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Just Desserts Chapter 4: Forgive and Forget?

Kagome stood at the doorway, tapping her foot as the cool air entered her apartment. Inuyasha stood there quietly and anxiously awaiting the answer. His cold eyes were soft for the first time and held a glint of hope. He cleared his dry throat, hoping to get Kagome's attention.

"You wanna come in?" she asked for an answer, not an invitation. Inuyasha just cocked his head, not really sure of what to say. If he declined, Kagome could become ever more mad, but if he agreed, she'd feel she had to let him in.

"Sure, if you don't mind."

"Miko powers or not Kikyo could'nt have taken you down." Kagome said cooly, brushing her hair behind her shoulder and still standing in the doorway.

"Go home Inuyasha, you just aren't father material. Don't get these kids' hope up. Every night they tell me how they imagine their father, and what they tell me is what they tell those kids at school about their father. And their definition is nothing like the father that abandoned them!"

"Abandoned them? What the fuck are you talking about woman, you abandoned me!" Inuyasha practically yelled, but covered his mouth remembering that there were kids asleep.

"And now you know why!" Kagome snapped back, shutting the door on Inuyasha's face and returning to the couch as the voice of Jig Saw filled her ears again.

"That damn Inuyasha! He's such a dipstick!"


"Mommy, mommy! It's Christmas!" yelled Nikki, jumping on the end of Kagome's bed. "Get up mom! Get up!"

Mikki came in rubbing her golden eyes. She had honey brown hair (no one's sure where that came from) that went to her mid-back. "Mommy, Santa Claus didn't come..." she whined.

Nikki's black hair fell into his eyes as he continued to jump around. "Why didn't Santa come mom?"

Kagome got out of bed, she remembered putting gifts under the tree from Santa last night. She got out of bed and wrapped her robe around her and walked out of her room and down the short flight of stairs that led to her bedroom door.

She peered under the Christmas Tree but all the gifts from Santa Claus were gone. She moved some presents around and checked under them, but with no avail, the gifts were gone. The stockings were empty too.

"Mommy, we were good this year weren't we?" sobbed Nikki, hugging his mom's leg. "Of course you were. Let me go make a phone call real fast, you all stay here." she said, deattaching the boy from her.

"Sango......yes all the presents were taken.....no not all of them, just the ones from Santa.......... so it didn't happen to you?............but why would someone just steal the Santa gifts and nothing else?......okay, I'll see you soon then......all right, bye."

"Nikki! Mikki! Get your coats on, we're going to Auntie Sango's house!" Kagome yelled to her kids, fetching her keys from her purse.

"But mommy, what about Santa?" Mikki asked, pulling her purple hoody over her head.


Just as they were leaving a knock at the door distracted them. Kagome helped Nikki buttom up his jacket and ran to answer it.

At the door stood a man carrying a black bag full of gifts wearing a Santa Suit. He looked a lot like Santa, he even had the white hair and beard.

"Ummm...Can I help you sir?" asked Kagome as Nikki and Mikki came running towards the door screaming, "Santa Claus, Santa Claus, Santa Claus!"

"Are those our pwesents Santa?" asked Nikki, staying by Kagome's leg.

"Why yes they are young sir. Merry Christmas!" said the man in a fake deep voice. He dropped the bag and tons of presents escaped, even a few that Kagome never bought. Nikki and Mikki cried with joy at the gifts and immediatly began tearing them open.

Once the presents were opened and the children scampered back to their rooms to play with their new toys, Kagome turned to face the man. "Thank you, but why did you take the presents?"

"Because I thought it would cheer the kids up more to actually meet Santa Claus, they might have to make up their father but atleast once they go back to school they can say they meet Santa Claus."

Kagome caught on and punched the man playfully on his arm. "Inuyasha, what are you doing here?"

"Well you're in a good mood today. I came to show you that I will be a good father. Please, let me meet the kids as Santa, not as Dad." he pleaded.

Kagome sighed. "We were just leaving for Sango's." she said, pulling on her red jacket.

"Then allow me to go with you. I'm sure Sango's kids would get a kick outta Santa too and I haven't seen them in forever. Please, Nikki and Mikki don't have to know."

Kagome just nodded and punched his padded stomach. "Remember when you told me to stop eating so much." she said more rudely than playfully.


"Auntie Kagome!" Sango's kids came running for her but stopped suddenly. "Are you Santa?" asked Kira, looking up at Inuyasha.

He smiled and did his fake, "Ho Ho Ho! Why sure I am little girl, and I trust that all of you have been good for your mommy and daddy."

"I guess I was wrong about you Inuyasha." said Kagome, smiling. Sango and Miroku had taken the kids for ice cream when Inuyasha had asked to speak to Kagome alone.

"So, what about that other chance?" he asked quietly, staring at his feet.

Kagome just nodded and hugged him, of course, his belly got in the way. They both laughed and retreated to the couch.

"Alright Inuyasha, I was wrong to be mad. I'm just stubborn but I love you and I want you to come back." Kagome said blushing.

Inuyasha smiled, his eyes full of wonder. "Really?" he asked and practically jumped out of his skin when Kagome nodded and kissed him gently.

"Well in that case, Santa brought a present for mom too!" he said devilishly. Kagome cocked her head. "What?" she asked, confusion in her soft voice.

Inuyasha pulled a small black box from inside his coat and handed it to Kagome. She blushed deeply and stared at the box. "What's this?" she asked, although she knew that the box contained jewelry.

"Open it." Inuyasha replied.

Kagome opened the box to a pure gold dimond ring. She gasped as she stared at it and pulled it from the pillowy inside.

Inuyasha took it from her and put it on her left ring finger. "Kagome, will you marry me?"

Kagome was shocked, she couldn't speak or even move.

"Do I have to get down on one knee for the answer?" Inuyasha asked cheerfully. Kagome just nodded.

So he got down on his right knee and took her hand in his. "Kagome, will you marry me?" he repeated, awaiting the answer.

Kagome stared down at the man, dressed as Santa, who had just proposed to her. He had already done this before but this time was different, this time both of their hearts were fully in it.

"Yes Inuyasha!" she cried, kissing him deeply and burying her head in his shoulder. She trusted him now, for some reason, she knew he'd never leave her again.

"I'm sorry about what I did before. That whore is a million times worse than you." he said tenderly.


"I now pronounce these two, husband and wife!" said the preacher happily. "You may kiss the bride." he said to Inuyasha.

Inuyasha lifted the veil covering Kagome's face and kissed her. This was it! After seven years they were finally together.

"This is so cool!" said Nikki, "Mommy's marrying Santa Claus!"


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