The tears I might have shed
For your dark fate
Grow cold, and turn to tears of hate!

You now say it out loud; Christine, I had never doubted it, but to hear you say it to me...

My heart aches for the love I have lost.

It is his fault. This slave of fashion, this young man of passion -- it is his fault! Had he not looked you up after your first, triumphant, performance he would not have interfered in my plans, the young fool! Had he not come for you, not shared in my glory, this would not have happened!

Christine, Christine...I never wanted you to hate me. I wanted you to love me, to be my friend, to share with me this lifetime, so filled with hate and fear.

Why did he have to come and take you away from me? Surely, he must realise...all my life I have not felt a smidgen of love returned. Yes, the gypsies cared for me, took care of me...but they never loved me.

You did before you discovered my curse. All my life I had never known such feeling, such love, from anyone.

Christine, you changed my life. I had a light, an Angel of music...

And now you hate me.

He took you away from me, Christine; I respond in the only way I know how. I am sorry, so sorry I must force you to make this choice...Christine, must choose me if you want him to live...I want a companion for life, someone to chase away this loneliness that has dogged me all my years...Christine...Angel...

Pitiful creature of darkness
What kind of life have you known?
God give me courage to show you
You are not alone!

Christine...oh, my Angel...! You understand! You kiss me...but yet...

My heart breaks. I see in your eyes the love you have for him, in your kiss, the sadness you feel at having to leave him. Christine, oh, Christine...I am sorry, but this is the price I must make you pay so I will not be alone.

I see Raoul's face, a mixture of horror and wonder and sadness. There is the same love in his eyes that I see in yours. Hands, clutching at the noose wrapped around his neck...what is his soul doing now? Crying for the love that he has lost? sweet, dear Christine, my love...

I cannot do this to you. I want your happiness; you will not be happy if you have to spend the rest of your days with me. Raoul will give you a better life; now that Phillipe is dead, he is the heir to the de Chagny family fortune. He owns property...and your heart...

My heart shatters again. For you, Christine, I have given my all. Now I make the ultimate sacrifice, for you, my Angel.

You alone can make
My song take flight
It's over now,
The music of the night!