The Wrong Kind of Right

The Wrong Kind of Right

Chapter II- "Beginning, yet Ending at the Same Time"
By Amai

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Many people have different theories on how the Emperor of Demons came to be. Some say that he was made out of the blood of a woman of who was decaying by the pestilence of an open wound, left to fester in the afternoon sun. Other's say he was born from the evils of each one person within the world. All of their hate, all of their anger…it all had gone into his creation as to punish those who have wronged, by showing them what their sins had made.

The Emperor had heard all of these words of his existence with amusement. Humans were such fascinating creatures, with the funny idea that if one did not understand something, a story must be made to explain this unexplainable thing. He did not consider himself human. He did not consider himself anything but, alive. He was alive, and that was all one needed to know about him.

At one time, he could have called himself human. It was a time of innocence, a time of his naïve childhood.

A child sitting on the wooden ground, softly writing with the charcoal given to him for the fire, on the ground. Ichijouji Ken. Delicately, he practiced the characters of his given name, for it was the only thing he could do for his own entertainment. Brother disliked him learning how to write, for it would make him one of those people that had taken Papa and Mama away. But Ken failed to understand the logic of that statement, and continued on with his practicing.

He had only wanted to protect him, he had only wanted him to stay there, not to go away like Papa and Mama had been forcefully made to. Why couldn't he understand that? Ken murmured to himself, Why can't I understand this? As he sat in the corner, hugging his burnt palms closely to his ragged, torn shirt, ignoring the pain that shot through them after Osamu had made him put his hands in the flaming hot coals for his ignorance of his request not to write.

He was only trying to help him…and Ken would love him for that. He would love him even if the burns on his hands would make him sob and night. Even if the lashings from the belt would make his wounds scream out when he bathed in the morning water. It was Osamu's way of teaching him. It hurt, but he would learn. Wouldn't he?

The boy had stopped writing after that incident. But that did not stop him from glancing at his name as he passed by doing his errands, the characters still written on the ground, smudged by the footings of people coming in and out.

A somewhat painful reminder of what he couldn't do anymore.

Every time Osamu hit him he would blame it on those people…those people in the castle that had taken Mama and Papa from him. 'Twas their fault. Hate them. Hate them. But being a local birthed in the bowels of the sacred ocean of Kindness, he could not comprehend such a powerful emotion. Some loved him, and some despised him for that very fact.

Most people loved the boy. But the one he cared about the most was blinded by the jealousy of all that love, all that care thrown at his brother. And so, he would fulfill those hateful emotions by punishing his small brother, and blaming it on the royal folk. They had taken Mama and Papa away…and they had taken her away. That sweet little girl that had the world, had his world.

He didn't know that she wasn't taken away…she part of the ones who took people away. Ishida Mimi. Otohime-Mimi-sama. She had everything, wanted everything, but him. Ken observed how Osamu blamed everything on the royalty, with out realizing the object of his affections was exactly that- royalty. He had only met her once, and she had sealed his heart for no one else but her, unintentionally. And when it was time for the royal family to take her home where she belonged, she had taken his heart with her. Along with Mama and Papa.

And he paid for all the pain that caused Osamu to feel. But he loved his brother; he would endure it.

But the walls within the recesses of his mind would crack with this endurance.

Oh how Ken wanted to write yet again in public. Unbeknownst to his dear brother, he had been practicing as well as practicing reading alone when he had time. For such a small boy he was, he was extremely intelligent…and did not want this intelligence to go to waste. He wanted- no, needed to do this, for it was a requirement to do what he had always desired to do ever since Mama and Papa left.

Conjure up a spell to bring them back. Ken was no mage, but, with the right training he could no a bit of the mage code as to use it to bring his beloved parents back, and make Osamu happy again. Happy again. That's all Ken wanted to be. He rarely was, anyway.

And so he practiced, alone in secret. Osamu would never knew…and what one didn't know couldn't hurt, could it?

It all ended that last day. Noon.

