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Sakura had always had the life everyone wanted. Her parents loved her, she was an only child, she had many friends, and had the crush that every girl wanted. Her and her family always went on a trip on the weekend. They would leave on Friday and return Sunday afternoon, until that fateful Sunday when everything changed.

"Hey mom, when are we going to be home?" Sakura asked.

"In about an hour honey." Her mother replied sweetly.

They were almost back to Konoha when a car approaching them went left of center and hit them head on. There was nothing that could be done to avoid this accident. Sakura woke a week later in the hospital to the sight of, monitors, doctors, but most of all 3 familiar faces; her 2-team mates and her Sensei.

"What's going on?" Sakura asked, trying to get up.

"You need to lay down." Kakashi said with a relieved face. "We're so glad your ok. We were worried you wouldn't make it."

"Sasuke-kun," Sakura said quietly, " I thought you didn't care about me. You never acted like you cared." Remembering past events.

"I…" Sasuke was speechless he had never said that. "You're a team mate of mine of course I care. You took care of me and Naruto after Orochimaru attacked us. We're here to repay our debt. Nothing more." He said in his uncaring voice. Actually Sasuke had been the first to the hospital. It was completely unlike Sasuke. All the girls in Sakura's class were envious of her.

"Sasuke, I disagree with you. I'm here to support Sakura no matter what." Naruto said in his normal hyperactive voice.

"What time is it?" Sakura asked rather confused.

"5:30 p.m. A week after the accident." Kakashi said grimly.

"Where are my parents?" Sakura asked rather confused.

All was silent for what seemed like forever.

"Well!?!" Sakura asked with a fainter than normal voice.

"They didn't make it." Kakashi said calmly. " I'm sorry. I know how you feel."

"What? No they must be in the next room recovering. They couldn't have died. They…they…they would never leave me." Sakura said breaking down into a sob.

"I'm sorry Sakura. The doctors did what they could." Kakashi said

" Who hit us? What happened to him?" Sakura asked.

"That basterd was drunk, went left of center and hit your car head on. He walked away without a scratch." Sasuke said with a hint of revenge in his voice,

"Visiting hour is over, sorry. Sakura needs her rest." The doctor said walking into the room. "Oh Sakura your awake. That's great."

"Please, a while longer I don't want to be alone." Sakura pleaded.

"I'm sorry but you have tests you have to go through." The doctor said apologetically.

"Do you need anything from your home. We can get it for you?" Kakashi asked.

"Could you get my journal, my hitai-ate (forehead protector), and a picture of my parents please?" She asked.

"Of course Sakura." Kakashi answered.

"We'll be here tomorrow to 'save' you." Naruto said trying to make Sakura lauh.

Sasuke just waved and walked out the door.

"He really does care about you, but that's another story. See ya tomorrow."

At that she was all alone in a room like she had seen Sasuke-kun and Lee-san in at one time. She was so tired that she fell back to sleep. As soon as she fell asleep Sasuke came back in and placed a single flower, a white water lily, and left.

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