Authors Note: Oks, quick little thing before I get on with this story. It originally started out because I got tried of reading all these Omi gets raped stories that end up with one of the Weiss members getting together with Omi and everyone living happily ever after. Now that isn't to say I don't like yaoi. I do, something kinky about two guys (or girls) making out and all that fun stuff. I just thought I'd spice things up for once. And I was getting bored at work.

Summary: A mission to destroy a sexual cult goes horribly wrong, and ends up with Omi being violated. Feeling confused and violated, Omi starts down the path of suicide and the others are left to try and save him before it is too late and Omi is lost for good.

Das Kätzchen, Dass in der Dunkelheit Verloren Ging

Chapter One: Loss of Innocence

"Wakie, wakie. You don't want to miss the ceremony." Spoke a joker-ish voice of a male. Ken opened his eyes to see that the man had spoke's outfit matched his voice. It was much like that of a medial joker.

Ken attempted to rub the burliness from his eyes, only to realize that his arms were chained above his head. As such he was unable to move them.

"What sick ceremony might that be?" Came Aya's voice from next to Ken. Hearing his voice, Ken glanced to both of his other sides to see if Omi or Youji were also hanging from the wall. He couldn't see either one in the dark.

"My mistress will show, my mistress will show.." the jester sang disappearing into a curtain of darkness. There was a long silence between Aya and Ken.

"Did you see Bombay or Balinese get out?" The Weiß leader asked.

Ken shook his head, "No I didn't, and I take it you didn't either," he said in a defeated tone.

Once again the room became quiet as neither spoke. Every so often there would be a sound of chains moving as the two assassins tried to keep circulation in their arms. Footsteps and voices could be faintly heard in the background. Probably getting ready for whatever this ceremony was to be. They already had a good idea as to what it might entail.

The mission for that night was to infiltrate and assassinate the leaders of a religious cult that used children of any age or sex in its sexual sacraments as the group referred to the raping as. All had been going well too, at least till the cult members were suddenly wearing gas masks. Gas masks are never EVER a good thing, especially as sleeping gas was released, and thus how Ken and Aya had wound up hanging from a wall.

Youji and Omi had been further back down the hall when the gas knocked the two members out cold. Hopefully, they had been backing far enough to miss the gas and get out. Ken also hoped the other two members of Weiß were working on a way to get them out. His shoulders were really beginning to hurt.

Bright overhead lights turned on to reveal a stage with a low raised platform on it. A woman walked out onto the stage wearing a white gown. Both assassins recognized her as the cult's leader who simply called herself Dove.

"Good evening gentleman." She spoke directly towards them. "Your appearance tonight took us by surprise. You succeed in releasing tonight's sacrifice. No need to worry though. You seem to have given us a very good replacement. Much better than the boy that was to be used tonight." Dove smiled at them, and not the nice friendly smile either.

Dove disappeared before either was able to question what exactly she meant. A few minutes later, she reappeared followed by other cult members all dressed in white cloaks with their hoods up, making it hard to see their faces. Ken heard Aya gasp next to him, which he thought was highly unlike him, till he noticed what Aya had and gasped as well.

The last two monks were carrying another one that appeared to be knocked out. They had pulled back the hood to reveal Omi's sleeping face. Dove laughed as she watched the emotions flash over their faces.

"Beautiful is he not?" she stated voice filled with venom. "Perfect. Absolutely perfect." She stated, holding Omi's face as if it was some priceless jewel.

Aya sworn under his breath and the way she was holding him. With a motion of Dove's hand the cloak is taken off of the boy as he is laid upon the table. Not surprisingly he wasn't wearing anything underneath and was chained arms and legs onto the table. Ken closed his eyes not wanting to look. The cult Dove ran believed the only true way to communicate with God was though sexual pleasure. As she was God's messenger on earth, it was her duty to communicate with God. As much as neither wanted to watch, they just couldn't take their eyes away.

One of the cloaked figures stepped forward and removed Dove's dress, while another pulled out a needle and injected the contents into Omi's arm. A prayer was spoken as the woman startled herself on top of Omi. He moved groaning slightly but there was no true response from the boy. He continued to lie there limply on the table. She began to do things that both men rather not to have ever seen. The teen only tried to fight her off once but stopped once one of the monks ejected something into the boy's arm causing his to lie still once more.

Dove paid little notice to whatever resistance Omi had given her, and continued with her part of the ritual. At least till wire somehow found its way around Dove's neck. Within a few moments, Dove had collapsed dead onto Omi.

It took the cult member's present a moment to realize what had really happened, but the six of them were quickly taken care of by Yohji as well. He searched the dead members and found a set of keys. He unlocked Omi's arms and legs from the chains binding him to the table and shoved Dove's now dead body off of the boy. The smoker jumped off the stage and proceeded to release Aya and Ken next.

"Damn it Yohji! Couldn't you of gotten here any sooner?" Ken shouted at him as his arms where released and his feet finally touched the floor once more.

"Sorry, I tried. It wasn't easy saving your asses alone." Yohji retorted at Ken.

"How is Omi?" Aya asked paying little attention to the fight.

Yohji remained silent as he glanced back over toward where Omi lay, curled into a ball shivering slightly. "Hard to say. I think he's in shock at the moment." Aya nodded picking up his sword and tossing Ken his own weapon, which had been left in front of them.

"Let's get him home and burn this place." Ken stated jumping onto the stage. He placed his hand on Omi's shoulder and tried looking into his eyes. He was only met by a silent, blank stare that didn't seem to recognize who or what he was looking at.

"Put him in this." Aya told Ken throwing him the white cloak Omi had been brought out in.

Ken did as Aya told him. He slipped Omi's arms into the sleeves and there was still little response from Omi. It was almost as if a rag doll had been replaced with Omi's body. Not even bothering to see if Omi would walk, Ken lifted him into his arms and passed him down the Yohji and jumped off the stage. Aya, on his way out, knocked over a few candles that had been placed on the stage. Soon, the curtains ignited and spread quickly through the building. By that time, the boys of Weiss began to drive away.

No doubt the incident would be ruled a ritual suicide by the police and news reporters. That didn't matter much though at the moment. The mission was complete.

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