Look at the gems;

See them all shine.

You might mistake this

For somebody's shrine.

A holy ground,

A precious land

Protecting you all

From evil's sick hand

It's a shelter so dear

In the lee of the storm.

A simple small object

To restore the norm.

It helps you to battle

Nights ever so dark:

From a small, tiny ember,

The fire will spark.

It carries the wishes

And dreams still untold:

Of hunter and hunted,

Of child and old

The blind see in wishes,

The deaf hear in dreams

And everyone knows,

It's not as it seems...

For you will mistake this

For somebody's shrine,

When you look at the gems

And you see them all shine

Crystal clear water,

Amethyst floor,

With unicorn purple

And beauty galore

It's the shrine of dreams-

This water cool-

The hall of wishes:

The Dreamspeaker's pool.