Someone Like Me

A/N: Before you read this, let me just say this. I know Raven and Beast Boy belong together. You've probably figured this out from my other stories. I'm just writing about if Raven fell in love with an original character of mine. So please don't tell me I'm making a big mistake doing this because I've already given you a disclaimer.

Thank you for your time.

"And hire a decorator to come here quick because, damn!"

The Titans were in the living room, watching Men in Black. Well actually, Raven was the only one in the room not watching it with the rest. She was on the loveseat reading The Dragonriders of Pern. Starfire had never seen the movie before, and everyone made it their mission to introduce her to one new movie a week. Last week it was The Ring. (Raven's choice.)

As they were watching the movie, the phone rang. Beast Boy got up to get it. "Hello? Hold on. Robin!" Robin walked over to the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello, Dick," said a deep voice on the other line. "Bruce, it's been a while. What's up?" asked Robin.

"I recently gave one of the employees who have worked at Wayne Enterprises for many years a big promotion and I'm holding a party at my mansion. Would you and the Titans be interested in attending?" he asked. "Hold on, let me check." He put the phone against his chest. "Hey guys, Bruce Wayne is holding a party of sorts at his mansion in Gotham City. Who wants to go?" Everyone said they would attend. Even Raven. Gotham was quite a gloomy place. "Sure Bruce. We'll be there," he said into the receiver. "Excellent. The party starts at eight tomorrow evening. I'll see you there. Oh, and wear some normal clothing. Don't worry, black tie is optional." And on that note, he hung up the phone.

Robin walked back over to the other Titans. "He said the party would be at eight o'clock tomorrow night. We should wear normal clothing. Beast Boy and Cyborg? Do the best you can." Starfire was excited. This gave her a reason to go to the shopping mall. Raven wasn't as into the idea of a party as the others. I'll just bring my book with me, she thought.

The next night approached, and the Titans (not in costume) got into the car and started the drive to Wayne Manor. Robin was looking forward to seeing his mentor again. Starfire was excited. She always liked meeting new people. Beast Boy was coming for the food. Cyborg came because he wouldn't trust anyone with the car. Raven was trying to read her book, squished in between Beast Boy and an excited, jumpy Starfire. About half an hour later, they arrived at the expansive gates of Wayne Manor.

They drove up to the callbox and pressed the button. "Alfred?" Robin called from the passenger seat. "Master Grayson, I'm glad you could make it," an old, familiar British voice said through the box. The gates opened and Cyborg drove into the property. He found a parking space next to a blue Escort with a Pimp My Ride bumper sticker on the back. They got out and Beast Boy noticed another sticker on the neighboring car. For Every Bush Vote, God Kills a Kitten. He thought that was hysterical. Then he realized he was laughing at dead kittens, and stopped immediately

They walked into the mansion and were immediately greeted by the sounds of people talking and laughing. Beast Boy and Cyborg went immediately towards the food. Starfire went and tried to introduce herself to as many people as possible. Robin went off looking for Bruce, and Raven? Raven was left all alone. She accidentally left her book in the car.

"May I have your attention please?" Bruce's voice echoed from the balcony. Everyone looked up as he continued. "I would like to congratulate Dana Carter. All his years of working for me have finally paid off." A few people laughed. "To Dana," Bruce said as he raised a glass of wine. "To Dana," the people shouted.

Raven walked over to where Beast Boy and Cyborg were stuffing their faces and got herself a glass of punch. She looked over her shoulder and noticed something. Sitting on one of the sofas at the other side of the room, was a boy about her age. He had brown hair that, the way he was sitting, covered on of his eyes and a Hard Times Café baseball cap. He was wearing dark blue jeans and a black shirt with a big Red Hot Chili Peppers symbol on the front of it. This was partially obscured because he was wearing a button shirt with the city of Philadelphia stitched above the breast pocket. He was busy over something, but she decided to go over and try to make conversation. At least there was someone else who at least seemed like they weren't having fun.

Raven walked over to him and as she got closer, she noticed that he was drawing something. Oh, she thought. He's an artist. She got there and stood in front of him, looking down at his drawing. It was of her. This was a surprise. This put her into a bit of a trance. Someone she had never met before liked her enough to draw her picture from the other side of the room. She snapped out of it and decided to talk to the boy. "I like your picture," she said in her usual monotone. "Thanks," he responded, still focused on his picture. "It's of that girl over-" he looked up and pointed to where Raven was. "There." He looked in front of him and saw Raven.

His eyes grew wide as he tried in a futile attempt to hide his drawing. "No, no, I like it," she told him. The boy turned a bit red. "It's not my best. I draw a lot better when the subject is relatively close to me." Raven smiled at sat down next to him. "My name is Raven," she said. The boy started shaking a bit. He never had much luck with girls. "Chris," he responded. There was a brief, uncomfortable pause. "So," Chris started, trying to break the silence. "What do you do you like to do in your free time?"

