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To be Betrothed: Epilogue

A pair of sapphire eyes snapped open at the sound of a bird. Coli sat up and the first thing she noticed was that she was in her princess dress. She looked around.

"Where am I?" Col said. ' Hmm. Green grass, lots of animals, crystal blue lake, the sun which doesn't look as bright, blue sky, nice bree-' "BLUE SKY??" Coli screamed.

'Oh no. There's only one planet that I know of with a sky like that.' Coli groaned. "Out of all the planets in the cosmos, I had to be sent to Earth." Suddenly the memory of what happened and why she was sent here came back to her.

Coli closed her eyes. 'Mom, Vegeta, Turlus, Bardock, Radditz, Kakkarot, Queen Arda, King Vegeta. Silver, Orion, T.J.' *sob* 'Mom, Amy, Rei, Lita, Mina, Luna, Artemis, Amara, Michelle, Hotaru, Trista.' (Damn that's a lot of names to type is a row.)Coli broke down. She didn't care if it was weak to cry. She lost everyone. Everyone she called family was gone. She had a right to cry.

Coli jumped when she felt something wet touch her hand. She gasped when she saw T.J. licking her hand. "T.J., you're alive." Coli murmured as she picked up the cub and hugged him. She cried some more.

"Now I'm all alone. I don't want to be alone." Coli sobbed.

"You're not alone princess." A familiar voice said. Coli's eyes widened at the sight of Pluto stepping out of a portal.

"Are you real?" Pluto nodded. Coli ran and grabbed her in a fierce hug. "I thought I was alone. I didn't think anyone else survived." Pluto shook her head. "You are never alone princess. The scouts and I will always be there even if you don't know we're there, we are." Pluto replied.

"Pluto? Where are the others? Are they okay? Did any of them make it?" Coli rambled. Pluto sighed.

"The others didn't make it," The hope in Coli's eyes disappeared. "But, your mother bought them all back using the silver crystal. She also sent Luna and Artemis here as well." Coli's eyes held sadness and pain, but in the depths were sparks of happiness.

"She did. Where are they?" "That's one of the problems. They could be anywhere on this planet." Pluto said with a small frown.

Coli frowned. "Why's that such a big problem? We can just use our powers to call each other." Pluto shook her head. "It's not that easy, princess. The other problem is that they are all being resurrected. They are all going to be babies except for Luna and Artemis. When they get older, they won't remember anything about the Silver Millennium."

Coli stared at her. "Are you serious?" Pluto nods. "Why? How come Luna, Artemis, and I weren't resurrected?" Coli said with a frown.

"Because unlike them you, Artemis and Luna were not dead. Luna and Artemis were very much alive. They only had a couple of scratches and bruises. You were only hanging on by a hair, but you were still alive none the less."

Coli sighed. "What am I suppose to do then?" "Survive." Coli raised an eyebrow.

"Princess, you must stay and live here...on Earth. You have to protect these humans. Queen Beryl and her minions are not gone, they are just locked away. They will get out sometime and you must be there to protect the people of Earth."

"WHAT? You want me to protect those weak worthless humans. This is all their fault. That stupid prince and his family signed everyone's death warrant. I will not protect a bunch of people that caused the death of my people." Pluto listened as Coli screamed. "Look princess, I know you don't want to, but you have to. It isn't their fault either. Not all of them anyway. Those who caused it have already payed for it. You must protect them because if you don't, when the negaverse comes back they will use humans to make themselves stronger."

Coli frowned. She did not want to protect the humans, but Pluto was right. "Fine. I'll do it." Pluto nodded. "Good. Now here." Pluto said as she handed her a book bag.

Coli looked inside. She saw her disguise pen, her gold brooch, her spandex, armor, some money, her communicator, and a round navy blue thing. She picked it up. "What's this?"

"A new brooch. You'll know when to use it." Pluto replied. She opened up a portal. "Now, I must go, princess.When you need me just use your communicator." Pluto said as she went to step into the portal.

"Pluto wait, where am I going to live?" Coli yelled. Pluto looked at her. "Don't worry. I got it covered. Fly west until you get to Satan City, you'll meet someone there. I'll talk to you later." Pluto said as she left through the portal.

Coli sighed as she picked up T.J. "Guess it's just me and you for a while, huh T.J.?" She looked down at her dress.

"Can't go around wearing this every where."Coli said with a frown as she put T.J. down.

Coli pulled out the disguise pen. "Hmm...I need a good disguise that will make me look like a normal earthling. DISGUISE POWER, GIVE ME A DISGUISE THAT WILL HIDE MY TAIL AND MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN."

There was a bright flash of light as streamers erupted from the top of the pen. They wrapped around her body and formed a set of clothes.

Coli looked down at her clothing. She had a red loose shirt on with dark blue baggy jeans, with a matching jacket, and a pair of red and white Nike sneakers. Her hair was stuffed under a matching red baseball hat, and around her neck hung Vegeta's silver chain and pendant.

"Not bad," she said to herself. She looked like a boy, but that made it an even better disguise. She placed the book bag on her back and started her flight to find Satan City.


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