Fandom: Megaman Zero

Title: Knowledge

Subject: Blood, from Dr. Ciel (Mary Maxwell)

Word count: 231

Pairing (if applicable): Zerupia innuendo

Rating: PG or PG-13, something

Notes: Green is delicious. Takes place after Harpuia's first encounter with Zero. Can be considered slightly Zerpuia, as I secretly indulge in Zero/Harp slash.

Harpuia knows that it's not real blood that's oozing out of his chest. The colour's all wrong, the density is thicker, and there's nothing organic at all about it.

And he knows that it's not blood splattered on his armor, just oil and coolant and transmission fluid.

Harpuia knows a lot of things. One of the things he knows is that he is a soldier of Neo Arcadia, and as a soldier, he must follow orders, protect humans, and destroy any and all irregular reploids.

He also knows the Maverick virus is gone. But that didn't stop him from slaughtering that Resistance unit, because he also knows that the hearts (or as it should be said, the CPUs) of reploids are made in likeness to humans, and can be turned to violence and vengeance just as easily.

Fafnir is violent; he loves the thrill of war. And Leviathan executes her revenge in that crafty manner that has made Harpuia wary of her and the female gender.

As a soldier, he shouldn't stoop to such things, he knows this. But there was something about fighting Zero that makes him almost forget his duty, makes him high. The rush of combat, the clash of blades, red on green…

He knows he shouldn't be thinking of paying Zero back for the wound. But he would like to see Zero's blood.

Even if isn't real.