The kind boy noticed yet another boy treading on his secret spot. This boy was a local, just like him, but more recognized. Anyone could see who he was. Motomiya Daisuke, the young artistic prodigy. Or at least, in Ken's eyes he was. No, it was not just in drawing in such that the artistic element of the boy showed, no, it was the very way he moved, acted, lived that was art. Daisuke was an art to Ken's analyzing eye.

And he loved him for it, without even actually knowing him.

Here, the mahogany haired boy was doing something that people rarely saw him do- practice the lute. He wasn't bad, but then again, for someone known for their art, he wasn't that great either. But to Ken's ears, any note born from Daisuke was beauty in itself.

It was a natural tune, one sung by every child that was born within the Odaibian region, knew as "Arah! Soir eto Asajour!" a song about night and day, usually sung to coax young ones to sleep.

Ken listened in the shadows as Daisuke played his song placidly, making a mistake here and there. Suddenly, he stopped. "Whoever is out there, please come out! I won't bite, or anything!"

The boy in the shadows blushed, feeling a sense of uncertainty coming over him as he debated on whether to walk out or not. Hastily making his decision, he ran out, stopping for a brief second to bow. "I really enjoyed your song." He managed to blurt out at the befuddled younger boy.

And before Daisuke could say anything, he off, running away from the younger artist.

In one's eyes, what he did could have been called cowardly. Ken just called it intimidation. Under intimidation, one would do things that they wouldn't regularly do under normal circumstances. Of course, even for a local, Daisuke was not a normal circumstance.

So allured was he to the hypnotic music, Ken had forgotten the time. Of course, he immediately knew his mistake when he saw his brother, standing in the doorway when he arrived at home, fury aligning his form. But Ken would endure what was ahead for him…even if he knew he could not endure any longer. He would try.

When he told his brother what he had been doing, the only sentence that was spoken was final. "You are never to see him again." Ken fought back an urge to scream at his denial. He did not have the chance as Osamu struck him hard on the face, "What is this I see?" He screamed out showing Ken something that he thought was buried from his brother view- his writings. He had done it well, Osamu was not supposed to know! But he did. And for his ignorance, yet again Ken paid. And he tried; he tried ever so hard to endure it…he really did. But the walls were cracking to fast for one to rebuild them.

His eyes were blank as he was punished.

'Tis amazing how far a person could be pushed until their limit breaks. After being denied of all the goods in the world, how long can one's sanity last? Osamu burned all of his writings…his beautiful words…but was it really the fault of the Royalty? Daisuke was friends with the royalty…

Everyone loved them…

Was it really their fault? No. Ken knew this. He bit back tears as he wondrous creations deformed into black, ugly ashes. Burned away by hatred…as was his logical thinking of making his brother happy as well.

He had tried so hard…

Why didn't Osamu love him…

Why was everyone angry…?

Midnight. He was panting, running through the dark as he made his way to Osamu's room after spending time outside…sharpening that blade that Papa used to use to cut those delicate weed…

…In the dark moonlight, Osamu looked very much like a delicate weed…a weed indeed. Ken wiped the sweat from his forehead as he neared his sleeping brother. You denied me of life…I finally realized that brother…I loved you…I wanted to make you happy…but you pushed it away…I tried to help you…but I can help no longer…maybe I will finally make you happy brother…

He softly quoted one of his last poems he wrote right after the others had been burned as he neared the sleeping form.

The seasons past,

I watch the rose grow,

But every time I tried to pick it,

It cut a hole in me with its thorn..

I was but a little bud,

Staring up with admiration onto the beautiful rose,

But when he grew,

He prevented me from doing the same..

I loved him.

But his so-called "Chivalry" was misused upon my weak self

Protecting me was supposed to make him happy…yet it did not.

Ken softly looked at Osamu's wrist.


He readied the blade…

I could make him happy…

Slowly but steadily, he sliced it open, gentle enough not to wake Osamu up, but firm enough to cut the vein.


His hands felt warm, oh, that was the blood.


Osamu gave one last sigh, as the blood seeped out of the open wound.


Ken felt little remorse. To his battered mind, this was correct. This was right…this was the only way he would be happy, as well as Osamu. Perhaps this was because, with this one last death, was also the death of the human Ken. Only to be replaced by The Emperor.

