SailorStar9: (sweatdrops) This idea came to me when I was watching the Yorioden Samurai Troopers DVD. This is a 'what if' fic, and as usual, a BSSM/YST crossover. Slight Clamp Campus Detectives reference.

Summary: We all know that the Inner Senshi had their memories returned when Princess Serenity was revealed. But, what if those were only selected memories, intended to make the White Moon Kingdom look good? And ever wondered why Ami was so matured compared to the rest of the Inner Senshi? What if the Mercury no Senshi was not the Princess, but Queen? What if the Mercury Queen had nine armored warriors protecting her, one of which was her King-to-be? What if Princess Serenity, out of jealously, called upon the Ginzuishou to send to the nine warriors into another dimension and to seal off Queen Mercury's memory?

This is what happens.

PS: This happened before Prince Endymion comes in.

A/N: All names will be in Japanese.


BSSM: Post-Galaxia

YST: The very first episode

Disclaimers: I don't own anything!


The camera shows a darkened room with only a dim lamp emitting just enough light to let the audience know that this was Mizuno Ami's room.

At the Time Gates…

A lone feminine figure stood guard.

Giving the Garnet Orb a slight wave, Sailor Pluto looked at the dim room of Mizuno Ami and sighed in regret. She, alone, other than the late Queen Serenity knew the true identity and powers of the Queen of Mercury. The powers the Senshi of Mercury currently held were only a mere fraction of what she used to have.

Contrary to what the other Senshi might believe, the former Mercury Queen was, and will always be, an esteemed member of the Assassins' Guild. Not only that, her past self was the sensei of the three Inner Senshi and Princess Serenity.

Back in Ami's room..

The lone feminine figure sat at the edge of her bed and sighed. She hated herself, her appearance and her personality. Most of all, she hated the late Queen Serenity for giving in to her daughter's wishes.

The real Mizuno Ami was not at all a mere shy bookworm. No, in fact, the real Mizuno Ami was not only a strategist; she was also a fighter. A very good fighter as a matter of fact. She had to be, for she was after all, the reincarnated Queen of Mercury.

Yes, Ami had remembered all. From the time the crown of Mercury was passed to her, to the time Suiko was named as her future king.

The Safiastra glittered in her palms, as the former Mercurain Queen regained very last bit of her memories.

The Assassins' Guild was created only to target those that were corrupt, those who abused their power over others, and those who were guilty of treason. One of the Royal Advisors was an Assassin, and several of the Senshi in the previous generations had been as well. Queen Anhara was herself trained by that royal advisor.

In the midst of her ponderings, Ami gasped when a stream of sakura petals blew past her and she heard the clanging of metal rings in the distance.

Smiling softly, she said, "It's time, isn't it Kaos?"

The white-haired monk nodded, "Yes, my child. It is time for you to assist the Samurai Troopers in defeating Arago."

Ami breathed out, "Otou-san will be angry for my betrayal."

Kaous replied, "You may his daughter, Anhara, but Arago doesn't treat you as a father should. Your 'so-called' betrayal is understandable."

Ami, or rather Anhara, nodded in resignation.

"I presume thenine warriors were also reincarnated?" she asked.

"Indeed, they have been." Kaous answered.

Then, the orb on Kaous's staff glowed, emitting a bright yellow light, engulfing the ice Queen in its light.

Within seconds, Anhara changed.

She no longer had innocence in her eyes. Rather, her bright sapphire eyes darkened into a stony royal blue. Her dark blue hair grew past her shoulders and reached to her chest.

All this time, Mizuno Ami had been living a lie.

From that moment on, Mizuno Ami was no more.

Takamura Anhara was born.

With a wave of his staff, Kaous and Anhara disappeared.

At that moment, Usagi's henshinn broach glowed a silvery white. The Holy Grail manifested itself out of the broach and disappeared, leaving behind a trail of shimmering dust.

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