Ch 1- Kings Cross

Ron Weasley hopped off the Hogwarts express, closely followed by his sister and two best friends. Mrs.Weasley was waiting for them with a broad grin on her face.

"Ron, Ginny!" she said pulling her two children into a tight embrace, knocking the wind out of both of them.

"Oh Harry dear!" she exclaimed bustling over to him and hugging him. Harry was so thankful for Mrs. Weasley. She was the closet thing he ever had as a mother, and he knew Mrs. Weasley considered him as one of her own sons.

"And Hermione!" she said letting Harry breath again and pulling Hermione into a tight hug. "Oh I've missed you all so much!" she told them, still holding onto Hermione. Hermione was turning a light shade of purple and glanced at Ron with a pleading look.

"Mum. Mum! You're going to suffocate her!"

"Oh! I'm sorry dear!" Hermione just gave her a weak smile and nodded her head, returning to normal color again.

"Oh Harry those are your aunt and uncle aren't they?" Mrs. Weasley asked. Harry followed her eyes and sure enough, there were the Dursley's looking as annoyed as ever, glancing fearfully as if someone was going to scold them for being there. Harry nodded grimly.

"Oh, you better be off." Mrs. Weasley said sadly. Again, Harry nodded grimly. Hermione hugged him goodbye.

"We'll see you soon, I promise." she said. "Don't forget to write!"

"I won't."

"I promise you Harry, you'll be out of there by your birthday." Said Ron, clapping Harry on the back.

"Well, see you then." Harry said walking away. Ron and Hermione waved and then turned to look across at their parents who were deep in conversation. Then they turned back towards each other.

"I apologize in advance for my dad bombarding your parents with questions about muggles." Ron said with a grin. Hermione laughed. Ron loved watching her laugh. Especially when it was he who made her laugh.

"No, no, don't apologize! My parents think it's quite funny actually!" said Hermione still laughing. Ron smiled again. Hermione melted unwillingly.

"We have to go in five minutes." Hermione's mother said. She nodded.

"Oh, poor Harry," Hermione said, "I'm worried about him, with Sirius and all. I'm gonna miss him."

"He'll be fine," replied Ron, "he's tough." Hermione half smiled, half frowned.

"I'm gonna miss you too ya know." she then stepped forward and wrapped her arms around him. Ron went to pat her on the head but stopped himself and hugged her back.

"Yeah, I'm gonna miss you too Hermione" he said. He expected her to let go of him now as she had done Harry, but she didn't. Ron didn't care though. He had no desire to let go either. Finally, after another moment or two, she stepped back. Ron noticed her eyes were slightly glistened with tears.

"Mum said Harry could come to the burrow on his birthday- Dumbledore's orders, but maybe you could come a week earlier- I mean, that is if you want to, you probably want to spend time with your family, but-"

"Oh, I'd love to Ron!" Hermione said a little more excitedly than she meant to.

"Really?" Ron said.

"Hermione, time to go!"

"Coming Mum. Well I have to go."

"I'll send you an owl with the date!"

"Okay." said Hermione and standing on tip-toe she kissed Ron on the cheek and quickly walked away. Ron stood there unable to take in what had just happened. Ron mentally slapped himself. "So what?" he asked himself inside his head. "She's done that before, and Harry too. Besides, who cares?" But as Ron turned to walk back towards his family, he couldn't help but to think, "She didn't kiss Harry goodbye."