Journey for the past

Chapter one

Flashes of pictures, flashes of red swept through her brain as she sat on her bed looking out the window. The screams, the fire, the people all pieces of a puzzle in which she could not fit together. She couldn't figure out how. She was told that she never had a father, but something about that wasn't correct. She did remember a man in her life. She did remember resting her head on a soft shoulder and a scent that she could not forget, but she didn't have the pieces to fit the puzzle together. There were no pictures of him any where around the house, there were no clothing in which he wore, there were secrets hidden beyond the halls, and no one would tell her what they were.

"Ming Mei breakfast is ready!" Mother called from below. I have tried so many times to figure out who this man was but I would always get the same answer "There was no man, therefore there was no father"

"But mother I'm not stupid, you need a man to create a child. I want to know who this man was. I want to know who my father is"

"Listen to me, Ming Mei; you have no father so stop asking!" and with that mother left the room.

I played with my food, not bothering to eat it.


"Come on Ming Mei, open up," a Man said holding a spoon in front of me. His hair was jet black, his body well built. I opened my mouth and ate "That's a good girl"

The man took me out for a walk in the moonlight. He'd throw me up into the air and then catch me as I fell back down. Up, up, up, down…up, up, up, down… "You're going to wear me out if you get any bigger child" He said smiling. I couldn't see his face but I knew he was there.

End Flashback

I went out to the barn to tend to the horses. I patted Khan softly on his cheek, and went to my own black horse Jiao. I took out the brush and started to stroke the horse's soft fur. I closed my eyes as another memory swept over me


"Ming Mei, look it's a horsie, what noise does a horsie make" The same man asked me as I made a high pitched neigh, "Very good, m'love, that's right!" He brought me closer to the horse and let me pet it and I giggled in delight.

End flashback

I grabbed a saddle and put it over Jiao. Securing the saddle, I got on her and went for a small walk along the river. The soft breeze blew my long black hair about behind me. The relationship that I have with my own mother was so strong before I became suspicious of the mysterious man, which slowly tore the relationship apart. I didn't intend to do it, but nothing seemed right, and I am determined to set it right. I have to figure out what happened to that man. I have to figure out who he is.

I have to find my father.