Story Notes: Set post Divide and Conquer and pre-glow-in-the-dark Daniel (Meridian). 'Ship heavy: JackSam, DanielJanet, with the whole Freya/Anise thing tossed in.

A/N: This was written for my fluffsmut-mentor, my 'shipfic-muse, the irrepressible, amazing, subtext-reading Lyss.

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Jack crouched down as he crept through the dense trees. Carter was off to his left, Daniel and Teal'c not far behind. They were about an hour away from the 'gate when they heard the first sounds of civilization. Unfortunately, those first sounds were of gunfire, and they were near at hand.

Jack signaled his team to stop and take cover. Heavy footsteps were coming directly at them. Two figures crashed through the brush near Carter's position, falling in a heap a few meters away. Their pursuer came to a halt, weapon raised.

"You needn't die, old man," he said threateningly, "Just give up the girl."

The old man scrambled to his feet, careful to keep his body between the young woman and their attacker. "Please," he begged, "do not hurt her. She is an innocent child."

"The Protectors do not care about what she has or hasn't done," the attacker replied. "It is what she is. You know she must be eliminated. Step away and save yourself. I will not warn you again."

Carter glanced at Colonel O'Neill with an expression that conveyed her desire to act. He signaled her not to break cover.

"Please," the old man pleaded, "let me take her away. I will make certain she is never seen again."

The attacker opened fire, tearing a hole in the old man's chest. He fell, landing atop the panicking girl and knocking her to the ground. The attacker took aim at the girl's head.

Sam's reaction was instant and automatic. In a single motion she stood, raised her weapon and fired. She hit her mark, but too late discovered he wasn't alone. Return fire came from behind the attacker's position, from a man in identical clothes. Soldiers, was the last thought Sam registered as she fell.

Before Sam hit the ground, Teal'c had taken the second soldier out with a blast from his staff weapon. "Dammit!" Jack yelled, moving to Sam's side. At least she was still breathing. "You two secure the area, I'll see to Carter."

Daniel and Teal'c cautiously assessed the area for further threats. Finding none, Teal'c stood guard as Daniel approached the old man and the girl. The old man's injuries were severe; his breathing was labored and he was bleeding heavily. The girl showed no visible injuries, yet appeared to be in great pain.

"Take her, hide her," the old man groaned as Daniel approached. "Please, she is the last of her kind."

"Be still," Daniel said, kneeling next to him. "Let me see what I can do about your wounds."

"Leave me," the old man insisted, pushing Daniel's hand away. "There is no time. More will come. They will not rest until Ana'lyss is dead."

"Why?" Daniel asked. He looked at the young woman. She appeared to be in her late teens. She was clearly terrified and in pain.

The old man choked and coughed. His breathing was growing raspy. "She is a Kishnath, a Revealer. All have been slaughtered except Ana'lyss. Please, she is innocent. You must save her!"

"Okay, okay," Daniel soothed, "we'll take her with us. Don't worry, she'll be safe."

"Give her your hand," the old man whispered. Daniel extended his hand to Ana'lyss and she cautiously grasped it. She closed her eyes for a moment, then moved to Daniel's side, clinging to his arm with both hands.

"You are a good man," the old man whispered. "You must be honest with her always. You must allow her touch..."

"Teal'c, Daniel! We've got to get Carter out of here," Jack yelled. "Now!

"Go," the old man groaned. Daniel took Ana'lyss and ran.

Carter had been hit in the neck. Fortunately, the major arteries had been missed, but she was still loosing a lot of blood. Jack had cleaned the wound, applied a pressure bandage, and checked for fractures and other injuries. Now he just had to get her home.

Teal'c, Daniel, and Ana'lyss approached. "What are you doing with the kid, Daniel?" Jack asked.

"Saving her from genocide, apparently. Do we have time to stand here and argue about it?" Daniel asked in that sweet, innocent tone he reserves solely to get under Jack's skin.

"Teal'c, Carter is in and out of consciousness. Can you manage her?" With Teal'c, O'Neill often ordered by way of asking. He didn't wait for an answer. "Daniel, take the girl and get moving." They quickly moved out, with Jack bringing up the rear.