The Titans were gathered in the main living area, but the large television remained silent, the video game controls untouched. The crime fighters sat scattered about the room, listless. They had witnessed Terra sacrifice herself to defeat Slade, and they had searched for a way to free her from her stone prison. But no answer had been found. Endless days of searching and researching had resulted in nothing, and they all felt dejected and devoid of hope as a result.

Or almost all of them. Raven had not participated in their pursuits for a remedy. She had locked herself in her room after telling everyone not to disturb her. How she felt, none of the others could say for certain; they had not seen her since.

"Perhaps," Starfire said, breaking the heavy silence. "We should go and see how friend Raven is doing."

"No, Star, she told us not to bother her," Robin protested not for the first time. He was a bit worried himself, but he still believed they should respect Raven's request.

"Yeah, it didn't work so well for us when we tried that last time," Cyborg said, thinking of his and Beastboy's trip through Raven's mirror.

"What are you talking about?" Robin asked.

"Uh, never mind," Beastboy cut in. "But maybe we should go check on her."

"Yes, may we, please?" Starfire begged.

"I'm not so sure that's such a good idea…" Robin began to relent.

"Let's all go together," Cyborg suggested.

Robin paused in consideration. "All right, let's go."

After the short walk down the hallway, they stood before Raven's bedroom door. Everyone acted hesitantly except Starfire, who stepped forward to knock.

"Friend Raven?" she called, and timidly tapped her knuckles on the door.

Directly following the soft strike, the Tower shook briefly, and soft thumps and shattering could be heard from inside. Black tendrils of raw power began to flow from under the door before suddenly retreating back into Raven's room.

Now thoroughly concerned, the Titans were about to burst into their friend's room when the door cracked open a few inches.

Raven stood before them in clothes wrinkled from several days' wear, pale and with barely-visible dark smudges beneath tired violet eyes. Eyes that also shone with extreme annoyance.

"I thought I told you to leave me alone," she ground out.

"Sorry, Raven, we—"

"But Friend Raven—"

"Are you all right—?"


"Do not disturb me again," she cut them off and shut the door.

Raven sighed, utterly angered and exhausted. She would have to start all over.

She had been saddened to see all of her teammates so depressed over the loss of Terra, and had subsequently taken it upon herself to bring Terra back. She knew they would search as well, of course, but she believed she had the best resources in this case. And Terra did deserve to come back, Raven admitted. She had repented more than sufficiently for her betrayal.

Raven had found a possible cure relatively quickly in one of her many ancient books. But in order for the spell to work, she needed to strengthen her powers, and her control over them. She had been doing just that when the knock at her door disturbed her out of her meditation, destroying her hold on her powers—and all that she had accomplished thus far.

After a quick shower and a change of clothes, Raven began again.

Countless days later, mercifully free from any interruption, Raven had finished. She had not harnessed her powers completely, of course, but enough.

Once Raven had cleaned herself up and gathered her supplies, she used her powers to phase through her ceiling to the roof of the Tower. Her dark clothes blended with the moonless sky. She was still tired from her ordeal, but if she did not go tonight, she would have to wait another month, since the ritual required a new moon. Her teammates should not have to remain unhappy any longer if she could help it. So she took flight, heading for the place where Terra still stood.

She landed on the stone pathway and approached the statue. She noticed fresh flowers, undoubtedly left by one or more of the other Titans. Raven gently set them aside and placed the candles and crystals she had brought in their required places, as well as a small bowl, which she filled with water.

Placing the worn volume containing the incantation in front of her, she sat with legs folded, and began to recite the words she had translated earlier.

"I call upon the elemental forces of nature; to break the prison of this one who has been trapped." Her whole body began to shine with her white-outlined black power. Foreboding clouds began to gather overhead. "Fire." The candles flared to life. A sudden heat made her cheeks flush. "Water." The water in the bowl began to ebb like the ocean, and Raven swore she heard the crash of waves and felt spray upon her face. "Air." Raven felt the temperature drop, and she could see her breath as a vapor before it dissipated. A sudden wind threatened to blow out the candles. "Earth." The ground beneath her trembled slightly. The flowers she had moved began to take root and grow. "I ask you, set her free…please." Thunder crashed, and the wind howled in answer. Soft raindrops began to fall. The candles hissed and sputtered.

She closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, they glowed white. She raised her shimmering hands towards Terra, and power shot forth, engulfing the statue and absorbing into the rock. Minute, cracks began to appear in the gray stone. They spread and grew, white-outlined black light shining through. Suddenly, a bolt of lightening streaked down from the sky, striking the statue. The force of the shattering stone threw Raven against the far wall, and she heard the snap of a bone and felt a sharp pain in her shoulder.

Raven blinked to clear the spots from her eyes. Amidst crumbled pebbles stood a shaken Terra.

"Raven?" was all Terra managed before she passed out. Raven tried to catch the girl with her powers, but only managed to slow the fall as her power flickered and died.

Raven made her way to the fallen Terra to assure herself that the blonde had indeed only fainted. She cleaned up what was left of her supplies, silently thanking whatever higher powers had helped her.

Finally, Raven slipped one arm under the girl's knees and the other supported her back, and she lifted the still-unconscious Terra. She had to bite her tongue to keep from crying out at the pain that the strain on her injured shoulder caused. She then began the walk back to the Tower, her powers spent.