(A/N I wrote this story because I thought it would be cute for a fic about Hiei and Yukina so if you like it you do if you don't then you do. Plus, I forgot that Yukina went to live with Kazuma at the end so umm this fics a little out of place,.

Yukina was sitting in her room thinking about her brother. Wondering if she would ever find him. She decided to write a letter to him and give it to him, when she found him.

She wrote:

Dear Brother,

It's been about a 1 ½ years since I started looking for you wondering if I'm ever going to find you. I'll give you this letter when I find you and hope you understand. I know a demon named Hiei who makes me think about you, I wish he was my brother, but I know when I find you I bet you'll be a good brother. Well that's what I wanted to say and now you're here with me.


Your Sister


Yukina decided to leave the ice world and go look for her brother again in the human world. Yusuke and Kazuma were playing a game of Blackjack and it was really intense, but Yusuke won and Kazuma didn't have anymore money left so he lost. Yukina knocked on Kazuma's door and Shizoru answered the door and told Yukina to come in. Kazuma saw her and ran over to her and hugged her. Yukina got a little scared, but she was ok. Kazuma asked her why she was here she said in a concerned way "To find my brother." Yusuke and Kazuma said they would help, but Yusuke knew he would have to lie to her if he saw Hiei or if she asked anything that had to do with Hiei. As they searched they made their way to the park and Yukina saw Hiei.

"Hey Hiei!" Yukina yelled. Hiei came over to talk to her.

"Yeah, Yukina what do you want?" Hiei asked.

"Will you help me find my brother?"

"No, sorry I can't"


"Because I have other things to do."

"Oh, well do you still the tear gem I gave you?"

"Yes, I wear it around my neck see," Hiei said as he showed Yukina, "It's my own little pendant."

"That's good well I'll go now ok," Yukina said as she ran off and her letter fell out of her pocket, but she didn't notice. Hiei started to yell for her but noticed it said to my brother on it. Hiei opened it and read it. After he was done he felt bad that he didn't tell her in the 1st place. So he sent Kurama to find her. Yukina was playing in some leaves with Kazuma when Kurama found her. So Kurama told her she was needed, because Hiei had to talk to her. Kurama took her back to the park where Hiei was waiting.

"Yes, Hiei I need to get back to Yusuke and Kazuma so we can find my brother of do you want to help me now?" Yukina said and asked Hiei.

"No, I found this," Hiei said as he showed Yukina the letter she wrote.

"Oh, thank you I need that when I find my brother," Yukina said as she took it back, "Thank you for giving it back to me."

"That's not all."

"It isn't."

"No, I have something I need to tell you its really important, well here goes Yukina I'm your brother Hiei."

"What! You are?"

"Yes and I'm sorry it's just I've had such a rejecting past and hard times that I didn't want you to hate me too."

"But you should have told me sooner then having me wait a year and a half."

"I know and I'm sorry will you forgive me?"

"Yes, all that matters is that I'm with my brother and I don't need to give the letter to you because you already read it."

"Yeah," Hiei said as Yukina cried and her tear gems were made and Hiei hugged her and said, "SHHH!!! Its alright I'm here now."

Then Yukina fell a sleep beside Hiei and Hiei fell a sleep too. "AWWW! That's so sweet finally brother and sister reunited and finally Yukina knows the truth," Kurama said as he looked up at the stars in the sky, that were above Yukina and Hiei and 2 stars looked like they were leaning against each other like siblings just like Hiei and Yukina were.