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Frozen stiff Legolas was stopped in the path. His eyes were open wide yet he seemed not to be taking in any of his surroundings. Aragorn turn back, his bright smile faded at seeing the Elf, turning to concern.

"Legolas, what is the matter?" Aragorn placed a hand upon Legolas shoulder, startling him from his daze. "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing. Just a chilly breeze." He shifted his pack, relieving the strain on his tiring muscles.

"It's not like you to be so greatly effected by a mere wind melonneth," he pressed concerned. "The road to Rivendell is long. Perhaps we should rest."

"I am fine, Aragorn." Legolas walked past the ranger, his beloved. "Do not make the journey longer with your stalling. I wish for the comfort and safety of Rivendell."

Aragorn sighed, rolling his eyes at the stubborn Elf. "Elves!" He grumbled, shifting his own pack before following after him.

The fire burned bright in the small clearing chasing away the darkness of the night yet allowing the starts to shine. Legolas watched those stars intently. Somewhere in the night others did not sleep and it was a terror filled night. But to where this place was he had not a clue to go on.


The Elf snapped about, eyes wide. Aragorn, shocked, gripped tightly but comfortingly his lovers shoulder. For an Elf to be caught off guard was a bad sign. Something had been bothering him but, stubborn as Elves are, he would not talk to him of it.

"Take some rest, love. It'll be a long walk tomorrow, regardless that we'll reach Rivendell by sun down."

Legolas nodded mutely, leaning back against the trunk of a great tree. There was an uneasiness this night he could not shake. Only after the rising sun would we even begin to think of finding traces of what may cause him to be so troubled.

"Are you looking for something Legolas?" The ranger looked over his shoulder, glancing at the blonde. Legolas gave a look of curiosity as to what he said, pretending not to know what he spoke of, but his eyes quickly began to dart around again. "You've been looking at each leaf, tree and rock since we began out this morning. Has something happened?"

"I have not slept well the last few nights. A darkness has filled my mind and it's cold grip isn't releasing me. But I can not see from where it comes."

Aragorn placed his hand on Legolas shoulder for comfort. "Worry not, love. We will speak to Elrond upon arriving at Rivendell."

His plan was simple to execute but entering Rivendell was much more hectic then either had imagined. It was busy, chaotic almost. New, injured and weary Elves lay sprawled about. Women and children of the Elven race cuddled together as the men restocked and scrumaged for supplies.

Legolas heart jerked with fear and quilt at just the look on their faces. "What happened to them..."

"An Orc attack on a small clan of Elves." Elrond straightened, revealing himself after rising from an ELf he was helping. He gazed stone-like at them, masking all emotion for the fallen group of Elves. "They fled here. It was their only chance. But still, many died."

"A clan..? I didn't know there was a separate group of Elves near to Rivendell."

"They're very secluded, Aragorn. They had very little contact with even other elves outside their own. For this reason they had no allies near to them to fall upon."

"How many?" Elrond turned back to Legolas. The young prince face was strong. "How many made it out?"

Elrond slowly shook his head. "They were caught completely off guard. But a handful made the full journey. Not even their leading made it to Rivendell.

"Then how'd they know to come here? If they didn't have any outside connections how'd they know we were here?" Aragorn began walking through the crowded, busy paths. The new comers had created a rather large commotion.

"The son of their leader, a young Elf, led them after their fall. Said he has heard of this place as a small child from stories in Mirkwood. Undine.."

Elrond continued but despite his elven ears Legolas hear nothing but annoying chatter. "Undine," he murmured under his breath. He was quiet for a bit longer, eyes darting about in thought. He suddenly turned to Elrond, blurting out a demand. "Where is he."

Elrond turned slowly, suspiciously. Legolas was not one to be so rude. But he seemed to be very much in a hurry. He pointed up to a balcony silently. "He's resting, He was not spared injury from the orcs."

A glance long enough to memorize the location to which Elrond pointed and Legolas flew. Aragorn watched him for a minute until he was no longer visible. He then turned to Elrond with a questioning look. After he shook his head Aragorn excused himself from Elrond and headed after Legolas.

The halls confused Legolas only slightly but he quickly found his way about. Finally coming to the door he stared at it. "Undine..."