Don't mention the Teen Titans, she thought. "I like to read. Mostly mythical fantasy-type books. I meditate as well." Chris looks genuinely interested, Raven thought. "What about you?" she asked. "Well, I'm pretty sure I like drawing." She smiled. "I also like bike riding and reading as well. I'm also an actor. I've done a lot of community shows. I play the trumpet. I have for almost eight years." Raven was completely drawn in. He was a master of all trades. "Do you have a job?" he asked her. This caught Raven off guard. "Uh…no. I volunteer back home. I-I try to set criminals on the straight and narrow." Good cover. "That's so much cooler than me delivering pizzas," Chris responded. Raven let out a small laugh.

"So," Chris asked, feeling he could avoid the subject no longer. "Where's your boyfriend?" She looked at him. "What?" He turned red. "I'm sorry. I assumed that someone as beautiful as you would have a date. I didn't think you would come alone." Something stuck in Raven's mind. "Someone as beautiful as you." She looked at him. The last person who said this to her was actually an evil dragon. "You honestly think I'm beautiful? You don't think I'm creepy?" Chris laughed. "I dated a Goth chick that was much creepier looking than you ever will. You are much prettier and from what I've seen, much nicer." It was Raven's turn to blush a little.

"I'm here with a group of friends in my… organization back home," she finally responded to his question. "Are you here with anybody, Chris?" He shook his head. "I'm just here with my family. My dad is the one getting the promotion." "Congrats." Chris smiled. "Thanks." He pulled a hip flask out of his pocket and took a sip. Raven looked shocked. "You drink?" Chris nearly did a spit take. "No, no, this is apple juice. I don't trust beverages at parties. If you don't believe me, take a sniff." He handed the flask to Raven. It was in fact apple juice.

Robin walked up to the two teens. "Raven, we're going to be leaving soon." Raven looked up. "Okay R-Richard," she answered, almost saying Robin. "Hey," said Chris. "Is it alright if I take Raven home?" Raven's eyes grew. She didn't want him to find out she was a Teen Titan, but she did want to be with Chris. There was a great positive aura surrounding him. "Sure," she said before she realized it. Chris looked overjoyed. "I'll be right back. I just need to tell my parents." He ran off.

Robin looked at Raven. "You like him don't you?" he asked. She shook her head. "He's just someone I met," she said as her glass shattered. Robin smiled and walked off. Chris came back. "They said it was alright," he said as he walked up to Raven.

They walked out of the mansion saying goodbye to various people. As they walked to his car, Raven found herself wrapping her arm around Chris. Raven laughed a little as she saw his car. The blue Escort. She got in and they drove out of the Mansion parking lot. "Where do you live Raven?" he asked as he drove out of the Manor. "Jump City," she responded. "Okay, I know how to get there." They drove for a while talking about their lives (minus the Titans) and Chris pulled into the exit for Jump City. "Okay, now you'll have to direct me."

She directed him into the main part of town towards the docks. "Make a left here." Chris looked. "That's an alley," he responded. "Trust me." He turned into the alley and began to slow down as they approached the wall. "Don't," Raven said quietly. He looked and saw the wall disappear as they went into an underwater tunnel. Chris was amazed. He had never seen anything like this. They got out of the tunnel and were on an island with a big t-shaped building. Chris figured it out.

"You're a Teen Titan?" he asked. Raven looked a little guilty as she nodded. "I really like you Chris. I didn't tell you because I thought you would feel intimidated by that bit of information." Chris shook his head quickly. "Not at all. I think it's awesome. You do something to better the community. I wish I could do something like that." Raven smiled. "You made my evening better."

He looked at her. She started to get out of the car. "Wait!" Chris called. He reached in the backseat for the picture he was drawing. He made a few quick changes to it. He didn't notice the chakra at first. And he wrote something on the back. He handed the drawing to Raven. She took it and looked at the back: Call me sometime, please. 301-845-6707. She looked at him and smiled. She leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips. This took both of them by surprise.

She got out of the car, and they waved at each other as Chris drove away. She walked into the tower, ignoring the others and went straight to her room. She put the picture on her dresser and went to her corner to meditate, balancing her emotions.

Chris came home at about eleven. He was greeted by his dog, Fang. "Hey, girl," he said as he scratched her back. "Welcome home," he heard his mom say. "Where's dad?" he asked. "Upstairs. Who was the girl?" she asked. "Her name's Raven." His mom dropped her book. "The Titan?" Chris nodded. "You should hang out with them. You'd fit in well," she said in a hinting tone.

Chris walked into the kitchen and got an apple and a knife to cut it. "Come on mom, you know I'm not like them. I can't do what they do." He began cutting his apple. "Ow," he let out as he cut his thumb. The blood was trickling down the side of his thumb. He walked over to the sink and rinsed his bleeding thumb. But when he turned the water off, there was no cut at all. As if it didn't happen in the first place.