He leaned over and kissed Osamu's forehead, like the way Mama and Papa used to do to the both of them when they were very little.

"Good night."

People could have their own assumptions on how he existed, as long as no one knew the truth of The Emperor of Demons. He would not care about how he came to be. He could not. But in one part of his self…he screamed from the disgust of what he had done in actuality.

"…I want you to draw who you love."

How? Daisuke's mind was racing. How could he do this? He loved…no one, no one as of yet. Glaring at the one who requested this of him, he spoke, "Why did you make me put my wound to the canvas, and why do you care who I love?"

"Because that way you're tied to it by spell, and I care because I can. That is all I will say." The Emperor answered, rather coldly. "You are not in the position to question me, young Motomiya."

'Young Motomiya'…who does he think he is.. "Then I shall start." He suddenly flashed an emphasized grin at The Emperor. "Expect the best from me."

"We shall see."

Daisuke turned to the canvas. Now how can I do this without him knowing I'm lying…He hesitantly began to sketch the outline of a face.

Who's face was it? Only the gods would know that.



The two girls embraced tightly as Miyako entered the courtyard. Truthfully, this was really the only reason why Miyako willed herself to go there. Mimi was one of her best friends, and cousin's, and she always seemed to make the worst seem great. Miyako had always admired the rose haired woman, and envied how Mimi could gain the attention of practically a country with a twirl of her pretty little finger! Miyako wanted to be just like her…

But then, again, she did not as well.

"So I see you have made it, my sister!" Mimi smiled, she usually called Miyako her sister, because of how close their bond was. It really was like having a little sister. Or, at least a twin one. Miyako nodded, "Quite true. Misao made me come..but its not like I would ever miss an opportunity to be with you, Mimi-chan!" Miyako gracefully followed the elder princess keeping up her eloquence, as if challenging Mimi in a subtle way.

Of course, for the one with more practice at being eloquent, this came natural.

"Oh, you're making me blush, Miya." Mimi chided, waving her hand as they made it to her room, "I'm sure you're wondering where your- Hikari?" Mimi blinked in surprise as she glanced at the brunette girl, who was in the midst of cleaning the already-clean room. "I do believe you've already done this room, ne?"

Hikari blushed. "Sorry, Otohime-Mimi-sama…and…Otohime-Miyako-sama, right?" Of course its Miyako, you idiot! The one you've been pining over…and now…she's actually here…

Miyako, looking a bit flushed herself, smiled and waved her hand, mimicking Mimi's movement, "Yes, I'm Miyako." Mimi suddenly laughed, walking forward, "Oh, Hikari-chan! I see what you're doing. You're trying to put a good impression on your dear Takeru's face, aren't you?" Hikari's eyes widened, as she heard this. No, no, no! Now Miyako's going to think I'm in love with Takeru! Blast it!

With all of her own worries, Hikari failed to see the flash of disappointment that crossed Miyako's face for one second.

"Oh, I'm so rude!" Mimi put her hand to her mouth, blushing, "Let me formally introduce Miyako to you, Hikari."

Miyako waved her hand, suddenly blushing, "Oh, really Mimi-chan! Its fine!"

"This is my cousin, Inoue Miyako, second daughter of the family and heir of the throne of Kawako."

"Mimi…" Miyako hung her head, very red. "I do not think Hikari needed to hear that.." Somehow, around this new girl, Hikari, Miyako felt even more humbled when even around Mimi! It was a strange feeling…but Miyako somehow liked it. Somehow she knew she'd learn to like it. She already liked Hikari. She seems to be a very nice person…and cute too. If only I knew her better…

"Miya-chan, you're not the only one getting married. Hikari-chan is betrothed to my Takeru. Isn't it exciting? Ahh…romance is in the air!"

Both girls resisted the urge to sigh at that comment. Romance in all the wrong places…

"I suppose I should leave you two girls to converse for a bit, ne?" Mimi smiled. "I have some things to attend to, anyway…be back later!" She waved excitedly and quickly walked out of the room.