Shaking off whatever it was that had stopped him Legolas opened the door. Silent as the elves were rumored for he poked his head into he room, afraid to startle the occupant. His eyes quickly fell on a form lay out under the covers on the bed.

Silently, without even the sound of a footstep, he came to the side of the bed kneeling there, watching carefully the young Elfs face. It was so different, worry creases still grazed such a young face even in sleep. "Young Undine.." He pushed away a straying strand of blonde from his face. The top was pulled back, braided above loose, silky strands, and a pale, almost white against already pale skin, was shaped a star and a metal chain holding it etched into his flesh from years of wearing a headdress.

Suddenly, gray pale blue eyes blinked, focusing on him. A slight trepidation, fear and confusion flashed right before a new look of disbelief. "Le ..Lego.. las.."

Legolas smiled. "You remember. What trouble have you gotten yourself into now Elfling?"

"I'm not an Elfling anymore, Legolas!"

They stared at each other, a smile tugging at the corners of their mouths. Finally, Undine, a young, slender, nearly feminine Elf leaped into Legolas arms laughing.

Aragorn entered the doorway then He was taken back by their scene, blinking. He took the boy meant much to Legolas, but how much did he mean?

"My friend, it's been so long! You've never returned to Mirkwood as you said. You've grown since then. You're hair isn't as short or raggedly and your muscles not as pitiful."

"Our clan decided against it. But rumors of your adventures have not passed by my ears without my knowledge. I have many questions to ask."

Legolas smiled. Suddenly though, he felt Aragorns presence and turned. "Aragorn."

"Aragorn? You mean the descendent of Isildur..?"

Aragorn rolled his head ot the side, silent as the Elf already knew him. He instead evaluated the new Elf. He was young, smaller then Legolas, but borderline between child and adult. He was very thin, feminine in looks, with sparkling, life filled gray, blue eyes and long blonde hair. "I am only sorry to say I have not heard of you."

Undine moved to lift himself off the bed but Legolas pushed him down gain after noticing the bandages around his chest and arms. He gave the younger ELf a stern look and turned to Aragorn.

"He's Undine, Along time friend of mine and a prince to the clan." He came to Mirkwood with his people when he was very young with his much older brothers and father."

Aragorn nodded in greeting. "Welcome." He took a quick look over him. He was bandaged, now clear that the blankets had fallen away. "However, I thin there are more pressing matters at hand. I've heard from lord Elrond it was you that had taken your people here. This would mean you have taken control..?"

"I helped them here. I am no leader, lord Aragorn. I can not lead them through the troubles we will face. I am not my father or my brother. They were great warriors where I am not. They had the knowledge and power to lead."

"Were..?" Legolas questioned.

"They stay behind to fight. They sent me out to guide the rest of the clan here to escape the burning land. They never returned."

"We will help you to get back your lands young Undine."

"They were not after lands we posses. We are hunters and gatherers. WE farm little and we would have little to interest them. They were after something much greater then any stock or crops."

"And what would that be..?"

Undine turned his head down towards the bed. He listened but when no jingle of metal or charms came he turned his eyes up, a hand running across his forehead.

"No! Where is it!" He was up, franticly searching the bead. He cried out a moan or groan a few times at the sudden jolts in his beaten, weakened body.

Legolas turned, picking up a beautifully crafted headdress resting on a wooden dresser by the bed. The polished blue jewel set in the center of a dangling star caught his eye, holding his gaze upon it. There was energy in the jewel that kept him there.

Finally, catching Legolas dazed stare from the corner of his eyes Undine turned slowly extending his hand for it. "Legolas...?"

Shaken from his daze Legolas blinked. After focusing on Undine he placed it in his hand. Undine was quick to clasp his hand around it, drawing it close to his heart.

"A rather small trinket to become so worked up over. It must have a great value..?" Aragorn took a step forward.

Undine adverted his gaze. Aragorn was no fool. He had caught himself in a trap. The heir to Gondor would never allow him to leave without answer now.

A blood chilling scream of an Elven women came from below followed quickly by the commotion of running and a battle begun. All three look quickly to each other before running their way to the balcony.

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