Fandom: Megaman Zero
Title: 200 Years
Subject: Illness, chosen by Fugu in honour of the flu season
Wordcount: 214
Pairing (if applicable): hinting at Zero/Ciel
Rating: PG?
Notes: Falling in love with a robot must suck after a while. I mean, really.

Robots didn't get sick. Zero knew that. They could get viruses, but it was different from the ones that affected humans.

He had been designed for combat, and designed well. So well, in fact, that he had reached the status of legend.

Zero used to have a virus in him that enjoyed the killing. How he was propelled to the rank of hero, he'd never know.

Yet despite this, Zero was one of the oldest robots still in existence; almost, what was it, 200 years?

Humans didn't live that long, even if they didn't get sick. Barely to a 100, if they were lucky.

Their fleshy bodies were fragile. There've been few humans that Zero even considered to be worthy of admiration, and even less for friendship. They were just so weak, so scared of death, and so easy to break.

Ciel redefined his outlook on humans. She (and the fact that Ciel was female made her all the more extraordinary) fought with them, lived with and for them. She'd even been a mother to those robots, ever compassionate.

Sometimes he forgot she was human.

Forgot she was only human, humans and robots weren't supposed to be together, that humans were fragile.

But Zero wasn't fragile, didn't get sick.

Only humans.

Zero felt ill.