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Hello one an all, the following is my very first Rurouni Kenshin fic. Now, for those of you who felt I didn't go into enough detail in the story description, here it is:

It is the beginning of the Kenshin series so it is obviously in the era of Meiji. However, Himura Kenshin is full of deep hatred and has kept his title as the legendary manslayer. But he has kept a low profile and to most he is merely a legend to scare criminals and greasy businessmen. He never took up the sakabato (reversed blade sword) and like many of the series' antagonists' wishes to destroy the Meiji government however he sees fit. Imagine the destruction caused by a Kenshin who does not hesitate to kill. But what if he had a chance to be pulled out of his black hole of violence and soulessness? Is it possible to tame a manslayer?

Yes, it's probably corny or unoriginal, but give it a shot, and don't be afraid to review please, I need the constructive criticism. Oh, and on a side note, HI EMILY!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!

Well, ENJOY! (I hope…)

Oushi was never much of a brave man…He wasn't too smart either. To most everyone else in Japan, he was a diplomat, a drone, someone who would murder his own mother if he got a small fortune out of it. However, tonight he wouldn't be doing the killing, oh no, the killing was left to his mysterious pursuer.

"GESSHIRUI! GESSHURUI!" He bellowed out in a coarse, deep voice. He was quickly tiring, then again, any man of his shape and size would tire easily what with the extra weight hanging off their stomachs. Oushi's head was balding and reflected the glint of the moon, any attacker could track him in the cold night.

"I'm here sir!" Came the familiar voice of Oushi's highest guard, Gesshirui. Gesshirui wasn't the strongest or fastest of the guards, but he was definitely the smartest and most conniving of them. His hair was an eerie gray that was pulled back into a greasy ponytail, and his eyes were small and beady like a rodent that darted back and forth constantly. Oushi turned his bulbous head in the direction of Gesshirui's approaching voice.

"Where are Ganjou and Hayai?!" Oushi was terrified to learn the answer he knew he would hear.

"Dead sir…that man took them down in one clean slice…"

"DAMMI-" Oushi's curse was cut off as his foot caught onto a rather large stone in his path and he fell over flat on his face.

"SIR!" Gesshirui ran to the aid of his master and took grasp of one of his flabby arms only to have it pulled away.

"DON'T TRY TO HELP ME UP! PROTECT ME!" Oushi spat out a thick glob of blood from his mouth and turned so he was sitting up right. His face went a sickly pale and beads of sweat poured down his face. The man that had easily dispatched of his two honoured guards stood no more then five feet away from he and Gesshirui.

"H-how could he…?" began Gesshirui, "I was at least 30 feet away before he even started moving!"

"HE WAS CLEARLY TOYING WITH US IMBECILE!" Oushi was now digging his hands into the dirt road below him. He was half hoping to be able to crawl away unnoticed. It didn't matter; no man could miss a wide target like himself dressed in his fancy suit complete with a protruding gut.

"Futoi Oushi, you were a man of honour and prestige before the era of Meiji began, now you are a despicable diplomat with a lust for money and a heart filled with greed. I hope that wherever I deliver you, you shall suffer…" The man's voice was smooth and calm, making his presence seem that much more terrifying. Gesshirui had heard enough, unsheathing the dull sword he kept at his side, he charged at the rough silhouette of a man. The guard was dead before he got within and inch of scratching him. Blood oozed out of a large gash formed in his chest from a katana strike.

"Your guards cannot protect you any longer," in mid sentence Oushi tried to get up and run but only failing and falling back over due to a sprained leg, "You can no longer run either."

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! MONEY?! LAND?! I'LL GIVE YOU ANYTHING!!!" Oushi was now panting and urinating himself. One strike…the assassin took Gesshirui down in one strike, he wasn't even trying. The attacker stepped out of the shadows. He was a handsome man with long, flowing crimson hair that he had in a large ponytail. His attire consisted of a simple blue gi that almost blended in with the night. However, his two most defining features were a scar on his left cheek and amber eyes that cut through the darkness. Oushi was hit with a harsh realization, he knew this man very well, and the name had struck his mind immediately.

"You…YOU!" Oushi's eyes caught the glint of the attackers katana as he raised it above his head.

"Batto-" the sword came down removing Oushi's head clean from his shoulders. It hit the ground with a thud and rolled off a couple feet.

"I want the end of this dishonourable government…" The last words coming out of the man's mouth were followed by the sounds of several rushed footsteps, and then the shout of orders… The police…

"The restaurant owner reported a disturbance going in this direction men! Be on the ready! Something tells me this ain't gonna' be pretty!" By the time the police had reached the crime scene, all that remained were two dead bodies and the sound of the wind.