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A Teen Titans / Justice League Unlimited Crossover

Chapter One: Home Amung the Stars

"You what?"

Tired cerulean eyes meet the masked ones. "I want to move out of the Tower," Terra repeated. The reaction from Robin was to be expected, of course. He had spun around in his chair, staring at her in shock.

"Why?" he demanded at once.

Rubbing her upper left arm with her right hand, Terra looked down at the ground. "I just don't feel like I belong here…I need time away from you guys…"

"Of course you belong here!" argued Robin. "You're a Titan!"

"I know. But…Robin, as much as I enjoy being with the Titans, it just feels…wrong. I mean, I appreciate everything you guys have done: reversing the stone effect and bring me back, letting me stay here-"

"Terra, we're not just letting you live here, we want you to live here. You're our friend, and comrade."

Looking up, she smiled softly. "It means a lot to hear those words, it really does. But…actions speak louder than words."

Closing her eyes, she leaned back in her chair. The only sounds around her were the faint blipping sound from the controls and her breathing. She was alone on the ship; which was flying on autopilot. In space, it was empty and it made her feel even more alone. Opening her eyes, she looked up at the clock above her. It was keeping track of how long it would take her to reach her destination: ten minutes and thirty-seven seconds.

"It won't be long now…" Terra said to herself. In ten minutes her new life would begin, away from the Titans. Inside, she felt a sharp pain in her heart, but it couldn't be helped.

"Incoming transmission." Stated the monotone computer voice, shaking her from her thoughts.

"Oh, okay. Uh…put it through?" She had never been in a space ship before and knew flat out squat about the technology that went with it. The screen in front of her changed from showing her the area outside to a desperate looking Beast Boy.

"Terra! Please come back!"

She felt the pain once more, looking into his eyes. Trying her best to smile, she replied, "You know I can't…not now, anyway." The smile never reached her eyes.

"But, why? We've all forgiven you about the whole Slade thing!" pleaded the changeling. "I've forgiven you! Isn't that enough?"

"I know you have," she replied quietly. "But…deep down, there are scars from it that will take time heal, if they ever do." Her hand rested over her chest, continuing, "I won't be gone forever. Besides, we can also contact each other through these transmissions."

"It's not the same though. I already miss you so much!"

Tears were threatening to fall as they framed her lashes. Terra blinked them away. "I…I miss you too…but this is for the best."


"I swear I'll come back to the Tower someday. I just need time…that's all. It hurts…it hurts so much…"

"…you're welcome to come back whenever you want. I mean, it wouldn't take Cy long to change the course of the ship!"

"Beast Boy, I promise I'll come back. Please, just honor me this one request, that's all I'm asking."

"…just, call in when you're settled, all right? Robin said he wanted to talk to Batman when you do."

"Sure thing."

"And, Terra?"


"Take care, 'kay?"

"I will."

The channel closed, leaving Terra, once again, alone in the ship. Closing her eyes, she felt the warm tears streaming down her face. "I'm sorry…" she whispered softly.

"Two minutes before reaching destination," stated the computer.

"I'm so sorry, Beast Boy…but I have to do this. I can never forgive myself for what I've done to you and the others…" Her hand closed around the fabric of the shirt. "I need to do this…" She fell silent, listening to the blipping and her breathing. Outside, the Watch Tower loomed above the small craft, one of the ports opening slowly ready to accept her inside.

- - -

"Okay…you can do this Terra," she breathed, grasping her duffel bag for comfort. She was standing in front of the door that separated her from the ship with the Watch Tower. In just mere moments, she would be entering a whole new place where (hopefully) no one knew who she was. "They shouldn't…" the teen muttered to herself, watching as the counter tick away the seconds before the door opened. "I told Robin to be sure no one found anything of it on my files…"

Yet, she was still nervous and scared. This was her chance to start anew but already she was calculating the number of ways this could go wrong.

"Just take a deep breath," Terra ordered herself. "One step at a time…first, just get off this ship." With that, the timer blinked zero and the door unlocked, a hissing sound filling the air as it slid open. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, Terra opened them and stepped off the ship.

"Ack!" Her foot, expecting a solid floor to land firmly upon met nothing. Waving her arms frantically, Terra's eyes widened as she fell forward and met the cold metal face-first. It took her a few seconds to recover before pulling herself up to rest on her knees, rubbing her face, wincing.

"Are you all right?"

A shadow fell over Terra as she looked up, still nursing her bruised nose. "I'll be fi…ine…" Her eyes locked with a pair of emerald ones. Orange hair fell over her newcomer's shoulders, the woman looking down at her with concern. A pair of magnificent wings emerged from the woman's shoulder blades, folded at the moment.

"Need a hand?" She extended a hand to Terra, smiling a bit now. Terra nodded blankly, accepting her hand. Terra felt herself being pulled up and onto her feet.

"T-thank you," Terra stammered.

"You sure you're going to be okay? That was a bit of fall there!"

"Oh-yah! Sure, I'll be fine!' The teen laughed a bit, scratching her cheek with her finger and looking away, "I've had worse…"

"I'm sure you have." Reaching down, the woman picked up Terra's bag and held it out to her. "Here, this is yours."


"It's Terra, right? Terra Markov?"

"Just Terra, please," she insisted, her grip tightening around the handle. "Were you, waiting for me?"

The winged-woman nodded, placing a hand on Terra's shoulder. "My name is Shayera, I'll be training you for as long as you stay here."

'Shayera…it sounds familiar…' Terra could have sworn Robin mentioning that time once…Shayera was gently steering Terra out of the hanger and into the hallway. As they did, Terra noticed mix expressions from others as they walked by: some waved, some eye her warily while others simply ignored her.

"Batman had spoken to Robin and had set up your stay here," explained Shayera. "From what Robin told him, you're a very special girl."

Stopping dead in her tracks, Terra looked at her, eyes wide. "What do you mean…special?" To her shock, Terra saw Shayera's face soften and a soft chuckle escape her lips. Then, she started walking away.

"You're not the only one has ever labeled a traitor and betrayer. Come on, let me show you to your quarters."

Originally I was going to have Terra train with Diana (Wonder Woman), but after watching last night's episode of Justice League: Unlimited, it fit better to have her train with Shayera (HawkGirl).

A little vague and short now, but I promise it will get better with longer chapters soon.

Reviews are always welcomed.

Mae Crawford