Tell her chapter 5: Ugh

By Gasha Aisu.

Ugh, he had a headache. What the hell hit him? Oh, right, now he remembered. Fighting with Duo, Lady Une's office, going home, waking up, running, waking up again in that damn room, escaping, and... Relena.

"What are you suggesting?"

Wait, he didn't imagine that did he? No, Relena was there all right. Then, he was awake? Somehow he couldn't force his limbs to move. Half awake then...

"I'm suggesting you move in with Heero, I think he needs you and it is the most practical solution. You don't have to agree now, he will not wake until next week or so" someone, he thought it was Sally, explained. Wait, they where worried? Damn it, he showed too much then.

He heard Duo chuckle.

"You're underestimating Heero. I'm guessing he will wake up at any moment now"

Smart-ass, what did he know? He felt a light weight settle on his hand. It felt soft. He guessed it was Relena. He knew she was near, he could practically feel her. He was to close to her already, the last thing he needed now was to have her near him everyday for an underestimated time. Or having her squeezing his hand in a softening gesture, not knowing he was awake, and him actually enjoying the gesture. He knew he would soften too much. And doctor Y said he had to prevent that at all cost. But then again, didn't he kill himself?

"I'm not underestimating him" Sally argued, "I'm actually over estimating him. With the lack of sleep he's been having, combined with the stress and training, he should be out cold until next month"

Was it time to let them know he was hearing everything already? Hn. No.

"I really don't think Heero would appreciate it if I moved in with him. End of discussion. Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to do some paper work" Relena suddenly spoke.

Heero unconsciously frowned when he felt her moving away. It was as if the sun suddenly disappeared right when you're enjoying it on the beach.

"Where do you think you're going?" Wufei spoke, somewhat aggressively.

"You know what happens when you leave the room. You don't want him screaming again, do you?" Quatre added, more fierce then what they where used to. But then again, he would do anything for his friends... Wait a minute, he screamed? How, why? Oh, right, the nightmares. He tensed by the mere memory of them. For some reason, he wanted Relena to hold his hand again. He felt anxious, although he couldn't tell why.

Apparently Relena hesitated. He knew, he didn't know how but he did. When he felt her taking her seat again, and returning to his side, he relaxed. Her hand found it's way to his hand again, and the other brushed away his annoying hair.

"I'm sorry you guys, I'm just really worried. I get irrational, and bitchy when I am"

Now he felt the stares of everybody in the room on him. Just great. But difficulty he managed to keep his normal expression. Maybe he should wake up now.

"I still think you should move into his apartment" Sally suddenly spoke up.

He knew Duo was grinning like mad now, not because he had the same connection with his as with Relena, but he knew his 'buddy' long enough.

"Yeah, and if you move now, hewon't have anything to say into this" Duo said 'helpfully'.

It was definitely time to wake up. All this listening was giving him a headache anyway. He groaned. Ugh.

Slowly he opened his eyes, and looked at Duo. Since he was close he was the only one he could clearly see. The light blinded his eyes.

"Go away" he murmured, raising his arm and putting it over his eyes. His other hand still nicely held the one Relena was holding.

"He spoke!" Duo exclaimed cheerfully, completely ignoring Heero's command. The other's stayed silent, either shocked, or mildly amused.

"Yes, and I wish I didn't" Heero responded, removing his arm and blinking because of the bright light. Somehow, he didn't feel as cheerful as his friend did.

"Nice to know you're as cheerful as always" Wufei commended dryly, raising his eyebrow.

Heero sighed, and tried to look around. But the room was just to damn bright.

"Who else is here?" he decided to ask. Keeping his eyes firmly shut.

"We're all here Heero" Quatre said, his voice gentle as always. Trowa and Wufei stayed silent, but it was nice to know they where there anyway. Heero knew Duo was smirking and knew what he was going to say. Guess who is holding your hand?

"Shut up Maxwell"

He knew he should look offended right now.

"I didn't say anything!" Duo responded, a tone in his voice as if he was falsely accused.

"You didn't have to" Heero responded just as quick. Slowly he tried opening his eyes again. Then blinked confused.

"Isn't this your and Sally's office?" he asked, looking at Wufei. Wufei smirked, Sally looked irritated.

