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A Teen Titans/Justice League: Unlimited Crossover

Chapter Two: Birds of a Feather

"You'll have to decide on a code to use to lock your room, whenever you leave it," explained Shayera as she opened the door. "It's been open for a while, but now it's yours." The door slid open and the winged-woman stepped inside with Terra following her.

It was much: just a bed, desk and chair, a nightstand and closet. Shayera stood off to the side as terra walked over to the bed, resting her bag on top of it. "It's small, but-"

"It's fine," Terra interrupted, smiling. "I don't need a lot."

Titling her head slightly, Shayera returned the smile. "Well, I'll let you unpack. How about, in a half-hour I'll come back and give you a tour?" Terra nodded and with that, Shayera gave her small wave before leaving the room, the door sliding shut behind her.

Unzipping her duffel bag, the blonde began to unpack her few belongings; mostly clothes and a few trinkets. Her khakis and jean shorts were set off to the side, followed by her t-shirts and long-sleeved ones. An extra pair of gloves, socks, under things came next. Buried beneath all this, she paused, her eyes flickering pain.

Very carefully and tenderly, she picked up the small, heart-shaped box Beast Boy had given to her. Standing there, she held it to her chest, lowering her head a bit and closing her eyes.

"Beast Boy…" she whispered, tears framing her lashes.


When Shayera returned, she found Terra lying on her back on the bed, asleep. On the nightstand was the heart-shaped box as well as her goggles while the duffel bag was partially sticking out from under the bed. There no other signs than that that the girl had unpacked her belongings.

'Poor thing…' Shayera thought, feeling a pang of sympathy for the child as she saw Terra's tear-stained sleeping face. She jumped a bit when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Blinking in surprise, she recognized J'onn standing there.

"How is she doing?" His voice was soft and low.

"Exhausted," replied Shayera, looking back to Terra. "She took a bit of a fall before, getting off the ship."

J'onn's blank red eyes looked to the sleeping girl for a moment. "She's young…younger than Supergirl."

"But she's been through hell and back," Shayera's eyes were soft. "I saw the pain in her eyes. She's betrayed and been betrayed…she's killed and has been hunted…" Folding her arms over her chest, she shook her head. "She's too young J'onn…too young to have been through so much…"

"So you know of her past?"

"Only a little, just what Robin had told Batman. He relayed it to me after words."

"What do you know of?"

Leaning against the wall, she replied softly, "Mudslides, avalanches, earthquakes…she was responsible for so many natural disasters and yet she had no control over her powers. Accidents, they were all accidents…" Closing her eyes for a moment, she sighed. "And, at one point when the Titans had taken her in, she had betrayed them, sold them out to a madman who called himself 'Slade'. That's…all Robin said."

Silence fell, as Shayera said nothing more. She simply watched her trainee sleep in what she hoped was a peaceful slumber.

"I will tell the others that she needs this night to herself," J'onn broke the silence. Shayera looked to him, understanding what he meant. The other members of the original League had wanted to meet Terra ask her questions as to why she wanted to come here and join.

Smiling appreciatively, Shayera nodded. "Thank you."

"Though, I would like to speak to her myself," the Martian looked at Terra. "You know I must inquire her about her past."

"J'onn…you're the only one I would ever trust with such a fragile matter. I'll tell her when she wakes up."

He nodded before leaving, the door sliding shut.

"So…I can't keep any secrets, eh?"

Shayera looked over at Terra. She was on her side, her back to her. Crossing the room quietly, she stood by the bed, looking down at Terra. "You're awake…how long-"

"Just enough," Terra was staring at the wall, her face slightly pale. One fist was clenched, ungloved; laying in front of her while her other hand was under her head. "What Robin told you…that's all I want to tell; I'm not saying anything more."

Shayera's first instinct was to touch Terra's arm, in motherly assurance, but as she reached out, she cringed and pulled back. She saw in the girl's eyes a painful, longing regret that she knew all too well. Hand falling to her side, she said instead, "J'onn is going to do nothing more than scan your memories. You can trust him."

Sitting up, fists clenched on her lap, Terra glared at Shayera. "I don't want anyone poking around in my mind! You already know all that needs to be known!"

"If you want to stay here in the Watch Tower, you have open up, even if it hurts!" argued Shayera.

"I've been hurt enough already!"

"You think that pain will go away?" demanded the Thanagarian. "Do you really think as time goes on, it will just fade away? Do you?" Her eyes were narrowed in frustration, hands balled up into fists at her side. "It will never go away!"

"I know that!" Terra shouted furiously. She clutched the fabric of her shirt over her chest. "I just want to forget!"

"You can never forget!" Shayera was inches from Terra's face. "No matter what happens you will never forget!"

"I want this pain to end!"

"As do I! But there is no salvation for those who have betrayed and have been betrayed! There is only acceptance and the memory of it!"

"I don't want to accept! I just want to-"

Terra froze as Shayera slapped her. She blinked as she felt the sting on her cheek before staring up at Shayera in surprise. The older woman was frowning; her hand stilled raised back from the slap. "Child, if you're going to train with me, you need to understand that the pain you feel right now, it will go away. It's superficial. But the scars of your past, that will never ever fade. I know this. All too well."

Dumbfounded, Terra simply stared.

"Again, J'onn is simply going to scan your memories. He will not tell anyone else in the League if you wish that to be the case." Shayera's voice grew gentle, her expression softening as she knelt down so that she was eye-level with the teen. "I know this tough for you, I honestly do." Brushing away some blonde strands that fell over Terra's face as a mother would for her daughter, she continued. "You're here because you want help to hide from your past. That won't happen. But, I can help you move on and grow from it. You can trust me, Terra, I know what you're going through."

Without warning, Terra threw her arms around her, sobbing into her bare shoulder, her body shaking. For a split second, Shayera was surprised by this action. Then, she wrapped her arms around the girl in a comforting hug, resting her cheek on top of Terra's head.

"There, there."

I'm sorry this has been taking me a while to write. My inspiration for this has been going on and off, but I am determined to finish this and System. To my few reviewers, thank you so much for your comments. It really makes me happy knowing that this story is being read and enjoyed. -grins- Thanks so much!