maxine manages to toss Caroline downward towards the very hot lava underneath them.

Caroline manages to stop her fall but not before the heels of her shoes touched the surface of the lava long enough burn and melt with small yellow flames flickering as high as her ankles for a few moments. She didn't care however, she was beyond caring, beyond angry. The only thing she wanted was to hurt Maxine and the feeling was mutual from Maxine as well as evidence from the way she fired some energy blasts at Caroline in an effort to knock her down into the lava!

The students that were watching cheered on for either Maxine or Caroline with even a few people taking on bets on the outcome of the girls. The girls knew a catfight when they saw one and the once who knew about Maxine and Racer as well as Caroline being Racer's long-time friend were able to guess correctly for the most part without knowing about the bet before the fight.

The teachers that were watching didn't see any problem as long as neither one of them got seriously hurt or went super and this time it was an all-male group of teachers watching over the fight. One of the teachers was even betting on the outcome of the fight with the girls below even though he had no idea why they were going at it so fiercely but that was often the nature of such sparring matches.

Caroline powers up, sending shockwaves away from herself that affects even the lava beneath her. It causes the lava to part as if it had to go around an unmovable rock with small ripples moving across the surface as if the lava was being repeatedly hit by something.

Maxine is still above Caroline in the air and she raises her hands above her head, powering up an energy ball. She shouts down at Caroline, "You are going to stay away from my man you little tramp! He could never be yours! You don't have the heart to even claim him!"

Caroline grits her teeth angrily and raises her fingers up into a triangle in front of her face and shouts "You are a vampire!" as she sends an invisible triangle blast that hits Maxine hard and stops the energy ball from being fully formed. She continues to hammer Maxine with more blasts each time she shouts at Maxine, "You don't have a heart!" (slams another invisible triangle blast) "You just care about your own image!" (slams again) "You couldn't care less about how Racer feels!" (slams again)

Caroline stops and breathes heavily to catch her breath which gives Maxine the chance to recover and she flies down, knocking into Caroline at the waist with her arm and before Caroline can do anything she releases Caroline to dive up into the air while Caroline hits one of the large truck-sized rocks that had come from the volcano and landed mostly intact.

Caroline cries out as the rock was still very, very hot and it felt like it burned her even through her suit, which was designed for combat. Some of her hair caught on fire briefly from the contact with the rock. She falls to her knees and looks up at Maxine with a very harsh look that seemed to say, "I'm not through yet!" at her before she shouts, "Racer will not be yours Maxine!"

Maxine looks smug and says, "That's not how it looks to me from here, you little pussy!" She powers up energy balls in both her hands, making them grow brighter and more powerful with every second.

Caroline roars loudly as she leaps up from the ground at Maxine and fires two small columns of energy from her hands that hit Maxine hard right on her chest!

Maxine cries out as the two blasts had hit her nipples so hard that painfully that her energy balls fall out of her hands to explode on the ground below as she is sent backwards through the air only to get struck by one of the flying rocks in the air from the volcano from behind!

The impact from the energy blast by Caroline had knocked almost all the air out of Maxine and the high speed of the large rock hit her almost knocked her out! Maxine falls to the ground gasping for air and trying to move before Caroline comes to win their fight!

Caroline lands at Maxine's feet with a big smile even though she is just as wiped as Maxine is by the battle and says breathlessly, "Do you surrender?" before she raises a hand up to point it at Maxine but doesn't power an energy attack up since it was taking almost all her energy to just stand there.

Maxine looks at Caroline and says, "I'll never surrender Racer, NEVER!" before trying to spit at her, which misses and lands on the hot ground before her feet. Maxine looks up and away from Caroline just in time to see a very large rock coming right to their spot. She looks back at Caroline and says, "This match is a draw… we both can chase after him." Which confuses Caroline and she doesn't see the large rock until the shadow of it covers Maxine's head, which by then it is too late. All Caroline can do is raise her arms up in a futile attempt to shield herself moments before it lands on both girls and knocking them out for a double knock out.

The teachers and the students that had been watching could NOT believe it! A double knock out in a sparring session, especially one done by the room and not the fighters themselves was almost unheard of!

The computers detected the knockout and registered the fight as a double knock out on their fighting records for each other before restoring things to the way it was before the fight.

With neither girl moving, robotic nurse drones flew into the room and picked up both of the girls to then take them to the fighter's hospital where they could be treated for the wounds that they'd received as well as get the rest that they both would need.

With the double knockout only a handful of students had won as only a few figured that they would knock each other out at the same time while most had bet on Maxine and the rest on Caroline. The teacher who had bet on Maxine was unhappy that he had lost and simply told himself to chalk it up his bad luck on gambling.

AN: Well everyone, I bet you all knew that this was going to be a double knock out from the beginning. After all, where would the fun be in having one of the girls back off from chasing after Racer? True, I could have made it so that the other girl still longed and chased after Racer but now it'll be more open and thus more fun to write. ;)

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. I chose the volcano scenario for the mood and reflection of the girls, plus with the volcano stuff the environment had more interaction than the previous chapter.

Lastily, any of you DBZ fans will probably recognize the attacks even if I got the spelling wrong. If I did, well… just tell me in reviews without flaming please. :) Stay tuned, as more stuff happens and I might even bring in a surprise character! Who? Hehehe, that's for me to know!