Logan had come home that night of the shopping disaster frustrated and a little tired. He was glad that classes weren't running anymore as it gave him time to finally get drunk, relax, and forget about presents and gift giving without having to keep up and appearance for children. What was so special about gift giving anyway? All those useless gifts would be standing around year after year, collecting dust until they were given to someone else as gift as a way to make space for the newest dust collector. It seemed like a useless tradition.

Logan avoided Kurt for the next few days as well, he didn't want to hear one more "vere's" or "vat's" or see a tail waving around his face until Christmas was over. Logan went so far as to skip several training sessions over the holidays. Logan's excuse when questioned by Scott was "It's the holidays", although just about everybody knew that Logan didn't want to be in the same room as Kurt. An ironic twist as it was Kurt who was being avoided instead of Logan this time around.

Surprisingly though, Kurt was taking the harsh treatment from Logan well. Kept smiling, cracking jokes, and always had a twinkle in his eye. Logan didn't notice it, nor did he care, peace and quiet was basically the only thing on his mind.

Logan got his quiet, but certainly not his peace. Logan became more and more restless as the hours passed, bringing him closer and closer to Christmas Day. Logan, more often than not, found himself wondering if should have just stolen all those teddy bears and gave everybody one. Even Scott. It would have been something to ease the guilt gnawing at the back of his mind once more.

Logan lay awake on his bed Christmas Eve. He had dozed off periodically only to find himself awake starring at the alarm clock, where the time seemed to only jump forward in twenty minute intervals. 10:50, 11:10, 11:30, 11:50, 12:10, Christmas Day. Logan didn't bother trying to fall back asleep again, he knew he wasn't going to be able to. He threw his legs over the side of his bed and got up.

Logan grabbed a pack of cigarettes and a lighter before heading out of his room and downstairs, if he wasn't going to be able to sleep the night away, he could at least smoke some of it away. As Logan got to the main floor his senses became alert when rustling was heard from the main sitting area. He dropped his smokes and light and slowly and silently, popped his claws, minimizing the unsheathing sound they usually made. Logan crouched and crept along a wall towards the room, claws poised to attack and listening carefully for the rustling. Logan got to a door frame and inched as close as he could, not letting any part of himself become visible. He inhaled deeply to see if it was simply some kid who couldn't sleep and wanted to open his present early. Unfortunately, the heating system was blowing warm air in the wrong direction, preventing Logan from getting a clue as to who it could be in the other room. Logan, knowing that not much in the world could hurt him or outrun him, decided that leaping into the other room and scaring the poor sod would be the best course of action.

"AHH!!!" Logan yelled at the top of his lungs, making the person jump fifteen feet into the air, and onto the ceiling.

"AHHHH!!!!" Came the reply from a very frightened and blue man, clinging to the rafters of the main sitting room.

It took Logan a few seconds to realize that the person rummaging around the room was, in fact, Kurt. Logan breathed a sigh of relief and re-sheathed his claws, but he couldn't help but ask, "Kurt, what the devil are you doing?"

"Me!?" Kurt asked in an indignant tone, "What am I doing here? What are you doing here? What were you trying to do to me?"

"Sorry Kurt, I thought there was a troublemaker here." Logan apologized, it was an honest mistake.

"Troublemaker," Kurt muttered, shook his head, and dropped back down to the floor.

Kurt walked over to the fifteen foot Christmas tree that was propped up against the wall opposite the television. It had a mess of decorations hanging from it; most of them put up around the bottom half of the tree. There was cookie decorations Rogue had slaved over, of which most had been eaten by the end of the first week the tree had been put up. Several chains of lights had been strung around the tree, with light bulbs ranging from pink to white to green. A mass of paper decorations had been hung on the first two levels of branches. The younger students had had a craft day several weeks ago where a number of different ornaments were created, most of the asymmetrical and lacked colour coordination.

As a person looked higher up the tree, the decorations became normal and organized, with glass decorations and solid chains of lights. Logan noticed that the tree top decoration had been switched from a skinny star to an angel, with flowing red hair. Logan took a step forward to inspect the decoration closer and nearly fell as he stumbled over a box with a large bow on top of it. He picked it up and red the tag attached to it, "To: Rogue, From: Logan". Logan was too stunned to speak, he didn't buy the present.

"Verdammter kister! Wo ist das Band?" Kurt muttered to himself rooting through a pile of presents.

"Kurt?" Logan asked hesitantly.

"What?" He replied, somewhat irritably.

"Did you do this?" Logan asked, holding up the box.

"No, Santa Clause did." Kurt replied without looking up, this time rooting through a pile of wrapping paper, "Aha! Here it is!" Kurt held up a spool of yellow wrapping ribbon.

"Where did you get all these presents from?" Logan asked, setting the box down and walking over to where Kurt was working.

"I bought them." Kurt replied, "On "

"Kurt, that's impossible. You grew up in a circus, how do you know how to use a computer, much less know how to navigate the internet?" Logan asked suspiciously.

"I had Professor Xavier help me." Kurt replied and began fighting with the ribbon. It would not stay tied.

Logan took a deep breath, "Why are you doing this Kurt? Why are you going through all this trouble for people you barely know and are scared of you most of the time?"

Kurt let the ribbon go and stopped fidgeting, "In the circus, most of us were vary poor, and we could not buy each other gifts very often, not even for birthdays. We saved all the money we found for a Christmas present, even though it was going to be a small trinket. It showed not that we could keep up appearances, but that we thought about each other, that we were in each other's hearts. Because the worst thing in the world is not to have people curse you or hate you, but to forget about you, because that's like never having existed."

Logan couldn't quite believe what had been said had been said by Kurt. Logan forgot easily that Kurt was actually a man, close to Scott's age, but could act so childlike with his high energy and enormous optimism. But what Kurt said, it struck a cord with Logan: he had essentially not existed for years himself until he came to live and teach in the mansion.

Logan sat down beside Kurt and immediately tied the ribbon Kurt had fought with. He supposed it had something to do with the fact that he had five fingers instead of three.

The two sat in silence for a long while, not sure what to say. They worked on wrapping the numerous presents Kurt had bought, Kurt wrapping the presents and Logan tied the ribbons and then Kurt writing a tag to the gift's receiver and giver. Sometimes it was Kurt's name as the giver, other times it was Logan's name. Not that Logan objected.

When the two of them finished it was around four in the morning. The pile beneath the tree looked spectacular, with a number of presents going to every occupant in the institute. Logan felt satisfied, or rather, that was the only word he could think of to somewhat describe what he felt. Logan mused that this feeling might be the "warm fuzzies" Jubilee sometimes spoke about.

Logan looked over the scene again, "Nice work Kurt."

When Logan didn't hear a reply he turned around the room to see where Kurt had gotten off to. He didn't look far as Kurt had fallen asleep on the couch immediately. Logan found a blanket in the chair kitty corner to the couch and threw it over him.

"Merry Christmas Kurt," Logan said, and walked back to his room to fall into his own bed and finally get a good night's sleep.