"Er…I see you're a scholar, isn't that right, Otohime-Miyako-sama?" Hikari spluttered out, shuffling her feet. I'm acting like such a fool…I suppose it is correct to say "Fools fall in love". She's just so…beautiful..more than I imagined before…

"Yes, that is correct, Hikari. And you can just call me Miyako, like Mimi does." Miyako smiled at the brunette, noticing how flustered she was…she wouldn't blame her, she was feeling quite the same herself- but one had to be the mediator at times, correct? She tried her best to make Hikari feel comfortable around her, and in a way, make herself feel comfortable around Hikari.

"Well…Miyako." Hikari added with a smile, "I find that truly interesting. Not many women pursue that future. It must be tough..for you to handle at times?"

"I suppose." Miyako sighed, brushing a strand of hair from her eyes, "Not many men understand me. Or rather, understand the idea of a lady being better at something that they think only men can do…yes, I get a lot of trouble."

"Don't you ever feel like giving up?"

"Never!" Miyako suddenly exclaimed, looking up at Hikari. Seeing the resentful expression she created on the girls face, she quickly waved her hands. "I'm sorry, I'm just very passionate about such things…"

"No, Miyako,'s alright. I'd love to hear more.." Miyako blushed a bit, and nodded.

And thus, Hikari heard more.

"How's that feeling, Takeru?"

Due to the fact that his ankle merely throbbed with a small bit of pain, Takeru was fine. But of course Jyou didn't know that. Takeru felt a bit guilty, taking advantage of someone like that…but it was so tempting to the young prince! His mouth pursed for an answer, "That's great, Jyou. Thank you."

The blue haired one waved his hand, smiling at the now blushing prince. "Oh, 'twas no problem. This type of care is easy, if one is gentle enough…" He turned a bit pink himself, "Which I need to learn how to be. I was a bit rough with the bandages. Sorry about that!"

"What's to be sorry about?" Takeru's voice was firm, as he stared at Jyou, hard. "Jyou, you're too hard on yourself."

"Am I?"

"Yes you are! You don't have to apologize for everything, Jyou-chan…I'll understand." Takeru smiled at him, only to pale when he realized what he had just called his beloved. Jyou-chan? Great work, Takeru…you idiot!

A thoughtful look crossed Jyou's face before he replied. "I suppose I could lighten up a bit…but you have to understand that's how I am. I'm sure Yamato has told you plenty about that!" He gave a low chuckle, "But I'll try. If it will make you happy. I'm sure you'll drag Otohime-Mimi-sama into this some how to force me.." They both had a good laugh at that. Once Mimi was intent on changing someone's attitude, she woudldn't give up until the day she died. Her recent project was tentatively named "The Taming Of the Shrew", or in other words, Daisuke. Perhaps she had finally won..with Miyako being betrothed to he.

"…Jyou?" Takeru suddenly became a bit distant, "Have you ever felt feelings for someone?"

This caught the librarian by surprise, as he waved his hand, laughing (albeit nervously), "Oh, Takeru! Is this about Hikari? Well, I don't think I'm the right one to ask…Sora's really the right person to go to." He smiled, "I probably don't even know what love is."

Before the prince could speak, Jyou stood up. "Excuse me Takeru, but I've to go back to the Library. I'll come back at a later time to check on you, okay?"

The door shut.

Takeru felt as if he were going to cry.

The clicking of his boot heels was making Daisuke very nervous. He didn't bother to turn around and look at The Emperor, although, there was quite a bit to look at.

Daisuke had met a lot of beautiful people, but this one…was exquisite. Daisuke felt drawn to him in a way that could only be described by saying it was "magic". The tool of the evil. Magic. For no one could be that beautiful…no one could be that…hypnotic to look at. Thus, Daisuke refused to look at him.

So far, he only had an outline of a face. It could be any face, really, seeing that he had no idea what to draw. The sound of The Emperor's pacings was really getting to him. Stiffening, he shouted, "Could you be any louder?!"

Bad idea.

