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A Tiny Accident…

Erik led Christine down the dark passageways to his home.

He couldn't believe he had actually kidnapped her—his angel—and brought her back here! She obviously didn't love him, so why did he still pursue her?

because of that man… He doesn't deserve her…

His anger renewed, he dragged Christine into the boat and took her across the lake. He didn't even have to look back to know that Raoul was following, though they had a decent head start. He could faintly hear the crunching of stones under the Vicomte's feet as he ran to rescue his love.

Erik snorted derisively. Before that boy, Christine had loved him! If only Raoul had never interfered… he knew that his angel would have learned to love him again, despite his face.

But quite obviously, God did not smile in his favor. He never did.

Christine protested as he took her ashore, and then led her back into his lair. She was screaming something about love. He didn't listen to her. No doubt she was pining over her 'poor Raoul.'

"Erik! Erik, please, please don't do this! I love him, and you can't change that—no matter what you do, or where you take me!"

He pretended he couldn't hear her as he stood and waited for the Vicomte to make his appearance.

Finally the boy crashed in through the doors. Erik smiled wryly as Christine gasped and whirled around to face her love.

"Raoul, no! What are you doing here?"

"I have come to rescue you from this monster."

Erik ignored the jab. He had heard it enough in his time, and it no longer bothered him.

"Monsieur I welcome you to my humble home." He stepped in front of Christine, a sneer on his lips.

"Don't harm her!"

"Why, my good sir…why would I make her pay for the sins that are yours?!"

Before Raoul even had the time to react, Erik had the legendary Punjab lasso around his throat.

He laughed—"Order your fine horses now! You won't be able to steal Christine from me if you're dead!"

"Erik! NO!" Christine fought to get to Raoul, but Erik stepped in her way, turning to face her with the end of the lasso still in his hand.

Apparently Raoul hadn't realized that he could simply remove the lasso with his own two hands. He was just not quite bright enough to see that. Or, perhaps, if you wish to be sympathetic, he was just too shocked at what was happening. Or too busy oogling over Christine.

Christine cowered back from the man that had once been her Angel as he rounded on her.

"Start a new life with me! Buy his freedom with your love! If you refuse me, you send your lover to his grave!" Erik lightly tugged on the rope, and Christine paled.

"Erik… no… please… Don't make me do this!"

"You're Past the Point of No Return! Make your choice before I lose my patience!" he snapped.

Christine shivered. "Oh Erik…my angel of darkness…what kind of life have you known? God, give me courage to show you… You are not alone!"

Christine stepped up and pressed her lips against Erik's.

He gasped, taken aback. He hadn't expected her to do that!

When she stepped away, he just stood there trembling and stunned.

"Christine—" He unthinkingly took a step towards her, the end of the lasso still in his hand.

The rope tightened and there was a sickening crack from behind him.

Christine's face went white, and Erik winced.

For a moment, the two just stood there. Then, Erik looked up at her hopefully.


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