Chapter 14

The door flew open to reveal a very sleepy and confused Naruto. "What's all the yelling about?" He yawned. Looking around he saw the hole in the wall and Sasuke holding some one. "Sasuke? What happened here? Who are you holding?" There was no response, silence filled the air. "Sasuke?" Naruto said walking up behind Sasuke, looking down he saw the frail face of his female team mate. He was no fully awake. "Sakura!" Naruto said kneeling down now beside Sasuke. He grabbed Sakura's ice cold hand. She's nod dead is she? No she can't be. "Is she…" Naruto started, looking at Sasuke made him know the truth. He was nothing like himself. Sasuke was holding Sakura as tight as he could not letting go of her, Tears welled in his eyes.

A new figure came to the door. Lee saw the two crouched on the floor, the hole in the wall and a figure being the center of attention. He pieced things together, from the yelling and loud noises to the state of the room, a fight had happened. Between who and for what reason he didn't know but he could tell that he wouldn't like what he would find out. Naruto looked up feeling a new person in the room.

"Lee, it's Sakura. She's dead." Naruto said slowly, not believing what he was saying.

"What? No she can't be." Lee said standing there. "Let me get help." He ran out of the room and to the phone. Who do I call? It will take Tsunade-sama a while to get here but she'll be the best choice. Lee picked up the phone and dialed the number.

"Hello?" Tsunade answered the phone.

"Tsunade-sama, we have a problem here. We need your help." Lee stated in a hurry.

"Lee? What's wrong? What's happened?"

"It's Sakura, Naruto thinks she's dead." Lee said. "I'm starting to think it's true. The scene, the room, and… and… Sasuke."

"What? Get a hold of the nearest medical group and get her back here immediately." Tsunade ordered. "Tell me what you saw. Tell me what you know."

"I don't know anything. I heard yelling and crashes when I woke up. I went to Sakura's room to see Sasuke clutching onto Sakura and Naruto kneeling beside her. I didn't go very far into the room. There was a whole in the wall leading out side and a lot of things were over thrown. I think you would need to talk to Naruto or Sasuke to know more. Though there was an encounter after the party last night that dealt with Sasuke and Sakura."

"so there have been other battles? Why wasn't I informed?"

"Sorry, Tsunade-sama, we thought everything was under control."

"Just get her here Lee. There may be hope and if not her body needs to be brought home."

"Yes, Tsunade-sama."

"Ja ne." Tsunade said hanging up the phone stress evident on her face. First the Akatsuki, or at least Itachi has been moving and now this. I bet Itachi was involved with this, in which case she still may be alive.

Lee hurriedly dialed another number. "Yes, hello. I need medical help here at once. We will also need transportation back to Konoha."

"Sorry sir but at this time we really can't help you with transportation, but we will be there immediately."

"Thank you. Ja ne." Lee said hanging up the phone and racing up stairs.

"Sasuke, Naruto, I called Tsunade-sama and she said to call for medical assistance then to bring Sakura back to Konoha." Lee said.

"To Konoha?" Naruto asked. "Why?"

"She said there said there may still be hope for Sakura."

I'll do what ever it takes to save you Sakura. Your mine, my cherry blossom. Sasuke thought. He stood up picking up Sakura in the process. Tears had gone only to reveal a burning desire to help her. "Let's go. I'm not waiting on them to come we're leaving now." Sasuke said heading to the door.

"What about Tenten and Neji? Where are they? Didn't Tenten stay in the same room as Sakura?" Naruto asked.

"Neji's not in our room either so they must be out training. I'll find them and head to Konoha when I do. I've done what I can it's up to you two to get her home now. Tsunade can help." Lee said heading out of the room and the house in search of his 2 team mates.

"Come Naruto." Sasuke ordered jumping out of the window heading back to the village.

"Sasuke wait up." Naruto yelled. What is wrong with him? He's acting so strange. Naruto thought. Chasing after Sasuke he began to wonder what was going on even more.

The two jumped from tree branch to tree branch, leaves crackling under their feet. The wind filled their ears. Nothing seemed to be alive. Nothing moved. Time seemed to stand still. They raced to save their team mate, pumping as much charka into their legs as possible cutting the time in half. They reached Konoha close to noon, to find Tsunade and a team of medics waiting by the gates.

"Let me see her." Tsunade said as the two men landed in front of her. Sasuke didn't let go but walked closer to Tsunade. Just as I thought, her mind has been attacked, but is she still alive. "Sasuke let the medics take Sakura, I need to talk to you two."

"You need to take care of Sakura. She's in you hands now." Sasuke stated looking into Tsunade's eyes.

"Sasuke, I…"

"You can talk to us later. I'm more worried about Sakura right now."

Tsunade took Sakura from his arms and went to the hospital. Sasuke looked at Sakura's fragile face one last time and brushed strands of her hair out of her face. It was something that startled every one watching. The Uchiha Sasuke had opened up to this girl; she meant the world to him. She needed to be alive.


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