"Yeah it is, only you decided to collapse and make this a made shift hospital room. By the way, you should have stayed unconscious until Monday, you made me look like a fool" she commented dryly, and walked over to check his status. Heero only smirked.

"Can you sit up?" she asked. He felt Relena's hand leave his, giving him room for some reason perhaps she was embarrassed, and he fought the urge to grab it back again. Slowly he made a move to sit up.

Searing pain went through him. Doctor Y's cold eyes came back to him. His breath caught in his throat, and he felt like running again. He shot up, and clenched his eyes shut, fighting against the pain and the sudden urge to run, again. He clenched his teeth, his eyes shut. He felt the wave of panic once again coming up, he tried to fight it, but it was to overwhelming. He knew it was just a matter of time before he ran again. He clenched his fist, and tensed.

Then out of nowhere, Relena's arms where around him again. Softly she pulled him sideways so that he was resting against her. His head under her chin. Breathing heavily.

"It's okay Heero, you just woke up, don't rush it" she calmed him, but her eyes questioned Sally, who frowned. This just wasn't normal.

"Heero, what did doctor Y do to you?" Sally questioned, her eyes wide and her voice soft.

Heero didn't answer. He was too busy trying to control himself, too busy with taking in Relena's sweet sent and the way her hold felt. Focussing completely on her. Somehow she always calmed him. And right now, al he wanted was to be calmed, to be held. Without thinking, he slumped against her and one arm found it's way around her. His hand grabbed some of her shirt on her back, and he was satisfied, he had something to hold onto now. He closed his eyes, letting the darkness once again consume him. It was ironic, how the only thing that could calm him down, was the one thing he could never have, he didn't deserve. But did want, no, needed.

Relena's love.

And the funny thing was, that all he had to do was ask. No, all he had to do was to tell her he loved her. But Heero would not allow himself to do that. He did not allow himself to feel such happiness, he didn't deserve it. He was convinced of that.

The pilot's were silent. All as calm as they could be, but there was no doubt that they where troubled, worried. Worried, because of their friend. Trowa stood against the wall, silent as usual, but his neutral face was ruined by his worried frown. Wufei sat on his chair, his elbows resting on his knees, his hand clasped together, he to had a worried frown. Quatre stared out the window, and made no effort to hide what he was feeling. Anguish, worry, fear. His hand was placed on the cool glass, as if it was the only thing that kept him in reality, and kept him from drowning in his thoughts. Duo didn't made any comments, it was neither the time, nor the place to joke. Duo's mouth was set on a grim line, and besides worry there was also anger on his face. Why didn't Heero come to them? He couldn't understand.

The door opened, and immediately they all fixed their stares on it. Sally came into the room, the same emotions on her face as on the pilots. Une followed her, she was notified the minute Heero collapsed. Something was wrong, and something had to be done. And Une was going to make sure it was done. Sally took the chair that faced the other chairs, and Trowa and Duo immediately sat down, waiting for her to start. Une calmly walked on, and placed herself on the chairs facing Sally. Quatre managed to pull himself from the window, hesitated, and then sat down. They where listening. The silence that hung into the air still not broken. Sally finally looked up and prepared herself for what she knew was going to me the longest conservation in years.

"We all know something is wrong. There is no telling what exactly, not until he wakes up and tells us. The only thing we know is that Relena is the only one who is able to calm him down. I think he was projected with something years back, the nightmares he's been having aren't natural. No normal nightmare can make anyone run like that, especially a ex-gundampilot" She started, her voice as calm as her posture was.

She looked up, her face calm, but her eyes showed disturbance. The pilot's where silent, but now openly showing concern. Even lady Une's mouth was set in a grim line.

"But we need to find out what it is what's wrong. We need to find out fast" She braced herself, and forced the last words to come out, thanking God for her doctor's practise.

"If we don't find out fast enough. There is no telling what those nightmares can do to him" she held the eyes of everyone in the room before continuing, "he might just die"

The pilot's tensed. And lady Une massaged the bridge of her nose.

It was then that Trowa nodded.

"Relena" he said simply.

The others looked at him blankly, or even frowned. But Duo nodded.

