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The sun over the horizon slowly set on two friends that were now looking forward into the future at their careers, at their lifestyles, and at the what path they would take and whether they would meet again at the end of those paths.

Boy, girl....a perfect matched set that weren't meant to be, but just friends. This would be the girl's second greatest loss of companionship, but this would also be her gain because now she would set off and fulfill her destiny as National Champion and the boy could fulfill his as the worlds strongest Gym Leader.

They smiled at each other as they would remember the times they had spent together, what they have accomplished, and the rough and tight spots they had been in.

The girl sighed deeply, her long copper hair shone in the setting sun, her deep brown eyes showed the gentleness inside her soul, and her slim sleek figure only added to her beauty.

The boy was well built and looked just right for a seventeen year old. His short brown hair had been bleached at the tips making him look quite handsome, although the girl didn't like to admit it. His blue eyes were like a maze, you could so easily get lost staring into them.

The girl looked away sadly, but then giggled to herself. You know it's funny that things are ending up the way they are now she said.

The boy turned and looked at her and asked Why's that Ashley?

Ashley, the girl, looked at her friend Sean, the day we left for the first time together we pledged that we won't leave one another until we've reached our goals and our problems are solved. For example Team Rocket stopped chasing me

I was able to expose that fraud Gym Leader Sean added.

You finally got that Lavitar to evolve into a Tyranitar Ashley said.

And you learned to control those powers of yours Sean finished.

Both friends were silent, but then Sean perked up Hey Ashley, why don't you come and stay with me at the gym with me? Sean suggested.

Ashley smiled but shook her head. thanks but no thanks Sean. My goal is to be a national champion, but maybe_

Maybe what? Sean interrupted.

Ashley smiled thoughtfully to herself and continued But maybe one day I will

Sean smiled, having the world's most powerful person living with him won't be all that bad. Heck, good looks came with the package.

Ashley looked down at herself. She couldn't believe on how fast she had grown up. She had started training at six but didn't start collecting badges until she was ten. Now she was a beautiful and sophisticated sixteen year old.

Sean chuckled to himself We've sure been through a lot together over the years haven't we? he asked.

Ashley nodded and turned to look at the sunset. Sean got up from the rock he was sitting on and joined her., this would be the last moment the friends would spend together for a very long time.

Ashley leaned against her friend and looked down sadly at the ground. then her eyes stared at Sean's new jacket. It was pure white with black trim around the collar, cuffs, and waist. The words embroidered on the to left hand side said Silver Island Gym Leader and below it was his name .

Silence surrounded the long moment, then Ashley said It's getting late

Sean backed away and looked down at his friend. So where are you headed next? he asked.

Ashley sighed and replied

The Elite Four, huh? Sean asked.

Ashley nodded. It's a new challenge she replied.

I guess this is....goodbye Sean said.
Ashley shook her head No, think of this as so long for now she remarked.

Ashley gave Sean a quick hug before she turned around and released her Pidgeot. Sean gave Ashley a boost onto the giant bird's back then said You have my number right?

Ashley nodded And you have mine she told him.

Sean stepped back and smiled at his friend. Well I guess I'll see yah around

I guess so Ashley replied.

Ashley's Pidgeot spread out its gigantic wings and in one strong flap of its wings, the bird and trainer took off into the sky. Goodbye Sean, I'll miss you Ashley called as she waved back at him.

Me too Ashley, goodbye! Sean yelled out as he waved goodbye to his friend as they flew out of sight.

Ashley turned around and looked forward over to the horizon, a determined look on her face. All right Meatball, she addressed her Pidgeot, To Viridian City!

The bird screeched in reply and in an instant the Pidgeot took off for Viridian with Ashley aboard.

A.N: Cool I finally am starting to get the sequeal up. This one is a little more darker than the last but at least it will be good. By the way, if you don't know who Sean was read Merry Christmas Ashley, and get the full details.