Daisuke felt the warm breath of the enticing demon waft by his neck. "Indeed, I could. But then, you wouldn't like that…"

Daisuke gulped. Something about the way he said it, made it true. The mahogany haired one went back to work. Who do I love…who do I love…I don't know! I've…I've never really loved someone before…I guess I do love Hikari…in a way. He started to sketch Hikari's face, from the depths of his memory. Only to be stopped, when something began to furiously tug at his mind, something…something that he needed to remember..

Arah…Soir…eto ..Asajour..

That song echoed through his mind. A young boy, playing the lute. Why am I remembering these things now? I don't even play the instrument anymore…But the song continued. It was trying to tell him something, force him to open his eyes. But he could not comprehend what was being asked of him, he…

"Your time for today is finished."

Daisuke's eyes widened, as he realized where he was. "What? But…but I haven't started anything!"

The Emperor raised an eyebrow. "You must be blind. Look at your canvas." Daisuke did so, and to his amazement there was a start of a face…not the outline, but an actual face. "..How…?" And this face was not one of anyone he remembered…well, fully remembered. There was something that tugged at his mind as he stared at his creation. His creation he vaguely remembered even doing.

"You must leave now. As I said, your time is up." The Emperor smirked, "'Tis the same time tomorrow…I trust you'll get here without hurting yourself this time, Motomiya?" You shouldn't bruise that lovely skin of yours, musician…

Daisuke didn't even bother to look at him. "Yeah, well I won't but the one hurt-" And there he was. Outside of the Forest. "How does he do that?" Daisuke shook his head, and began to walk home.

"Daisuke, I've been looking all over for you!" The boy looked up, to see his sister running towards him in the afternoon breeze. "Where were you?"

"None of your business, Jun. I have a life, and I intend to use it."

"Quite, brother." She rolled her eyes at him, "There is some very important information for you at the castle…I won't tell you here, because it will ruin the surprise." She grinned at him, pulling him. "Come along."

"What surprise?"

"You'll see."

"What?!" Daisuke screamed out, at the seated King. He couldn't believe this! "No, there is no way I am going to be cooped up in this blasted castle, no way!"

"Daisuke." Yamato replied calmly, "I really don't think you have much of a choice here."

"Yes I do, I've always had a choice!"

"Silence, brother!" Jun suddenly thundered, "Okami-Yamato-sama has every right to do this! You should be happy, being taken in by a king of all people! Accept it!"

Daisuke gave a bitter glare at his sister. "Fine. I'll accept it. But I will not like it."

Yamato suddenly smiled, a bit wearily, "Au contraire, Daisuke. Along with joining all of us here, you get your fair treatment of how things go along here. I'm sure you'll like this…you are now betrothed."

"WHAT?!" Daisuke cried, even louder than before. "Be…betrothed?! Did you even bother to get my opinion on this?! I can't believe this…"

"What's not to believe? You're a reasonable boy, Daisuke. I'm sure you've been attracted to beautiful women…and we have some of the finest here." Why is he so reluctant to wed? This is not making any sense…Yamato frowned. This definitely wasn't going the way he thought it would.

Daisuke said nothing, just glared towards the ground, damning it for all its worth, so he would not scream out something inappropriate. Yamato spoke again, "Would you at least meet her?"

"Bring her in. I'm not promising anything."

"All right. Miyako, are you here?"

A soft voice was heard from another room, answering his, "Er…yes, cousin? You want me? I'll come right away." The large wooden doors were open to reveal a mauve haired lady, wearing glasses and…

The girl and boy looked at each other. And screamed.

"You knocked me down!"

"Well if you hadn't been in the way, I wouldn't have had to!"

"Ignorant fool! Don't you dare speak to me like that!"

"I'll do as I very well please!'

Jun and Yamato looked with awe at the arguing two. Walking up to the King, Jun prodded him, "Maybe we should leave these two alone for a bit…Daisuke will calm down, and I'm pretty sure he'll accept it as it is."

Yamato raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure?" Chuckling, Jun nodded, "With me as a sister, how couldn't I be?"

The two elder ones left the room, and as the doors closed, the screaming stopped. Daisuke strode all the way to Miyako's face and spit on the ground next to her. "I don't like you."

"Well, at least we have something in common, local boy. The feeling is mutual!"

And indeed, it was.