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The bell sounded as the students rushed out of their last class before Christmas break.

"Yes! Christmas break!" Odd shouted as he did a victory dance out the main door into the falling snow. The rest of the lyoko gang and other students followed his lead and made there way outside and began to talk about the holidays. "Here Einstein, catch!" laughed odd as he chucked a snowball straight at Jeremie. The ball of snow hit him in the face leaving a dumbfounded Jeremie standing in the snow. Aelita began to giggle causing Jeremie to pick up snow and shove it in her face. Soon, the whole Lyoko gang was throwing snow at each other. Ulrich picked up some snow and prepared himself to throw it at Yumi, but the raven-haired girl saw this coming as ducked letting the flying snowball hit Emily directly in the head. She shrieked loudly and then picked up a snowball and launched it at Herb. This caused a chain reaction and before it could be stopped, the school grounds were a Warfield.

After thirty minutes of being covered with snow, the soaked gang retreated to their dorm. (except for Yumi who went to Aelita's .) After everyone changed into dry clothes, (Yumi brought some from her house to school that day) they went to eat dinner in the cafeteria. After sitting down and beginning to eat, Ulrich heard an annoying, familiar voice approaching.

"Oh Ulrich dear!"

"Oh great," he muttered under his breath as Sissi and her gang approached the table.

"Ulrich dear, I finally convinced Daddy to have a Christmas dance this year, it's on Friday," Sissi started. "And I know you're just dieing to ask me so I thought I would save you the trouble by just telling you I'll be glad to go with you," she said as she flipped her hair.

"First of all, I wouldn't go to a dance with you in a million years. Second, don't call me dear!" Ulrich shouted.

"I know you want to go with me!" she argued. "You're just not going to admit it because she's here!" she said as she pointed a finger at Yumi. With that, she stomped away from the table.

"When will she ever leave me alone?" Ulrich moaned.

In Ulrich and Odd's dorm

Ulrich sat on his bed as Odd played with Kiwi.

"So who are you asking to the dance?" Ulrich asked.

"I'm going to ask Sam," replied Odd with a grin on his face. "So are you going to ask Yumi?" Ulrich blushed. Odd noticed this and continued. "You know, she probably likes your just as much as you like her. You need to say something to her about it! This is taking forever! We all know you guys like each other so why don't you just fess up?"

Ulrich turned a deeper shade of red. "What if she doesn't like me though?" Ulrich thought out loud. "Call her and ask he to the dance already!" Odd complained.

After several minutes of thinking, Ulrich said, "I'll ask her…um...later."

"Ulrich, you have left me no choice," said Odd as he got off the bed. He walked over to the desk, grabbed Ulrich's mobile and dialed Yumi's number.

"What are you doing?" Ulrich shouted as he failed to snatch the phone away from Odd.

Yumi's POV

'I hate homework,' Yumi sighed to herself as she sat on her bed. Then her cell phone began to ring. She picked it up.




"Er, hi Yumi,"

"Oh hi Ulrich!" She smiled. "What's up?"

"Well, I was…er…um…I was wondering if you wanted to go to the dance with me on Friday?"

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