The sky darkened as a looming figure hovered omniously above Yuffie's tiny body. It threatened to kill her; to destroy her very essence in a looming rage. It cackled in a mad burst of powerful laughter.

"You can't kill me! You won't!!" Yuffie cried angrily, though her cheeks were flushed in fear and she gripped her now useless weapon to her side protectively. She glowered up at the figure, a chill of horror running its way down her back. A surge of hatred flared as she gritted her teeth and glowered up at the large creature.

The being didn't speak. He didn't take any of the young materia hunter/theif's threats seriously as he began to chuckle and shout incoherent, booming words down to the teenager.

Yuffie stared up at the massive body, then let out a yelp. "Go away! You thick.. thick.. thick-headed numbskull! Just leave me alone!!" Her Conformer was empty of materia, the unfilled slots seemingly melancholy. 'Thank you, Cloud,' she thought bitterly. "You can't do this to me! I'm going to kick your butt, you hear me!?"

The colorful threats of slow, painful, and torturous deaths that followed found no ears as the giant laughed again.

Quite suddenly, though, the area was accompanied by another distinct, looming shadow.

"Cait Sith!!" Tifa scolded, glaring at the stuffed cat, crossing slender arms across her chest. "Don't tell me you cast Mini on Yuffie again!"

The robotic animal glanced down at a miniature Yuffie, who squealed and hopped wildly up and down, flailing her arms. "Uh..." He spoke, then turned a cheesy imitation of an innocent grin to the young bar hostess.