"Yeah, she's the only one who can get through him. If anyone can convince Heero it's best if they let her in, it's Relena herself"

Sally nodded. And lady Une raised her eyebrow.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" she asked Sally, "go tell the girl what's wrong with Heero, and let her handle the rest"

Sally smirked, and mock saluted, before going to do what Une practically ordered her to.

Lady Une sighed and looked at the pilots.

"You're all so complicated" she said lightly, half smiling, before also leaving the room.

Silence once again returned in the room.

"I hope everything will turn out alright" Quatre then finally whispered.

Relena was known as being strong. She tried to live up to that expectation. She was graceful, calm, gentle, and kind. But right now, she felt she was downright cold-hearted. She was doing paper work, in the room where her love of her life lied unconscious. She sighed. There was just no other option. She looked up from her made shift office to glance at Heero. Now and then he would stir and murmel. Sometimes he continued to toss, talk and frown until she came over and soothed him. She really hoped he would be all right... She refocused on the work that lied before her, it had to be done. She worked for three hours until Heero suddenly grunted. When she looked up she noticed he was having a nightmare. Worried, she immediately went to his side, and grabbed his hand. His hand closed over hers and she felt her cheeks grow hot at this display of affection. Hope blossomed in her chest, if only Heero would let her in. She wanted to help him, she wanted to heal his wounds. She wanted him to do the same to her, for she knew he was the only one who could. Minutes became hours and Relena fell asleep.

He didn't know what woke him, but he found himself once again in the comfortable bed. Slowly he opened his eyes, and for once found himself alone in the room. No, not alone. He glanced at the weight that had settled itself on his arm.


Did she stay with him the whole time?

The door opened, and Heero looked up to see Sally entering the room. When she saw he was awake she smirked.

"You just love to prove me wrong do you?" she teased, and went over to check his status. Heero looked at Relena again.

"She has been with you the whole time you know" Sally commented, answering his question without him saying anything. He slowly looked away from the sleeping Relena.

"How long have I been out?" he asked, his voice neutral as if he hadn't displayed so much emotion a few... hours? back.

"Five days"

Make that days. A few days back.

Suddenly Relena awoke. Her eyes slowly opened, and widened when she noticed he was awake. She got up and stared at Heero. He just stared back.

"Heero" she said softly.

"Relena" he answered. Was it just him, or did almost every conservation start with them uttering each other's names?

Suddenly Relena flung herself at him and hold him in a crushing hold. He blinked confused, and frowned when he heard her sniff softly. She was crying? He felt her hands grip the back of his shirt, and her head was buried in his neck.

"Please Heero" she pleaded softly, "please, allow me to help you. I will not be a bother, and I understand if you don't want to have me in your home. But we're really worried Heero. We all care about you, why won't you let us help you? Please, let me help you"

How did she know he knew everything? How did she know he overheard them talking about her moving in with him, when they thought he was asleep? Relena was trembling from emotions, and Heero closed his eyes in though. Slowly he relaxed, and one arm came up to embrace her. The other lay useless on the sheet, he wasn't ready to give in yet. Not again. But she needed him. But she seemed to be satisfied with his one arm hold, for her trembling lessened, and she stopped crying. But she refused to let him go.

Sally cleared her throat.

"I'll leave you two so you can talk" she said, and made a move to leave the room but Heero stopped her.

"You don't have to leave" he simply said, and Relena released him to look him in the eye. He stared at her while she sat on the bed, her eyes pleading with him. Begging him to let her in. How could he refuse? He didn't want to be alone anymore.

"It's fine"

Sally blinked, and Relena smiled.

"I-I tell the others, so that we can begin to move Relena's stuff" Sally stuttered, bewildered. And left to tell the others.

Relena reached over and took hold of his hands again.

"But on one condition"

Both girls froze.

"I want you to be my friend, that means not only listening but talking as well. If I am to let you in, I want you to do the same"

Relena smiled, and Sally sighed in relief.

"Deal" Relena responded, smiling.

And it was settled.

To be continued...

Well that's it again. I'm trying to update everything (I'm slow I know) thanks to all my reviewers, and I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Relena moving in wasn't my original thoughts. But this story kind of run off on me P It wasn't supposed to go this way, but I'm glad it did. I'm happy with it. And hey, it's what happens when you write on feeling.

Until next time.

Gasha Aisu.