As I mentioned before, to those who read my A/N,here is a preview of chapter 17. It is very rough, and is subject to change (and will certainly be longer upon completion). Thanks for all your patience and support!


- - - - -

(Chapter 17 Preview)

"Raven, cover me," Robin instructed. "I'm going after Eldas."

Raven nodded, and Robin charged towards the masked woman. With a flick of her hand and a few muttered words, all the ninjas before her leader were pushed away by an invisible force, like leaves in the wind.

Upon reaching the platform, Robin pulled out his Bo staff and attacked Eldas, who pulled a pair of three-pronged ninja daggers from beneath her cloak. She easily parried all of Robin's anger-induced strikes.

"How could you have defeated Slade?" Eldas sneered. "Did you attack him while he was asleep? You're nothing more than a boy."

Robin growled, and made a swinging swipe with his staff. She caught it between two prongs and threw it from his grip. Kicking out a leg, she brought Robin crashing to the floor, and her blade descended towards his exposed neck.

Suddenly Eldas was knocked roughly onto her side, and she lost her grip on her weapons. A still-smoldering hole had been burned through the arm of her uniform, and scalded skin could be seen.

Snarling, Eldas stood, letting her injured arm hang limp at her side.

Following Eldas's gaze, Robin turned his head to see Raven, whose eyes still glowed white.

Terra tried to sneak up on Eldas while she was distracted. The blonde had no idea what gave her away, but Eldas abruptly turned and grabbed Terra by her hair. Before any of the Titans could react, cool steel pressed against the skin of her bared throat. Eldas had literally had a trick up her sleeve.

"Do not move, or she dies," Eldas ordered coolly, and her eyes sparked with triumph.

Terra's friends did as they were told.

Eldas's eyes glittered maliciously as they locked on Raven. She spoke to her minions. "Kill the witch."