Note: Resident Evil Outbreak and the like belong to Capcom.

This fanfic is about four desperate survivors (aka my favorite Resident Evil characters :) ) trying to elude zombies after zombies and escape Raccoon City. This is just a fanfic so I will be making changes such as putting only four characters. It's related to Resident Evil Outbreak. Oh, and if ever Resident Evil Outbreak File 3 appears, (Though I slightly doubt it'd appear since we've already heard of Resident Evil 5.) I may have to edit everything or start a new fanfic, this time with the other characters.

Oh and BTW, I've started changing the format of the fanfic because I got a couple of reviews that they want to change it so I did. I mean, it can't hurt to change it, right? I'm so sorry if I've procrastinated for a long time. I've been lazy as hell. Just hope I get "other" reviews now that I've changed the format. :)

Chapter 1: Outbreak

It was a typical night at J's Bar. Everyone is having a great time. That is until a zombie enters the bar. Will got concerned.

"Huh? What a weird customer." Will, the bartender said.

Will goes near the zombie and the zombie chews his neck.

"Ahhhh!" Will screamed in pain.

Will pushes the zombie and locks the bar. When Kevin, the police officer, and David, the plumber, were about to leave, they got shocked looking at the zombies trying to destroy the window. Cindy, the waitress noticed it also and with the zombies outside, they must escape by going up. Inside the Women's Bathroom, Yoko, a student, is busy cutting her hair, but when she saw a hand from the vent…


Yoko falls down and moves back tense. Cindy opens the door and helps Yoko up.

"Come on! I got the Staff Room Key and let's get out." Cindy told them.

Cindy unlocks the door. They make their way to the Staff Room. Inside, they saw a zombie. Kevin shoots the zombie with his .45 auto.

"Now where do we go?" David asked.

"There. But it's locked." Cindy said, pointing at the door.

"How'd ya know?" Kevin asked.

"We always keep that door locked."

"Where's the key?" Yoko asked.

"It should be under the newspaper."

Kevin gets the newspaper and the Key with a Blue Tag.

"It's this one, right?" Kevin asked.

"Yeah." Cindy replied.

He unlocks it and they make their way to the Liquor Room. But…

"Great…" Cindy angrily said.

"What?" Yoko asked.

"The shutter's down."

"What say we destroy it?" Kevin said.

The survivors keep on ramming the shutter but nothing happened.

"Great!" David angrily said.

"Now what?"

"Cindy, what's your opinion? I mean, you work here." Kevin asked.

"Um, well, we can use that forklift, but I don't know where the key is."

The survivors look around to find the key and David soon finds it.

"Found it." David said to his friends.

David activates the forklift and everyone climbs the cargo. As they make their way to the rooftop, Yoko gets the Storage Key.

"Crows!" Kevin shouted and aggressively shoots at the crows.

"Hey guys, I found this." Yoko said, showing the Storage Key. "Where do I use this?"

"Use it on the storage room." Cindy said, pointing to the storage room.

Yoko uses it and everybody enters.

"I don't remember Jack leaving all sorts of firearms here." Cindy said.

"Well it can't hurt to borrow them." David said.

Everyone takes handguns and some ammo as well as a few First Aid Sprays. They get out of the storage room.

"Now what?" Kevin asked.

"I think we can ram that gate open." Yoko said.

Everyone rams the gate and destroys it. Suddenly, a police can be heard from below.

"Attention, due to the rising progress, this area will be closed off soon. Please proceed to this checkpoint immediately. If you cannot make it in time, we cannot guarantee your safety."

Time limit: 2:00

Everyone climbs up and they make it through a gap.

"I'll go first." David said.

David jumps and makes it.

"C'mon Yoko."

Yoko jumps but she didn't make it and dangles at the edge of the roof.

"Jesus!" David complained.

David helps her up. Kevin and Cindy jump and make it. They enter the building.

Time limit: 1:44

They enter the elevator and they make it down. They shot zombies in their way and makes it in front of J's Bar. They meet with Raymond.

"Raymond!" Kevin said.

"Kevin! Listen, do me a favor. Push those cars to make a barricade. Do it!"

Kevin and David push the car near them while Yoko and Cindy push the car in front of the one Kevin and David are pushing. Later

"Oh God! They're getting closer. Let's go, now!" Raymond said, panicky opening the padlock door.

Raymond shoots the door open with his shotgun. There are countless zombies around. The survivors shoot the zombies with their guns.

"I'm out of ammo!" David said.

"Same here." Yoko said.

"Raymond, hurry it up! We're running out of ammo!" Kevin told him.

"Give me a minute!"

Raymond shoots the door for the last time and kicks it open. He shoots the zombies with his shotgun and tells them to leave. But he noticed a gas tank. But before he can talk he is attacked by a zombie. With his last ounce of strength…

"That's a fuel tank. Leak the gas…and use it to burn these bastards! Do it now! Ahhhhh!"

The zombies kill Raymond.

Cindy releases the gas from the fuel tank.

"Now what?" Cindy asked.

"We must ignite this gas. Anybody have a Lighter?" Kevin asked to his friends.

"I do." David replied.

"Good, then toss it."

David tosses the Lighter and created a huge flame burning the zombies.

"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire!" Kevin told them and he jumps into the canal.

"Cindy, Yoko, jump if you want to live!" David told them as he jumps into the canal.

"I guess." Yoko said.

"Chestnuts?" Cindy asked to herself.

Yoko and Cindy jump into the canal. The gas tank explodes.

"Everybody all right?" Kevin asked.

"We're fine." David said while looking at the women.

The survivors make it out of the sewers and in front of Apple Inn. They meet Dorian, one of Kevin's colleague.


"Kevin! You're all right!"

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm searching for survivors in this area." Dorian said, looking at the others. "Is that all of them? No matter, hop inside my truck."

Dorian leads the survivors to safety…

"The highway's too dangerous. We're taking the side streets."

…but stops when they see a barricade.

"Damn! Another barricade. As you can see, there are too many road blocks. I'm afraid you have to get out and continue on foot."

The survivors get out of the van.

"Um, can we borrow some of these weapons?" Kevin asked.

"Take whatever you want."


The survivors get everything they need.

"Now where do we go?" David asked.

"Over there!" Cindy points to the stairs.

The survivors go up and see lots of zombies.

"Oh my God! Hey isn't that my colleagues?" Kevin asked.

Millions of zombies are trying to break a barricade. Three cops are trying to activate a detonator.

"Eric, what's taking so long? Activate it already!" Elliott said to him.

"I'm trying!"

"Hurry!" Harry said.

The zombies destroy the barricade and chew on Elliot and Eric. Harry backs away.

"I have to help them!" Kevin said.

The survivors make it down to the Main Street.

"Harry! Are you all right?" Kevin asked him.

"Shit! The detonator's broke into two! Kevin, you have to help. Combine the detonator pieces and plant it near Eric's body! Here! You can have my handgun!"

"Thanks. Just wait here."

The survivors look for the pieces. They finally find it and they activated the detonator creating an explosion. Later, Dorian leads them to safety. Inside the van…

"Whew! That's was plain annoying." Kevin said.

"You said it. Now what do we do?" Cindy asked.

"We escape the city. Since the city isn't safe to roam around, we might as well escape underground. I think I know where we can go." Yoko replied.

"Where?" David asked.

"You'll see."