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Legolas pulled the sleeve of his shirt down over the long scar running from the inside of his elbow down to his hand. It had been so long ago but the scar never faded, a white line against his pale skin. He still remembered his fathers glare after they'd manage to pull themselves up onto a branch and climb down from the tree. Undines father was furious and he thought for sure that there would be ill relations between the two kings and kingdom of Elves.

Undine himself had whimpered the entire way back, still shaking to the point Legolas had to help him to walk. He had truly expected the Elfling to fall in a faint and to carry him home on his back. Upon better inspection he had good reason. It was s deep cut, and long enough to cover from his chest down to his hipbone along his left side. A scar he was certain would still be there now.

"You were close, weren't you?"

Legolas was startled by Aragorns voice. The man had appeared in the doorway behind him to the room in which he was changing. He scolded himself for becoming so wrapped up in memories and such that he didn't even notice Aragorns approach. He was, however able to blame it off on how crummy he felt, cloths sticking to his still damp skin and hair dripping.

"What makes you ask...?"

"To see you jump into the river like that. The water was freezing, and the current strong. You both could have been carried away and drowned in those waters." The man threw a dry cloth over the Elfs head. "It was quite reckless for you. He must have been much to you in the past."

"We were both sons of kings. We both knew what it was to grow up in a family so strict and royal. He may have been raised with more respect for authority than I was as an Elfling but, we were more alike than any of the playmates I had when I was that young. We were much alike."

Aragorn watched Legolas face carefully. He spoke so honestly, his face full of pain at pulling up the old memories. It was as if simply remember them brought the pain of the loneliness he must have felt for so long as an Elfling back. His eyes grew dark with pain and regret as he looked down, wet strands of hair falling and plastering themselves along the front of his face from under the cloth. He did not even notice Elrond's entrance until Legolas looked up and stared at the lord. He turn and ask the one question on Legolas mind for him.

"How is he?"

"Luckily Legolas got him here in enough time to counter the poison on the arrow he was hit with. The wound is cleaned and bandaged. He's in a state of exhaustion, however. He's tired and needs time to recover his strength. He'll be fine."

"Thank the Valar" Legolas sighed. Noticeable to any, he began to breathe better, just knowing the young Elf was safe. He looked out the door a few moment, his face changing expression. His mind began to come with thoughts, worries, concerns. He turned to Elrond, with eyes pleading a statement he was not sure he would be able to find words for.

Elrond nodded. He could not deny those eyes of Legolas, so full of worry. He could not blame the young Mirkwood prince. He had heard of the two prince's stories of terror and adventures that nearly killed their fathers. The two were so close. How could he deny Legolas to see him now?

Legolas Eyes brightened some. he bowed his head slightly, a sign of respect and gratitude to Elrond before walking quickly from the room.. He left quickly for Undines room. He wasted no time in chatter with any of the foreign or domestic living Elves that were wondering the halls. At the door he stopped once more. He was scared to see him..

Finally pushing open the door, pushing his fears or whatever it was that froze him to the back of his mind. He looked to the bed, examining him long before he came within even arms length. He was so pale, his eyes closed in exhaustion and healing. He could barely stand to see him in such a state.

He found himself kneeling at the side of the bed. At a closer range the Mirkwood prince could now see that the star pendent was still on his forehead. Elrond had left it there for protection? He found his hand unconsciously reaching for the Elfs hand, holding it in his as tears began to prick his eyes.

"Undine.. remember I said I wouldn't leave. This time it's you that has to promise not to let go. Don't give into the darkness. This time don't you let go of the light. goodness.. of me"