Prayer for Every Year

December 1st

Sue had always loved Christmas, and this year was no different. She'd already gotten her advent calendar with the chocolates shipped from her mother and she was more than excited on the morning of December 1st to begin her chocolate-eating frenzy. What she didn't expect was the knock on the door just before she left the house, Levi alerting her to the noise. Standing there was a deliveryman, arms filled with flowers.

"Ms. Thomas?" Sue nodded numbly. He held them out.

"These are for you." In a daze, Sue carried them to the kitchen. Lucy met her there and squealed at the sight of the bouquet.

"You've got a secret admirer! Is there a card?" Sue looked. Sure enough nestled inside the flowers was a small card.

"Christmas is all in the heart, and you are always close to mine." Lucy jumped in excitement. Sue held up her hand, not having finished the reading.

"For the beginning of the 25 days of Christmas." Lucy looked confused. Sue smiled and shrugged, feeling her heart lift substantially. Then Lucy glanced over at the clock on the oven. She gasped and gripped Sue's arm.

"We're going to be late!" Quickly becoming two whirlwinds of activity, grabbing keys, purses and communications equipment and racing out of the apartment, both having to run back to check that the door was locked.